RedWire Magazine’s blueprint for terror & sabotage by native ‘revolutionaries’ paid for by federal funds?

UPDATE – July 10/13: Ezra Levant/SUN News: Government-sponsored eco-terror [VIDEO, 13:19] (based on evidence supplied by Gary & Christine McHale, including this story and the follow-up.)

130710 SUN News, Ezra Levant, July 10/13: Government sponsored eco-terror (Redwire Magazine+)UPDATE – July 03/10: Gary McHale sent CSIS an email w/links to this story and the follow-up story confirming that federal funds were given to RedWire: Feds gave native supremacist magazine $1.2M

aftercar.jpg(UPDATED July 06/10) Red Power United, the group that has openly announced plans to shut down Highway 403 on June 24/10 lists on its website — among its many radical ‘activist’ associates — an organization called Redwire Media which is also supporting a “call from Defenders of the Land for a day of action on Indigenous rights” on the 24th which includes Toronto.

Redwire Magazine – providing instructions for terror and sabotage

Redwire Media publishes Redwire Magazine. The October 2007 ‘Defending The Land’ edition contains an article – War Against the Machines – with specific instructions on how to commit acts of terror and sabotage against non-natives. The magazine claims to have been federally funded.

VoC has excerpted the article and the credits page (PDF link below). Note that the images are not from the magazine, but from Caledonia’s lawlessness:

[…] So it is up to us to take back some of this power and control, and use it for good. We can start by waging war against the machines, beginning with low-level actions, and working our way up to higher-level actions aimed at destroying corporate and state property. Acting as guerillas, we can strike at critical weaknesses where the system lies vulnerable to covert nighttime attack. […]

Road Spiking – “sharpened metal…rods driven into dips in dirt and gravel roads intended to puncture vehicle tires of corporate vehicles, thus disrupting and delaying vehicle traffic. Do not leave prints on nails, WEAR GLOVES AT ALL TIMES.

Deterring Snowmobiles – […] Snowmobiles often frequent ski resorts and should be punished for the amount of damage that ski resort and outdoor recreational activities cause to mountains, the spiritual sources of water, medicine, and life to many native nations. Placing fishing line on snowmobile trails can jam their track mechanism, and/or you can simply remove trail marker signs…so they can just get lost.”

roadbarr3.jpgClosing Roads – “to disrupt ongoing exploitation, to delay proposed developments, and to scare away investment. Roads are vital to all empires for transporting goods and personnel. […] Dig trenches…or cut down trees to block the road […]

Plugging Drainage Pipes – “metal or plastic pipes under roads can be blocked so that flood waters or snow melt plug the pipes and wash out roads. Secure rocks and branches to be pushed inside the pipe and braced as close to the middle as possible, and not at the entrance. […]

bridge-fire2.JPGDestroying & Burning Bridges – “use a bow saw or chainsaw…to cut the bridge support, or else, burn a bridge at nighttime to limit the visibility of smoke. […] If lots of gas is used, ignite from some distance using a Molotov cocktail. WEAR GLOVES AND COVERED SHOES AND DISPOSABLE OUTER CLOTHING. Use LOOKOUTS on surrounding roads and have multiple escape routes.”

roadblocked.jpgDisabling Heavy Machinery – “pour abrasive sand in the crankcase, jam doors and ignition locks with slivers of wood or metal and super-glue, pour a gallon or more of water into fuel tank, pour dirt or sand or water into oil filter holes, slash tire side-walls, smash fuel and water pump, carburetor and distributer with a sledge hammer. Use bolt-cutters on cables and hydraulic hoses, and pull out the electrical wiring. […]

Burning Machinery – […] “Gasoline is highly explosive and dangerous, dripping off metal surfaces. Use soap flakes (i.e., Ivory Snow, and not a detergent) and mix with gas to create a jelly-like napalm doused on the machine. Use a Molotov cocktail to ignite from a safe distance. WEAR GLOVES AND COVERED SHOES AND DISPOSABLE OUTER CLOTHING TO BURN LATER.

