Picture gallery: VoC visit with Quebec artist ‘Niska’ – Painter of the Soul

Niska w/VoC, July 2010

Niska w/VoC, July 2010

In ‘Niska: Painter of the Soul‘ I posted several pictures of works by one of Canada’s greatest living artists, Francois Lortie – ‘Niska’ – along with some comments about our first visit to his home where we met him for the first time several years ago. 

In that post I included an image (below) from the Niska.org website that shows a striking painting in which white light appears to be burning its way out of the painting towards the viewer.

Niska's bright light of the soul

Niska's bright light of the soul

We paid another visit to Niska and his wife Elona in Montreal earlier this year in July where I mentioned to Francois how taken I was with the image. I was delighted to discover that the large, original work was hanging in his private study room as one of his favourites. He graciously allowed us to be photographed together alongside it (photo above).

When asked to explain his technique, he told us that he had studied the use of white paint for many years in order to be able to accomplish the desired effect.

Enjoy the slideshow (give it a few moments to load):

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It was so good to see you again, Francois et Elona!

Mark Vandermaas, Editor


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