Canadian Civil Liberties Association hypocrisy astounding re G20 vs. Caledonia

The Human Costs of Illegal Occupations: abuses of civil rights ignored by Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

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Canadian Civil Liberties Association re Caledonia

I first began begging the Canadian Civil Liberties Association for help on behalf of Caledonia’s victims in early 2007 beginning with a phone call and email after we were arrested for trying to raise a Canadian flag in December 2006. Sadly, they simply refused to respond to my requests, even after I drove from London to Toronto to personally deliver a draft copy of The Human Costs of Illegal Occupations report which detailed the horrors of racial policing and the violence aided and abetted by OPP officers who refused to act against native rioters.

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One response to “Canadian Civil Liberties Association hypocrisy astounding re G20 vs. Caledonia

  1. The CCLA has always been a lib-left-biased legal entity which picks and chooses its cases to further its narrow utopian-left ideologies.

    Caledonia was a glaring example of the lib-left utopian concept of multiculturalism gone horribly wrong. The utopian multicult umbrella has become a refuge for extortionists, violent fanatics and racists, as well as an excuse for authority to ignore minority group bigotry violence and criminality. Multicult minority groups have turned out to be the very antithesis of what the multicullt utopians promised us. Multicult victim groups now harbor violent bigoted racists excused from these transgressions under the fraudulent presumption this is the natural rage of victim groups. It is, of course, nothing more lofty than common vulgar bigotry, antisocial violence and garden variety extortion.

    Of course they wouldn’t touch it. Any in depth court room airing of race-based policing would leave the PollyAnna, rose-colored optics of multicult utopianism in flames. CCLA certainly wouldn’t want the facts rubbed in their face after all the time and effort spent building the multicult utpoian myth. Can’t shatter the sacred lib-left mythos Mark. Maintaining the big lie (circa 1982) is what this fallacious multi cult ideology is based on.

    As expected, when government corruption, perversion of the rule of law and public policy malevolence are allowed to go unpunished (as they were in Ipperwash and Caledonia and now post G20), they will repeat themselves and form observable patterns. The G20 policing fiasco and rule of law melt-down had so many parallels to the Caledonia policing farce it was chilling.

    I sat there watching the videos of sniper teams on roof tops, of cops in full combat gear and body armor, armed to the teeth with pistols, rifles, sub-guns and CS gas mortars, standing idly by as a couple of masked suburban brats burned a cruiser. Later, police were assaulting any unsuspecting peaceful citizen in the area as an over reaction to their cowardice the previous day. It was like a form of dark deja vu. It was like watching police response in Caledonia in a larger urban setting.

    Let’s face it. In Ontario police protection of the public is deeply compromised. If you are a visible majority group, you are more likely to be abused or falsely accused by police than protected – and you are the only one left to stand up for your civil liberties.

    This IS dystopia.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for the observations Wild Bill.

    It seemed pretty bizzare that the police were arresting anybody and everybody rather than those who really deserved it, especially after their – as you put it – ‘cowardice’ the previous day.

    I read a commentary by some columnist yesterday who did make a comparison between Caledonia and the G20. He said that McGuinty was allowing police to do whatever they wanted without being accountable. True, sort of, but McGuinty’s hands are deep in the poo that is Caledonia policing and, apparently, the G20 with this secret designation of the security fence. It’s not as though the police are deciding what to do all on their own while McG relies on the ‘separation of powers’ doctrine – they’re doing exactly what he wants them to do.

    Just to be clear, because I didn’t mention this in my article, I have no problem with the CCLA taking action on the G20 abuses. It’s the right thing to do. Their two blind eyes to Caledonia, however – as one blogger said – “seems pretty ugly.”

    Thanks, Mark