power4.jpgDestroying Power lines – “very dangerous due to hi-voltage power lines, the falling of metal towers, and high priority placed by the pigs. Sabotage of power lines has a big impact on regions that can negatively affect economic activities and social routines. There are over 72,000 km of transmission and distribution lines, cut all across native territories in B.C. Remove bolts from steel towers power2.jpgusing hacksaws or acetylene torch if bolts are welded on. With all nuts removed, the tower will scream in castration and the wind will eventually knock the tower over. If not, push cousin, push! (While WEARING GLOVES). Prepare escape routes away from falling tower.”

Our Favorite Drink for our Favorite Party – The Molotov cocktail is a weapon of choice for many rebels. It is a glass bottle with thickening agents such as broken-up styrofoam or laundry detergent, and a gas-soaked rag fuse held in place by the bottle’s plug.

  • Redwire Magazine, October 2007 EXCERPT: War Against the Machines: Sabotage of the Corporate Colonial System [PDF, 4p, 1.2MB]
  • – Redwire Magazine, October 2007, FULL EDITION: Defending the Land [PDF, 32p, 43MB]

Redwire Magazine – defining the Native Supremacist movement

The author of this ‘how-to-terrorize’ article claims he doesn’t endorse the ‘stupid activities’ contained in the article, but Redwire published the instruction guide nonetheless. Their willingness to do so seems to be in keeping with the general theme of the magazine whose editorial position is to use propaganda to incite hate and war against whites while accusing them of being the racists. According to Redwire the term ‘whites’ refers to anyone who isn’t ‘Red.’  Here are some excerpts from the rest of the magazine:

From page 20:

NATIVE – “A person whose blood line has been here since before KKKolum-buster (1492).”

YOUTH – “The Young, the Future of Red Nations. Those of fighting age and capability hold a great responsibility to physically defend their People, Land, and Way of Life. The Young are the Warriors.” […]

WE DIDN’T CROSS THE BORDERS! THE BORDERS CROSSED US! […] “English, French, Spanish, Portugese, and Dutch are all crackah invader languages and made us think that we are different. […] If you are a Latin, Hispanic, or Spanish, you are white. […] We are not amerikkkan, kkkanadian, mexikkkan, puerto rikkkan, guatemalen, ect. [sic] — we are Indigenous Peoples. Down with all fake ‘countries’ and all man-made lines and divisions. Every invader country will crumble. […] Fuck the Borders. All Red Nations Unite!” […]

TAKE BACK OUR LAND – “This is all Indian Land. […] Every inch of soil and ice from Antarctica to the North Pole is the Land of the Great Red Nation.”

From page 21:

COLONIZATION IZ ALWAYS WAR, DECOLONIZATION IZ ALWAYS WAR – “Colonization is a War against us and our Land, we must master the ways of War to defeat colonialism and the colonialist invaders.”

NO SELF-TERMINATION – […] “We have to love ourselves enough to want to marry another Native. We have the highest out-of-race/inter-marriage rate of any group in the world (northern Natives), and it’s a sign that we are so colonized and still think of the white man/woman as superior. Sad, really, that people will make up all kinds of justifications & rationalizations for their own colonial self-hating attidudes.”

ATTACK DON’T REACT – “We must be pro-active. […] Move fast, always beat them to the punch. We have 515 years of experience with these devils, don’t repeat the past. Like Tupac said: “Bomb First.”

PROTECT OUR CEROMONIES [sic]- Our Indian ways and ceremonies must be protected from invaders and kept in their purest form to be passed on to our Future generations. Some ceremonies are meant only for specific tribes, others are for all Indigenous People, but none should allow the invading enemy white-man in them. They are Native Ceremonies for a reason. White people should have some respect and leave us alone. Red people have pride, protect your Sacred ways for the future of Red Nations. Defend our Ways—STOP CEREMONIAL TERRORISM (TOURISM).

