Blatchford & Tory hammer Fantino & Conservatives on CFRB 1010

While Gary McHale & Merlyn Kinrade were reaching the massive CHCH TV audience yesterday to pour lumps of coal on Fantino and the Conservatives, John Tory’s guest on his show at CFRB 1010 was none other than Christie Blatchford.

According to Jeff Parkinson, a CANACE co-founder who was fortunate enough to catch the show around dinner, the two were…[…]

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Mark Vandermaas, Editor

One response to “Blatchford & Tory hammer Fantino & Conservatives on CFRB 1010

  1. Here is a link to John Tory’s podcasts (Oct. 12) from 1010. Christie comes on at the -12:15 time mark. (There’s an interview with Fantino immediately prior: with JohnTory.aspx

    VoC REPLY: Oh, aren’t you the cat’s pyjamas ‘K’! Thanks! Now, go watch this for your reward —

    HELPLESS book promo video (just released!): Failure of government to govern and to protect all its citizens equally (0.52)

    Oh…and turn the volume WAY up.

    Thanks, Mark