STOP THE PRESSES! Journalist bites dog at Steyn-apalooza!

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‘If a dog bites a man, that’s not news. If, however, a man bites a dog, that IS news’
Journalism maxim (author unknown)

First things first: about last night’s Steyn-apalooza event…

I’d never read a word written by Mark Steyn until just recently, so I didn’t know what to expect from him during last night’s performance/lecture. He had me laughing so hard I was crying, especially at the dimwitted journalists who have, apparently, changed his name to ‘Controversial Author Mark Steyn’ (rather like ‘The Artist Formerly Known As Prince’) for having the audacity to criticize barbaric Islamic practices such as stoning women to death for adultery, and female circumcision. 

Natasha of ‘Moose & Squirrel’ has provided a great overview of Steyn-apalooza so rather than recount it here myself, I’ll let you read hers (and some others) after offering up some personal tidbits:

Steyn briefly mentioned Caledonia in his presentation with respect to appeasement of extremism, and I was very appreciative of his instructions to the crowd to confront those who wish to take away our rights at every opportunity. Organizer Andrew Lawton of Strictly Right  was kind enough to introduce me to Steyn afterwards, so I told him how much I appreciated that advice, that we had invested 31 months and 4 arrests to confront the OPP to make the Canadian flag legal again there.  He expressed his disgust at how the people there were abandoned by all levels of government.

STOP THE PRESSES! Man (er, journalist) bites dog over Steyn-apalooza!

Well, it’s finally happened folks, it really has: a reporter has actually criticized conservatives for NOT associating with white supremacists.  

Morning host guy Jeff McArthur on AM980 in London was inviting listeners to comment on Steyn-apalooza organizer Andrew Lawton’s decision not to allow a known white supremacist to register and attend last night’s event, opining that Lawton was wrong not to allow him into the event because, after all, the event was about free speech. The same neo-nazi scumbag had earlier whined to VoiceofCanada in a comment (which I refused to post) about being excluded by Lawton and his “Koshervatives.”

McArthur then compared this white supremacist piece of trash to Mark Steyn saying they both promoted hate. I didn’t get home in time to phone in, so I sent the following message to McArthur in response via the online form at


1. I was there for Mark Steyn last night, and I can tell by your comments you very likely weren’t – otherwise you’d have realized just how silly the phrase ‘Controversial Author Mark Steyn’ would sound before saying it. 

2. Just because someone – including you – says Steyn’s promoting hate doesn’t make it so. That’s the whole point of his successful fight w/the Human Rights Commission, isn’t it? Comparing Mark Steyn to xxxxx is disgusting. At no time did I hear Steyn promote any neo-nazi/supremacist ideology. 

3. If xxxxx was allowed to register at Lawton’s event the story in the LFP or on McArthur this morning would have been ‘White Supremacists Support Mark Steyn.’ 

4. We went through the exact same thing in Caledonia (when are you going to talk about Blatchford’s book?) when those who supported the violence there falsely accused us of being racists simply for saying that innocent people shouldn’t be victimized – which is exactly what Steyn was saying. Like Steyn, we had to deal with journalists who simply spread the garbage without making any attempt to discover whether it was true or not. 

5. Andrew Lawton did exactly the right thing and I support him 100%. Perhaps YOU would be willing to put your money where your mouth is by renting a hall for xxxxx to exercise his right to spread his filthy neo-nazi supremacist garbage, and emcee the event for him? 

Until then, perhaps you should cut Lawton some slack? 

Mark Vandermaas
Founder, Caledonia Victims Project
Editor, VoiceofCanada


VoC Comment

So there you have it folks – according to Jeff McArthur at AM980 conservatives are the bad guys when they refuse to allow neo-nazi trash to attend their events.

Man, er, journalist bites dog. You heard it here first.


I just found this quote from Mark Steyn’s speech at the CAMERA conference, “War by Other Means: The Global Campaign to Delegitimize Israel‘ on Oct 10-11/10 regarding the dismal performance of western journalists in defending freedom of speech:

Steyn criticized journalists for their pervasive lack of courage concerning Seattle cartoonist Molly Norris, who went into hiding after she received death threats as a result of her call for an “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.”

“When someone says, ‘We are going to kill you because you insulted us,’ and journalists are silent, it’s the decline of Western civilization,” he said. “We must say, ‘If you want to kill us, you’ll have to kill us all.’  But the FBI tells Norris to go undercover and the wimpy response of her Seattle newspaper [The Seattle Weekly] is to declare, ‘There is no more Molly.’”


Mark Vandermaas, Editor

5 responses to “STOP THE PRESSES! Journalist bites dog at Steyn-apalooza!

  1. It’s a case of “Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.” I heard them mention xxxxx on the news, and I wondered when some lame-o in the MSM would spout off about it. “A” News seemed reasonable about that part of the story. Jeff McArthur sounds like a typical lefty idiot. I’ll bet if xxxxx had been let in, McArthur would have been wailing about Steyn et al being cozy with white supremacists. Either way you get tarred as a hatemonger.

    On another note, I didn’t know you were there — or did we meet? I feel dumb asking, but I was introduced to a bunch of bloggers, and I’ve forgotten all the names. 😦

    (I blame it on advanced middle age, but in truth, I’ve always had a bad memory.)

    VoC REPLY: Apologies, but I edited out the neo-nazi sleazeball’s name. If people want to search for him, that’s fine, but I’m not helping even a little. People like that are like garbage piles, the closer you get the more the smell rubs off on you.

    I don’t think we met, I stayed to the end talking to some fellow attendees about Caledonia in the aisle closest to where Steyn was signing autographs, and was the last to meet Steyn. I was the tall, chubby guy w/glasses in the blue blazer. Hopefully, we’ll hook up some time soon.

    Thanks for saving me the time of writing up Steyn-apalooza. Mark

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  3. Voltaire's Ghost

    One of the freedoms we enjoy in North America is the freedom of association. That means we also have the right not to associate with those we choose. This was a privately funded function and it would have discredited it to have a neo-nazi involved in any way. The right decision was made, and McArthur didn’t impress me as being sincere of honest in hios complaint. he thought he had a “Gottcha” but he only succeeded in making himself look foolish.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for writing VG. Can you imagine if xxxxx had stood up and given the nazi salute with a Seig Heil in a room filled with conservatives listening to a right of centre speaker rented by a conservative organization???

    This was done to us by a member of the criminal gang Haudenosaunee Men’s Fire when we spoke at Brantford City Council, and even THAT made it into the paper, and it wasn’t a white supremacist that did it, but a native supremacist. The title of the piece that got written? NOT ‘CANACE speaks of healing and reconciliation’ but, ‘Gary McHale group greeted by heckler at city hall.’

    I was actually interviewed by McArthur after being arrested for trying to put up a Cdn flag, so I thought he was OK, but this attempt to smear Steyn and Lawton is just plain bizarre.

    Gotta run, thanks for writing. Regards, Mark

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  5. Just like the rank and file OPP in Caledonia, regardless of personal values, Journos do what the boss tells them to. Like the OPP, Corruption in both Media and Policing comes from the top down. MSM journos put the spin on their report that their editors demand.