From page 22: 


Walk the Talk, Live Indian […] Do our job as Red People, as human beings. Defend our Land and Way of Life, by any means necessary. […]

[…] “Dedicate your Life, to the Movemet [sic]. Join the Native Youth Movement. Walk like a Warrior, with DIGNITY, RESPECT, HONOR, DUTY, DISCIPLINE, SELF-SACRIFICE, COURAGE, LOYALTY, STRENGTH, WISDOM, PRIDE, AND LOVE for your Red People and our Red Earth. Let your Warrior Spirit Free. Unify with all Warrior Societies and Indian people Fighting! Free Peltier! Free John Graham! Free Mumia! Long Live the Zapatistas! Death to Our Oppressor! Riot the 2010 Olympics! Take Back Our Land Or Die Tryin’!”

From page 23:


[…] It is good to remind the public that when natives take action, that we are not a gang, we are revolutionaries. We are all warriors from the ancestors who will protect us. […]

[…] “You can jail a revolutionary, but you can’t jail the Revolution.” – Huey Newton, late Minister of Defense for the Black Panther Party. We must define our position that we are at war. There are a lot of prisoners of war that must get out, by any means necessary. As natives, we can do a lot of good in our community. Don’t be a slave to the government. Give a slave a gun and he will kill his own brother. So how long are you going to blame the oppressors before you get up off your knees and do something about it? You got to make a decision to stand up to the pigs.

[…] It’s about getting The Man’s attention, and showing our community that we don’t have to take this shit anymore. The establishment doesn’t listen when we sing, pray or beg, but, believe me, if they see some disciplined brothers with guns or any weapons, they’re going to pay attention real fast. All power to the people! […]

[…] As native people, we have a right to put up roadblocks, hold rallies and protest, and the cops can’t do shit. We have a right to exercise our traditional rights and beliefs anywhere, at any time on our lands, and a roadblock can be one of our rights if we want it.

From page 29: 

[Letter to the editor]: […] “Before a young lady gets her first period, she should know what lies in the path before her. She should know about rape, sex and  molestation. In the Dak’elh language there is no word for rape or child molestation. Why? Because it never used to happen in the past (prior to colonization). Stuff of that nature was unknown to my ancestors. The priests in residential schools introduced such assaults of our people.” […]

Keep in mind that this is from just one single issue of Redwire. I haven’t even read their other issues, yet, but I have downloaded them all.

Native Supremacists = White Supremacists

Nazi chart for determining racial purity

Nazi chart for determining racial purity

If one substitutes the word ‘Red’ with White’ ie. ‘White Power’; White Pride’ etc., this edition of Redwire would be nothing more than a White Supremacist Manifesto for racial domination.

Redwire’s content – and the propaganda spread by other native extremists that we have encountered during the past 3.5 years working in Caledonia – bears an uncanny resemblance to KKK and Nazi ideology and practices:

  • Masked natives w/baseball bats in CaledoniaEmphasis on preserving racial purity.
  • Isolation/segregation from other races.
  • Sanctioning of violence by master warrior race by positioning it as culturally necessary and defensive in nature rather than aggressive.
  • Use of masks to conceal identities.
  • Use of fire to intimidate victims.
  • Use of propaganda to vilify and dehumanize victims, and use them as scapegoats for societal ills.
  • Intimidation via ‘Lebensraum’ (Living Space) ideology of aggression over land claimed for the superior race.
  • Subversion of the rule of law and equality concepts in favour of racially-based justice system which permits attacks and intimidation of victims, and confiscation/destruction of their property without due process.

warrior4.jpgIn my opinion, Native supremacists are far more dangerous than the white variety because the media, police, government and NGOs do not appease white extremists; ignore the dangers they pose to society or try to ‘justify’ their actions.

warrior.jpgHere are some links about the native supremacy movement, including some shocking videos filled with hate:

See the References section below for info/evidence re the impact of native extremism.  

