Questions for Haldimand Police Services Chair Lorne Boyko re Spectator quotes on Caledonia, Chris Lewis and Ipperwash Inquiry

Lorne Boyko, Councillor Ward 6, Chair of Police Services Board, Haldimand County

Lorne Boyko, Councillor Ward 6, Chair of Police Services Board, Haldimand County

UPDATE: Response to pro-OPP comments by Haldimand councillor/Police Services Board Chair Lorne Boyko in Hamilton Spectator

The Hamilton Spectator’s Dan Nolan has quoted Councillor Lorne Boyko, chair of the Haldimand Police Services Board – responsible for overseeing policing in Caledonia – as making a number of remarks that long-suffering victims of native extremists there may find extremely distasteful. 

The Spectator published a story today quoting the reactions of various players in the Caledonia crisis to the appointment of Chris Lewis to the position of OPP Commissioner, including Gary McHale, Haldimand Mayor Marie Trainer, and Boyko.

I had serious concerns about Boyko’s reported statements, so I sent the following email to him requesting clarification of his remarks: 

Sent: Thu 7/8/2010 11:04 AM
From: Caledonia Victims Project []
Subject: Request for clarification & confirmation re Spectator commentsLorne Boyko
Councillor, Ward 6
Chair, Police Services Board
Haldimand CountyDear Councillor Boyko:I am working on a story about your comments to the Hamilton Spectator (excerpted below) regarding two-tier justice in Caledonia, and I have some questions, please. I prefer to interview by email so that there can be no misinterpretation of what was said. I will publish your answers in full exactly as you provide them:1. Can you confirm that you were “delighted” at the appointment of Chris Lewis as the new commissioner of the OPP?2. Did you know that Chris Lewis was once charged with Obstructing Justice?3. Can you confirm that you “personally liked” Fantino despite his April 2007 email to Haldimand Council for which he was criminally charged with Influencing Municipal Officials by order of a Superior Court judge?4. Is it your position that the Canadian Constitution exempts natives in any way from the Criminal Code?

5. I would like to clarify your position on the relationship between the Ipperwash Inquiry report and OPP policing in Caledonia:

a. What is in the report that you believe supports the case for two tier justice in favour of natives?

b. Do you believe that the Ipperwash Inquiry studied the issue of preventing native violence against innocent residents before making its recommendations?

6. What would you say to residents of Caledonia who might be upset with your apparent view that the OPP leadership has done a good job and they must learn to live with two tier justice?

I would be very appreciative of having your answers by Monday 9:00 am please. In the meantime, I will be posting this email at I thank you for your time in advance.

Mark Vandermaas


Councillor Lorne Boyko, chairperson of the Haldimand County Police Services Board, said he was “delighted” when he heard Deputy Commissioner Lewis had become Fantino’s replacement.

He said he has always been approachable and believed it was “a plus” in the county’s favour Lewis got the job because he is familiar with the Caledonia dispute.

Asked if he believed there was two-tier justice, Boyko cited the Ipperwash Inquiry report and said: “Are (natives) dealt with differently? Sure they are dealt with differently. Does the Constitution deal with them differently? Whether we like it or not, it does. … Anybody who takes the time. It’s there.”

He said he “personally liked” Fantino and said, while the county had a couple of bumps with him, “You knew where he stood in a very short time. And he stood behind his decisions.”

As promised I will post Mr. Boyko’s reply in full – along with my response.



Mark Vandermaas
Editor, VoiceofCanada
Caledonia Victims Project

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2 responses to “Questions for Haldimand Police Services Chair Lorne Boyko re Spectator quotes on Caledonia, Chris Lewis and Ipperwash Inquiry

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  2. At first glance HPSB appears to be run by empty suits in love with their comfy sinecure. Empty suits will rubber stamp a lot of bad policy rather than rock the boat. The go along to get along cop out of smug functionaries. That speculation will bear out in the future if race-biased policing in Caledonia continues to administratively apply different enforcement standards for natives and non native residents. Problem is, when a ‘policy’ is not charter sound it is the DUTY of functionaries to “rock the boat”.

    In my thinking, no one can claim to have read the charter documents with any understanding and come out with a ludicrous conclusion about native exemption from equity under rule of law.

    Either you’re listening to a lock-step McGuinty yes man -OR- some crackpot hack who swallowed the distorted revisionist baffle gab Charter interpretations that permeates fringe group political spin.

    Charter section 15(2) does not cancel out section 15 (1) guarantees of absolute equality where it pertains to section 7. NO ONE is above or below the rule of law (criminal code) – that includes section 15(2) groups. Certainly none of section 15(2) negates the pretext of the charter : “Canada is founded upon principles that recognise the supremacy of God and the rule of law” . The equitable rule of law is SUPREME to any of the subsections in the charter.

    Either way, the people of Haldimand are ill-served by any representatives who are disinformed/complacent about the continuity/supremacy of the equitable rule of law expressed throughout the judicial precedence of the charter’s practical application.

    When are the elections so we can make a clean sweep of race-obsessed charter distorting provincial functionaries who think rights and justice are doled out as a matter of one’s race and regime policy from Queen’s Park.