MP supports native rail blockade in Sault: “What other option do they have?”

MP Tony Martin (NDP, Sault Ste. Marie) supports native rail blockade put in place AFTER feds/province caved in to native intimidation over HST.

MP Tony Martin (NDP, Sault Ste. Marie) supports native rail blockade put in place AFTER feds/province caved in to native intimidation over HST.

 “Whereas Canada is founded on the principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law: 

(Preamble to Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

(UPDATED June 24/10) Just days after predicting more victims of native lawlessness thanks to the federal and provincial governments’ despicable caving in to native intimidation over the HST, and just one day after exposing that the federal government may have funded a how-to terror & sabotage guide for native ‘revolutionaries,’ MP Tony Martin (NDP, Sault Ste. Marie) has expressed his support for the native rail blockade put in place by the Batchewana reserve. 

Excerpt from the Sault Star: 

Sault MP Tony Martin attended the blockade location and spoke to Sayers. 

Martin said he will send Sayers’ message to officials he can reach in Ottawa.? The government broke for their annual summer recess Thursday. 

He called it “unfortunate” that the First Nation had to resort to the blockade to get their message out. 

“They are taking advantage of an opportunity to send a message to the government that will create some inconvenience and discomfort to shippers coming out of Sault Ste. Marie,” he said. “It is unfortunate it has come to this, but from their perspective, the discussions did not result in an acceptable agreement that simply allowed them to continue to be exempt, so here they are. What other option do they have?” he said. 

VoC suggestions for MP Tony Martin about the “other option” 

Dear Tony: 

1. The ‘other option’ the natives have is to obey the law and use the courts like the rest of us. If the ‘rule of law’ concept is one with which you are unfamiliar, perhaps you should take a few minutes to read these items:  


[78] I also find that the actions of the HMF [Haudenosaunee Men’s Fire] amount to both criminal and civil misconduct. Their actions have interfered with the property rights of Voortman and can be characterized as nuisance, trespass, extortion, intimidation, and inducing breach of contract.  

[84] Before I conclude I would like to emphasize the rule of law. All people in Canada are governed by the rule of law as confirmed in the preamble to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. That is, all people in Canada are required to obey the law. As a corollary, all people in Canada are entitled to know that every other person in Canada will be required to obey the law. If any person in Canada does not obey the law, the courts will enforce the law. In that way the public has some assurance that they can live in peace without fear of those who might choose to disobey the law.  

[85] In the present case the representatives of the HMF delivered a message to this court that they did not accept the court process. Moreover, there was a veiled threat that if an injunction were to issue the HMF would have no choice but to continue their tactics of intimidation and criminal and civil disobedience. That threat does not alter or affect my decision today.  

[86] The HMF clearly have a choice. An injunction will be issued today. The HMF may choose in good faith to abide by the injunction, live within the criminal and civil law, participate in peaceful demonstrations, and pursue whatever claim they believe they have through their own negotiations and/or court actions. They are not compelled, as was suggested, to disobey the injunction and engage in further criminal and civil misconduct.  

[87] The rule of law means that the HMF will be required to obey any court order, just as any person in Canada would be required to obey a court order. The assertion of an aboriginal right does not permit any person, aboriginal or otherwise, to break the law.  

  • Superior Court of Ontario, Reasons for Decision, April 03/09: John Voortman & Associates v. HCCC, HMF [PDF]

3. Finally, I suggest you take some time to read the following reports so that you understand the terrible price that innocent people have paid for their government’s tolerance of native lawlessness: 

  • CANACE report, Dec 2007: The Human Costs of Illegal Occupations [PDF, 101p]
  • Mark Vandermaas presentation to 2010 ‘New Directions in Aboriginal Policy’ forum, Mount Royal University, May 05/10: Listening to Victims: A Fresh Approach to Healing and Reconciliation [PDF, 21P]
  • CANACE report/series, Feb 18-25/09: McGuinty’s Ipperwash Cover-up: the Caledonia Legacy [PDF, 10p]

It is sad that those paid with taxpayers’ funds to protect the rule of law which underlies all of our rights under the Charter are the very ones doing their best to subvert it. If you would like to write or speak with Tony Martin on the subject of the importance of preserving the rule of law in a democracy: 

Tony Martin, MP (Sault Ste. Marie)
New Democratic Party
House of Commons: 613.992.9723
Constituency Office: 705.941.2900
House of Commons Profile [LINK

Mark Vandermaas, Editor



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