Redwire Magazine – supported with your tax dollars

If you were observant you might have noticed that I circled a logo and some text at the bottom of the first (credits) page of the 4 page excerpt. The logo is for the federally funded ‘Urban Multipurpose Aboriginal Youth Centres’ (UMAYC) which is an initiative of the Department of Heritage Canada. (The new name for the program is ‘Cultural Connections for Aboriginal Youth’.)

The text beside the Canadian Heritage UMAYC logo on the Redwire credits page reads:

“We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of Urban Multipurpose Aboriginal Youth Centres (UMAYC) Initiative from the Department of Heritage Canada.”

The page also contains the logo for the Canadian Council for the Arts.

Question: Is the Canadian government supporting Redwire’s message of hate, terror and sabotage?

I emailed Canadian Heritage shortly before posting this story to tell them I was “working on a story about the encouragement of hate, terror and other criminal activities by aboriginal extremist groups,” and wanted to ask two questions:

  1. Did the federal government – as this magazine claims – provide any funds for this magazine or the organization or individuals who produced it?
  2. If so, how much federal money have they received in total to date, and on what dates was it given?

I have since confirmed that RedWire received a total of $1.2M from the Department of Canadian Heritage, and the Canadian Council for the Arts, and that it has been recommended to receive even more funding for 2010/2011:

VoC Comment

To tell this story or not to tell?

I had a serious debate with myself as to whether or not I should reprint the material from Redwire since I really have no desire to provide instruction manuals to would-be terrorists. Ultimately, however, I decided that the potential good of exposing their material outweighed the downside:

1. The sad fact is – as you can see by the above photos taken in Caledonia – some of the Redwire terror tactics such as blocking roads, burning bridges and attacking the power grid were already being used by the thugs who terrorized Caledonia, and now – apparently – by Red Power United who plan to shut down a major Toronto highway on June 24th. This material is already on the net and circulated amongst radical natives. After Oka, Ipperwash, and Caledonia native extremists aren’t going to learn anything new with this article, but some of their victims and the people who are supposed to be protecting them just might.

2. The mainstream media – with the sole exception of Christie Blatchford – has been completely unwilling to do any investigative reporting into native extremism beyond their usual drive-by coverage. For example, CTV and Canadian Press could have found the Red Power United site and clicked on the same links I did to find Redwire (and other radical groups) and then reported on this story.

3. The OPP and the Ontario government have arrested us and personally attacked the character of non-native activists with outrageous lies in and out of court to try to silence us and stop us from peacefully and legally opposing racial policing and native extremism while those responsible for violence, intimidation and other crime in Caledonia have been coddled, protected, appeased and provided defacto public relations and legal assistance to ensure they remain unaccountable for their crimes.

If our police, government and MSM were doing its best to expose and counter the propaganda of this hateful native supremacy movement, I could simply choose not to tell this story.

Unfortunately, no one seems willing to publicly confront the critical issue of native extremism as society has, for example, with drunk driving in order to make it politically-incorrect, so that duty has fallen on ordinary citizens. I have, therefore, decided that the benefits of publishing strongly outweigh the drawbacks.

One last thing…from page 22 of Redwire, October 2007

NEVER COLLABORATE WITH THE ENEMY- “When we talk of sovereignty, we must be willing to solve our own problems and not go running to the oppressor for relief.” – Leonard Peltier. Never go to the white man to fix your problem, no matter what the problem is, the white man’s system is the root cause, handle your own business. Don‘t Talk to Police.

I guess Redwire didn’t find it convenient to follow the advice they quoted from their hero killer of two FBI agents.  Instead, they “gratefully” took money from the white, colonialist “devils” to help them spread their filth.  Redwire’s editors and their revolutionary buddies must think we’re all pretty darned stupid. I certainly do.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor



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Redwire Magazine 

Native Supremacy Movement

Effects of Native extremism and racial policing appeasement

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