The man who exposed the Mohammed al-Dura fraud: IFPS-Canada presents ‘Philippe Karsenty in Canada’

Philippe Karsenty exposed the fraud behind the allegations Israel troops murdered 12-year old Palestinian Mohammed al-Dura in 2000.The Canadian chapter of the International Free Press Society (IFPS-Canada) has announced three appearances in Canada by French journalist Philippe Karsenty who exposed the fraudulent allegations that Israeli soldiers killed a 12-year old Palestinian boy.

Former London Free Press columnist Rory Leishman will also be a speaker.

IFPS-Canada has brought speakers such as Ann Coulter and Lars Vilks [ALSO] to Canada in the past.


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Subject: IFPS-Canada presents Philippe Karsenty (Tuesday, November 9th 2010)

Hello Everyone:

IFPS-Canada Presents Philippe Karsenty in Canada. Click image for details.

IFPS-Canada Presents Philippe Karsenty in Canada. Click image for details.

For our next series of events, IFPS-Canada is bringing Philippe Karsenty to Canada for three events:

Tuesday, November 9th, London – Jewish Community Centre
Thursday, November 11th, Toronto – Toronto Zionist Centre
Saturday, November 13th, Ottawa – Library and Archives Canada

See for further details.

Philippe Karsenty, internationally known media analyst and founder of Media-Ratings, a media watchdog which monitors the media in France and who exposed the false allegations that Israeli soldiers killed a 12-year old Palestinian, Mohammed al-Dura during a gun battle in Gaza in 2000.Following Mr. Karsenty’s reporting that France 2, a French television network, had broadcast staged footage of the alleged killing, Mr. Karsenty was sued for libel by the network. He succeeded in having a lower court judgment overturned by the Paris Court of Appeal in May 2008.

The story of the death of Muhammed Al-dura, as presented by Charles Enderlin of France 2, was used to great effect to inflame the passions of Muslims around the world. The image became a symbol of the Second Intifada and was referenced in the deaths of a number of Israelis, including within the gruesome video of Daniel Pearl’s execution. Those images of Mohammed Al-dura cemented the message of a blood libel wherein all Jews should be held responsible for the death of this child.Charles Enderlin has said in reference to inconsistencies in the Al-dura footage, “We do not transform reality”, but he has also argued that the video has become a “cultural prism, with viewers seeing what they want to see”. The first statement is consistent with what responsible news media are expected to deliver; objective facts. The second statement is subjective and perhaps more apt when discussing the purpose of a Rorschach ink blot test or a work of art. Too many questions remained in a story with such deadly implications.

The significance of Karsenty’s findings and the tremendous efforts he undertook in order to uncover the truth, cannot be overstated. 

 Karsenty was born in France. When he was 26, he set up a share-trading company on the Paris Bourse and continued to work as a broker until 1997. In 1996, he set up a business consultancy, and in 2002, ran for Parliament on a center-right ticket, losing to Nicolas Sarkozy. In 2008, he was elected Deputy Mayor of Neuilly. 

Joining Philippe at our event in London will be Rory Leishman who will discuss his own experience with editorial bias (story here) and offer some thoughts on how we can combat it. 

Please visit for more information and registration and location details.

Mary Lou Ambrogio, Vice President
The International Free Press Society – Canada

p.s. Philippe speaks perfect English and is a very engaging speaker. 🙂


VoC Notes

1. Michael Coren Show, Nov 11/10: Interview w/Philippe Karsenty [VIDEO, 47:30]

2. I haven’t had time to write the story, but I’m pleased to advise that after being contacted by VoiceofCanada last month, London Free Press editor Joe Ruscutti removed a comment on the LFP website by Leila Paul who severely criticized Rory Leishman’s column ‘Media ignores Islamist extremism‘ which was rejected by the LFP but published by the National Post after Leishman left the LFP over the issue). After doing some research Ms. Paul subsequently provided an apology to Leishman which the LFP did not publish.  

[…’ in comments posted to the LFP on September 25th, I implied that Rory Leishman’s recent column, which was spiked by the LFP, was an example of hate-mongering against Muslims. I assumed his column which discussed the Muslim Association of Canada to be inaccurate. I did a quick search of the London MAC website and on the basis of too little research, I condemned his column and him by implication. I would like this column to serve as my public apology to Mr. Leishman.

After posting my comments to the LFP, I received a link for the national MAC site There I found information which made me realize I had been too quick to condemn Mr. Leishman. […]

Leishman provided me evidence showing that both he and Ms. Paul had some correspondence with Mr. Ruscutti over the issue. While he was appreciative of the comment’s removal he was disappointed that the apology was not posted. In any event, the story has a semi-happy ending.

2. Mark Steyn is coming to London, Ontario on Nov 01/10: Strictly Strictly Right Presents Mark Steyn! 



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