Cowardice & constitutional hypocrisy reign supreme over burning Korans and Ground Zero mosque

UPDATED — Feb03-06 London2It is distressing and sadly predictable that the Obama government and U.S. military and religious leaders would unite forcefully to condemn a backwater preacher’s right to burn a Koran because it will incite Muslim radicals to kill innocent people, yet not a word from Obama’s mouth condemning the Ground Zero mosque that offends non-Muslim Americans who are not threatening to kill innocents.

The Rev. Terry Jones had been under intense pressure to abandon his plan to burn the Quran on Saturday, the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. President Barack Obama urged him to listen to “those better angels” and give up his “stunt,” saying it would endanger U.S. troops and give Islamic terrorists a recruiting tool. Defense Secretary Robert Gates took the extraordinary step of calling Jones personally.

Feb03-06 London9

Personally, I have no desire to burn a Koran, but I think Pastor Terry Jones has the right to burn as many Korans as he wishes – by the truckload even – AND I believe American Muslims have the right to build a mosque at Ground Zero or anywhere else they wish AND that whatever the cost is to defend both those rights is worth any price.

Those who are demanding that Muslims not be allowed to build a mosque near Ground Zero are just as wrong as those who threaten violence over Pastor Jone’s plan to burn a Koran, and those who would deny Jones his rights in a vain attempt to appease maniacs who cannot be appeased.

Whatever happened to the philosophy that ‘I despise what you say, but I will fight to the death to defend your right to say it’ that used to be the motto for freedom-loving countries?

NYC Mayor Bloomberg, at least, seems to remember:

“The First Amendment protects everybody, and you can’t say that we’re going to apply the First Amendment to only those cases where we are in agreement,”

Feb03-06 London4Insulting and pressuring Pastor Jones into not exercising his constitutional rights because some nuts might join Islamic terror groups and try to kill innocent people and Western soldiers is just plain assinine. That horse is long gone from the barn. Radical Islam has already declared war on democracy and appeasement isn’t going to work: 

Islamic Thinkers Society at 2010 Israeli Day Parade, New YorkIslamic Thinkers Society at 2010 Israeli Day Parade, New York

Small Dead Animals and its readers have offered some pithy and right-to-the-bone thoughts and links on this topic that I recommend heartily:

[…] I don’t care if Mickey Mouse had sparked the controversy. The issue is the reaction of our political and media betters. Shameful and frankly, frightening. As one of my commentors just remarked, “Islam has now been officially sanctioned as the most powerful religion on earth and if we offend it they can kill us and we deserve to be killed.”

They should have kept their mouths shut, at the very least. They have an obligation to defend our constitutionally protected rights to freedom of expression.

Instead, they have telegraphed to barbarians – some of whom have the arsenals to do real damage – that they will cow into submission the acts of even the most lowly and unimportant of our citizens to avoid confrontation. […]

Reader ‘Simon’ comments on SDA’s article:

Psychopathic third worlders: “If you burn those pieces of paper, I will become extremely angry, riot in the streets, and kill people! And it will be YOUR fault, not mine!” President Obama: “Okay. You’re right.” [Simon]

Feb03-06 London6

As someone who was blamed – along with Gary McHale – for inciting violence by native protesters in Caledonia for exercising my right to place a Canadian flag across the street from the occupied Douglas Creek Estates I know only too well how eagerly appeasement-minded politicians will subvert the rights of citizens to please those who threaten and/or use violence.

One of SDA’s readers must have been thinking about Caledonia when he wrote:

I am shocked.
Once again the cops are facing the wrong way at the protest march.

Let’s hope non-Muslims decide not to apply the lessons learned from all this appeasement of violence themselves before our leaders begin to defend the constitutions they swore to uphold. 

God save us from cowardly politicians.

NOTE: All of the photos shown were taken before Pastor Terry Jones announced plans to burn the Koran.


  • Last update this article: Sept 11/10.
  • Sept 18/10: Ezra Levant – Does the U.S. First Ammendment protect burning Korans? Levant was late commenting on the Koran-burning crisis because he was on a book tour for Ethical Oil – which explodes the myths behind the recent attacks on the Alberta oil sands project (#4 on NF best-seller list as of Sept 18/10), but he had one of the most prescient comments of all: “When a judge says the violent reaction of foreign terrorists might be enough to take away our free-speech rights, it’s time to worry.”
  • Sept 11/10: Associated Press/ Florida pastor Terry Jones says his church will ‘not today, not ever’ burn the Quran
  • This issue is taking on a life of it own as people begin to ponder the extreme danger of allowing Muslim terrorists to determine which constitutional rights citizens in Canada/U.S. are allowed to exercise. Comment by ‘Jazz’ on Don Surber’s blog in Press decides not to cover news, Sept 10/10:

Until last night, I was personally opposed to the Koran burning, but willing to let Terry Jones do his thing without condemnation. Given the chickensh!t media reaction and the implications of freedom being cowed by threats of violence in retaliation for merely making an offensive statement, I’ve done a 180 – I’m completely for Jones’ exercise, not on the basis of giving offense to Islam (which it will be), but as a exercise of freedom in the face of threat. This needs to happen.

  • Sept 10/10: Ottawa Citizen, David B. Harris: Pastor bashing didn’t buy peace (note writer’s qualifications at end – he was a former Chief of Strategic Planning w/CSIS):

What do Stephen Harper, Barack Obama, Gen. David Petraeus, Canadian Defence Minister Peter MacKay and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have in common? They each need to get a grip on themselves the next time they want to whack a wacky pastor. […]

One must ask whether, in their anxiety, officials ventured so far into the religious arena as to have breached relevant rights of Jones and his church-goers (the FBI even visited him). Is it acceptable for leaders and other agents-of-state to play the de facto role of judges of religious acceptability — let alone enforcers of Sharia Koran-handling standards?

In continuing to give the pesky pastor profile, Canadian and U.S. officials contributed to the public’s underestimating of Islamism’s unwavering determination. Rightly or wrongly, Islamic extremists justify their plans to destroy us by citing Koranic and other texts that long predate 9/11, Afghanistan and Iraq. But when politicians obsessed about a pulpit bit-player, they implied that our enemies were amenable to temporizing and concessions. […]

The terrible implications of this escapist illusion — the increasing abdication of our domestic and foreign policy and ultimate fate to a hostile will — skulked unseen behind this week’s theatrics. But whatever history’s verdict on Pastor Jones and his Korans, we must recognize that there is no peace in illusions and weakness.

A lawyer with 30 years in intelligence affairs, David Harris is director of the intelligence program INSIGNIS Strategic Research Inc. He has consulted with intelligence organizations in Canada and abroad and served with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service in 1988-90.

*see also: Investigative Project on Terrorism, David B. Harris, Oct 14/08: Report from the Northern Front: Montreal Redux (radical Islamist penetration of Canada)
*see also: Jihad Watch, April 24/06: CAIR loses again (reprint of INSIGNIS press release re CAIR-CAN dropping lawsuit vs. Harris)
*see also: U.S. Subcommittee on Immigration & Claims, April 14/99: Testimony of David B. Harris – Canada and International Terrorism 


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