UofW pseudo-leftists create “surge” in HELPLESS sales publisher reports

Nazi swastika drawn on home of a Caledonia resident during the night.

Nazi swastika drawn on home of a Caledonia resident during the night.

Despite the shameful assault on freedom of speech and academic freedom represented by the character assassination, and intimidation that resulted in the cancellation of Christie Blatchford’s speech at the the University of Waterloo on Nov 12/10, the controversy has achieved several positive results.

Not only has it generated a storm of counter-criticism in mainstream media and blogs highlighting universities as being the front line in the battle to preserve free speech, it has – happily – dramatically boosted sales of Blatchford’s book.

Our friends at Doubleday Canada say that thanks to the Waterloo protest and the publicity it has generated they’ve had another surge of demand for the book which made it necessary to order a reprint of Helpless.

Comment by Mark Vandermaas

All who have supported our four-year long quest to expose and oppose racial policing in Caledonia owe an ironic, yet distasteful, debt of gratitude to the radicals and anarchists who have now helped to ensure that even more people will read Helpless and understand the despicable conduct of those whose lawlessness they supported, and the dangers these self-appointed censors pose to the Charter of Rights.

Sam Gualtieri - suffered permanent brain damage after being assaulted by native protesters Sept 13/07 during illegal occupation while in a home he was building for his daughter. Click image to read his family's tragic statement of claim in Superior Court.

Sam Gualtieri - suffered permanent brain damage after being assaulted by native protesters Sept 13/07 during illegal occupation while in a home he was building for his daughter. Click image to read his family's tragic statement of claim in Superior Court.

It should be no surprise that those who support and/or actively worked to enable the native extremists who terrorized Caledonia do not want the victims they helped create to have a voice, and then vilify those of us who have been willing to speak for them. As I noted in my presentation at the 2010 New Directions in Aboriginal Policy forum:

The words ‘heartless’ and ‘cruel’ seem inadequate to describe the irony of a situation wherein an organized group from one race of people terrorized others with racial slurs, fire, violence, vandalism, and property seizures and then tormented their victims with false accusations of being white supremacists.

As the son of parents who lived in Nazi-occupied Holland I am offended to the very core of my being by the blaming of innocent victims for racially-motivated crimes committed against them.

  • Mark Vandermaas presentation to 2010 New Directions in Aboriginal Policy forum, May 05/10: Listening to Victims: A Fresh Approach to Healing and Reconciliation [PDF, 21p, 8.5MB]

While they had the audacity to compare Blatchford to infamous Nazi Julius Streicher I have little doubt that if these so-called students found themselves at a German university in 1938 they would be the ones wearing the brown shirts and attacking Jewish professors in the name of the prevailing dogma of that day – not her.


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Mark Vandermaas, Editor

2 responses to “UofW pseudo-leftists create “surge” in HELPLESS sales publisher reports

  1. Finally people across the province and country are becomming aware that the OPP or the McGuinty Liberals failed to uphold the law. That failure to lead will will no doubt result in many more “Caledonias” across our country.

    Tim Hudak, you need the courage to stand up and confront our current government, hold their feet to the fire, and demand that the laws of our land are applied equally to all citizens.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for writing, George. Tim who? Seriously, Hudak was the first politician to defend Gary McHale’s right to protest in Caledonia in 2006 when everyone else was screaming that the sky would fall and the town would disappear in a nuclear cloud. That’s the good news.

    The bad news is that he’s been nearly invisible since, and the PC’s website (haven’t checked in a while, but Gary has) doesn’t even have a law and order platform on it.

    Don’t look for much leadership from the PCs unless Randy Hillier becomes leader.

    They’ve done some good stuff, especially since Helpless came out, but they still won’t confront McGuinty over the Ipperwash Inquiry fraud: https://voiceofcanada.wordpress.com/2010/11/16/peter-worthington-uses-ipperwash-papers-report-to-put-the-lie-to-mcguintys-use-of-ipperwash-inquiry-defence-re-caledonia-injustices/

    If we are to finally move on to finding solutions, this has to happen. Then, we need apologies from the Ont gov’t, OPP and 6N.

    Regards, Mark

  2. I’ve read Christie’s book – it should be required reading for not only people running for politics, but for all Canadians. I’ve had it up to here, having my feet held to the fire by indians who insist on playing the victim card.

    The pictures that accompany the book are compelling. The one of Gary bloodied up is extremely powerful and speaks volumes of the lawlessness with which these “aboriginals” get away.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for writing K. It’s interesting that you noticed that photo because we knew when we saw it the next day (I think?) after the protest on Dec 01/07 in the Spectator that it would one day become an icon.

    We realized the power of images in media from the civil rights movement early on. History was not changed because of court battles or blacks picking up weapons, it was changed by the images of peaceful black people being attacked with dogs and fire hoses, something I have written about in the past.

    If you watch the videos from that day, you will notice a remarkable thing: Not once did Gary ever raise an angry word or fist to defend himself despite being assaulted 3 separate times. I was the first to be assaulted, and when they threatened to ‘kick my ass’ I told them if that’s what they wanted to do, then go ahead in front of all those watching. When they pushed me into the ditch I didn’t resist or lash out. I asked the cop to arrest them, which he refused to do.

    You can find the videos and account of Dec 01/07 here…


    …and some photos here (including several of Jeff Parkinson laying unconscious on the ground after he got thrown to the ground):


    BTW, the undated photo of the natives giving the finger was taken Jan 20/07 by Gary McHale at our 2nd flag raising protest event at the property of Dave Brown/Dana Chatwell actually represents one of the proudest days for me in this struggle, and is a symbol of the success of our decision to follow Dr. King’s non-violent approach.

    We stood there silently for 40 mins with Canadian flags as they screamed every filthy obscenity in the book at us – until they got tired of our non-reaction and drifted away – defeated with silence in the face of their evil. A native man later wrote to me to say how ashamed he was.

    You can read about it here:

    https://voiceofcanada.wordpress.com/2007/03/04/shekon-mark-karonerorakwe-shares-thoughts-from-dce-with-voc/ (scroll way down to the 2nd ‘VoC REPLY’ heading)


    You might also like this post:

    We are in the embryonic stage of what I would call a revolution of truth. Our relationship with native people will be defined by truth, justice and mutual respect because we will no longer tolerate appeasement, lies and supremacist hatred.

    But, it is also important to remember that the relatively small number of thugs who terrorized us and Caledonia do NOT speak for all native people, a fact that we have repeatedly stressed. And…natives are victims of racial policing, too:


    http://caledoniavictimsproject.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/100505-mark-vandermaas-new-directions-forum-speech.pdf (8.5 MB, 21p, my presentation to 2010 New Directions in Aboriginal Policy forum at Mount Royal University)

    I guess I’ve burdened you with enough reading material for now!
    🙂 Thanks again for writing. Regards, Mark