OPP & Ontario Attorney General allow Muslim hatemonger to escape justice

Commentary by blogger Blazing Cat Fur w/links re Ontario Attorney General’s belated charging of a Muslim hatemonger after he left the country and the OPP ‘investigation’:

This farce proves that hate crime laws are nothing more than political tools in the hands of our political fools. Ontario was able to arrest, charge, try and convict an 83 year old Nazi in a period of 6 months for – get this – scribbling on washroom walls. They had 3 years and 2 attempts and more than enough hard evidence to lay charges against Slammin Salman Hossain. They threw the Jewish Community an 83 year old bone and spat in their face by giving Hossain plenty of time and warning to flee.

VoC Comment

This does seem an awful lot like OPP policing Caledonia-style, especially in light of Chris Lewis’s statement to the OPPA making it clear that native criminals were free of Canadian law once they scampered back onto the Caledonia Homefree Zone known as Douglas Creek Estates: 

“Short of somebody having a kid kidnapped and running onto the DCE, we’re not going to go onto that property.”

So far the Attorney General has dropped the following charges in Caledonia that Gary McHale & Jeff Parkinson have laid:

1. Mischief vs. 2 OPP officers for helping to build a barricade to keep owner out of his own property. (2 charges total)

2. Extortion, Intimidation & Mischief vs. 2 native protesters who then went on to commit more occupations (9 charges total)

3. Influencing Municipal Official vs. Julian Fantino for threatening Haldimand Council (1 charge)

4. Obstructing Justice vs. former Deputy Commissioner Chris Lewis and Superintendent Ron Gentle for agreeing to charge McHale to appease native radicals. (2 charges total)

This doesn’t even begin to cover all the charges that were never laid by the OPP in the first place, or the targeting of non-native residents and activists. For example, Fantino testified that the OPP conducted a ‘hate crime’ investigation against Gary McHale, but it went nowhere because (darn it!) there was no evidence to support the charge. He even intervened to make a charge of Assault Police disappear against the same native man who jumped McHale on Dec 01/07, and then wrote a letter of reference for him! And let’s not forget how the OPP abandoned Ipperwash residents:

  • CANACE reference, Feb 01/10: Journalist’s Quick Reference Evidence Guide [PDF, 9p] (If the URL doesn’t work, go to this link and download the latest copy in the Resources for Journalists section)
  • CANACE report, Dec 2007: The Human Costs of Illegal Occupations [PDF, 101p]
  • Regional News Series, Feb 2009: McGuinty’s Ipperwash Cover-up: the Caledonia Legacy [PDF, 10p]

Perhaps the government should just set up some Muslim HomeFree Zones modeled after Caledonia’s DCE and Camp Ipperwash so they and the OPP wouldn’t even have to pretend to be interested in enforcing the law against Muslim criminals either. That would free the police up to start investigating and arresting bloggers and protesters like Blazing Cat Fur for daring to expose/oppose the grave danger they pose to Canadian society.  

Perhaps McGuinty would even praise them for keeping us all safe as he did recently for Chris Lewis and Julian Fantino.


Mark Vandermaas, Editor


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