Toronto Star gets critical facts wrong on Fantino Caledonia charge

100108-CH News Fantino charged“No wonder Governments are not afraid of the public – when the media cannot hold the Crown accountable then the public will never understand the issues.” Gary McHale, Oct 06/10

According to the Toronto Star…

A local activist, Gary McHale, filed private charges against Fantino, alleging he had attempted to influence municipal politicians, but it took a court in Cayuga a mere 20 minutes to dismiss the allegations.

McHale had alleged that an email Fantino sent to the Haldimand County mayor in 2007 constituted a threat. The court disagreed.

The Star is either badly misinformed or is deliberately fudging their facts because the charge against Fantino was not dismissed by the Court, and the Court never ‘disagreed’ with the premise that the email was a threat, quite the opposite, in fact. Even worse, the factual mistakes in the story and breezy dismissal of the controversy conceal the enormous conflicts of interest of the case which went right up into the Premier’s office to McGuinty himself. […]

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Mark Vandermaas, Editor

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