Judge orders end to Brantford lawlessness and illegal fees by native protesters and Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI)

“On the evidence before me I find as a fact that a number of these protests have led to violence, threats and intimidation against workers, protestors wearing masks, barricades being built by the respondents at a work site. […]

“I find as a fact, on the evidence before me, that the economy of this small city is at risk.”

  • Superior Court Justice Harrison Arrell, Nov 18/10

Documents & Media coverage


  • VoiceofCanada, March 19/10: Some “historical context” about imaginary land claims and treaty rights (link to ‘Holmes Report’ stating Six Nations has no claims to land in Brantford + other court decisions re illegal occupations)
  • ONTARIO SUPERIOR COURT: 1536412 Ontario Ltd. v. HCCC, HDI, ruby & Floyd Montour, Hazel Hill
    (Cayuga occupation, May-June 2008; rebuke of OPP for abusing power & discretion in refusing to assist non-native occupation victim; natives subject to rule of law)   
  • ONTARIO SUPERIOR COURT: John Voortman & Associates v. HCCC, HMF 
    (Hagersville occupation, April 2009; natives subject to rule of law)
  • MANITOBA COURT OF APPEAL: R. v. Catagas, 1977 [PDF, 7p] (gov’t cannot exempt groups or races from Criminal Code; see also LINK for key excerpt & related)
  • CANACE Report: Legalized MYTHS of Illegal Occupations (May 2008) [PDF, 56p]

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

One response to “Judge orders end to Brantford lawlessness and illegal fees by native protesters and Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI)

  1. I see in these documents the court has made a point of exposing the faction responsible for the illegal occupations as being a radical element of UNELECTED activists. Activists who appear to be driven by fraudulent historical and legal revisionism and a radicalized lawless agenda which usurps authority of all kinds – even that of 6N.

    I wait in raptured anticipation for a deep public inquiry into Caledonia by a new government. I’m curious to see who they come up with as the external inflammatory element who went into the reserve to radicalize (organize&direct?) its fringe elements with revisionist history, race politics and lawless intimidation-extortion tactics. I wonder if any names we know will surface? What do you think Mark?

    VoC REPLY: Sorry Bill, I started working on a reply to this, but got distracted and forgot. I’m a little pressed for time, so all I can say right now is that I always believed that truth would rise to the surface. Even the loonie lefty anarchists, etc. must be seeing the writing on the wall by now. Orwell said, In a time of universal deceipt telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. Welcome to the revolution! Inquiry? The provincial PCs damn well better hold one if they’re elected, or we’ll hang this around their neck for the next 4 years. Regards, Mark