Caledonia activists McHale, Kinrade & Fleming receive endorsements from Wind Concerns Ontario for municipal campaigns

Long time Caledonia activists Doug Fleming, Merlyn Kinrade and Gary McHale have all received endorsements from the leading wind turbine moratorium advocacy group Wind Concerns Ontario for their respective campaigns to win seats on Haldimand County Council:


Wind Concerns Ontario endorses the following candidates:


The candidates are receiving positive feedback from voters for their well-researched, principled positions, especially on the wind turbine issue. All three have taken the time to meet with concerned citizens and a key wind turbine contractor to understand the issues. They are already subject matter experts on the land claim crisis which has so badly affected Haldimand County and surrounding areas.



One response to “Caledonia activists McHale, Kinrade & Fleming receive endorsements from Wind Concerns Ontario for municipal campaigns

  1. Kudos to these three gentlemen. I only wish I had Councilors with any integrity in my own municipalities. The cranes have moved in and my “I told you so” is not satisfying at all.

    VoC REPLY: I appreciate your offered ‘kudos’ to Gary, Doug and Merlyn because they truly do deserve them, but I think you also deserve a thanks for taking on a massive project and the attendant research, and doing it so well. Trust me when I say, we know how much work and stress is involved.

    We know all about useless councillors without principles, I thought Haldimand had a lock on them all. It’s shocking when you realize just how uninformed they are and how uninformed they intend to stay.

    People at the mayoral debate were telling my guys how impressed they were with their research and wondering why they had the info instead of their elected officials (they were especially interested in the wind turbine stuff.) It’s pathetic, and it’s exactly the same with the land claim crisis.

    We’ve been invited to speak in Calgary at Mount Royal University but we’re 100% persona non grata at Haldimand Council who have refused several requests to let us address them. Again, its pathetic how arrogant and misinformed they are about the critical issues in their community.

    Sorry to hear about the cranes – people seem to have the ability to delude themselves until it’s too late, and ‘I told you so’ just doesn’t do it when a united community might have kept the turbines out – just look at Oakville & the gas power plant. McG backed down on that one, so it is possible.

    Thanks so much for the endorsements and for writing. I sure hope this election is the one where we actually get the government we deserve!

    I sent you an email giving you permission to use our ‘Be Green And Be Smart’ ad/flyer if you think it might be useful. Mark