Gary McHale to CBC: Why conservatives cannot trust the CBC (“I guess the CBC needed a body in the morgue before the story could run.”)

Gary McHale addresses crowd of 2,000 at his inaugural March for Freedom, Caledonia Lions Park, Oct15/06

Gary McHale addresses crowd of 2,000 at his inaugural March for Freedom, Caledonia Lions Park, Oct15/06

UPDATED — Gary McHale has been working with a CBC reporter on a story about the growing dissension within conservative ranks with the candidacy, and now election, of Julian Fantino under the Conservative Party of Canada banner. 

The reporter and editor don’t want to run the story until a sitting CPC MP is willing to speak to the CBC off the record. Gary replied, “I believe you have plenty of evidence that shows there are serious problems within the Conservative Party” and the reporter agreed that Gary had provided him with “lots of material,” but that his editor thinks they are missing some information to “run a story on Fantino and the PC.”       

Gary then sent the following email to explain why the CBC’s bias – egregiously displayed in its Caledonia coverage even to this day – cannot be trusted with our key sources, including the names of Conservative MP/MPPs who may be unhappy with Fantino’s entry into the House:        

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Gary McHale to CBC: Why conservatives do not trust the CBC

 Dec 01/10 12:52 PM       

Part of the problem is conservatives do NOT trust the CBC and that includes me. All you have to do is review any story regarding Caledonia by the CBC in the past two years – I think there have been two stories. During Dave and Dana’s trial the National Post was doing two stories per day for 3 weeks, the Globe did a story a day. The CBC did zero stories and in fact, instead of speaking to Dave or Dana, CBC sent their camera crew out to interview Floyd and Ruby Montour (Native Protesters in Caledonia) – CBC believed the only newsworthy story was how Native Protesters were responding to the trial.        

With such a bias, why would I, or any conservative, trust our sources to the CBC? Why would I give you the names of MPs or MPPs that will speak when the CBC clearly has a bias?        

While virtually every national media has done stories on Christie Blatchford’s book the CBC has been silent. In fact, the CBC is now doing a 4-part documentary series on Natives in Canada – I doubt the CBC will do any documentary on the non-Natives in Caledonia. We wouldn’t want a documentary on the single biggest law and order issue in Canada in 15 years.        

In 2007, I had CBC in my home videotaping us for a few hours. I put two weeks into helping CBC get a story which was that Native Protesters were authorizing the killing of police and residents. I had to provide three clear examples of Natives giving the order to kill someone – CBC lawyers accepted the evidence and cleared the story – in fact, the story was cleared by CBC lawyers three times. Half an hour before the story was to air as a special report it was cancelled by higher-ups at CBC.   

Imagine if I was a native person and had real evidence that some white group was instructing their people to kill natives, do you think the CBC would pull the story? I even held a press conference in the Media Room at Queen’s Park about the issue which means an MPP had to sign out the media room.       

I have personally done over 500 media interviews in the past 4 years and with this experience it is hard for me to argue against PM Harper’s and the Conservative view that the media in Canada is culturally Liberal.        

BTW: It was CBC RDI that cancelled this great story – I guess CBC needed a body in the morgue before the story could run.        

If the people of Caledonia were black, native, Muslim or any other politically correct group then CBC would have teams of people covering the plight of the residents. However, because most people in Caledonia have white skin the CBC doesn’t have time for Caledonia.        

If the CBC wants to convince people, like me, that they do not have such a bias then it is time for the CBC to start reporting on the stories.        

As it stands, I and most conservatives do not trust CBC and why would we?        

Feel free to pass this on to your editor.        

Sorry to rumble on when you are just a reporter for the CBC but I thought you should know why conservatives will not speak to the CBC.        

Gary McHale
President of CANACE
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality       


VoC Comment       

Most people do not realize that the vast majority of our time during the past four years was invested (and still is) trying to educate ‘influencers’ – especially media – behind the scenes about Caledonia and to convince them to just tell the damn story, nor do they understand just how exhausting and frustrating and difficult it was/is to convince reporters, editors, publications to do so.  For four years our evidence mounted as we waited for a champion like Christie Blatchford to finally say – show me what you’ve got so I can tell this ‘sucker’ as she refers to Helpless in her introductory Author’s Notes. The quashed CBC documentary Gary refers to was the only other investigative work into Caledonia that involved us.       

Even Helpless, which documents some of our public protests and Gary’s legal fight against Fantino’s vendetta, does not go into any depth on our education efforts in the face of intransigent media  – and rightly so, because the book wasn’t about documenting us, it was about what happened in Caledonia (I expect we’ll get around to writing our own book eventually).       

And, please, be under no illusions that other media outlets were very much better, although some had flashes of brilliance – even the CBC. In early 2010 CBC News investigative reporter John Nicol met with Gary and me for 4 hours and conducted a number of telephone interviews before writing two great stories; one related to the charge of Influencing Municipal Official; the other about Fantino targeting Gary for what Christie Blatchford calls the ‘bizarre’ charge of Counselling Mischief Not Committed.       

Both stories were outstanding, and we were profoundly grateful for the vindication they provided, but Nicol made it crystal clear, however, that the ‘The 2 men‘ story angle would not be about Caledonia’s suffering, but about a couple of guys showing other Canadians that the system really would work if people just used it to hold people like Fantino accountable.       

Nicol was pleasantly surprised when readers’s reactions were overwhelmingly positive to the story, but the CBC has never done another on Caledonia, not even for what I believe is the most important Canadian historical books of all time that documents one of the greatest policing failures in Canadian history by someone who Blatchford calls “the prime minister’s new best friend”:       

 CBC ignored native victims of racial policing, too        

'NATIVES ARE VICTIMS OF TWO TIER JUSTICE, TOO!' sign held by CANACE co-founder Merlyn Kinrade, flanked by CANACE co-founder Jeff Parkinson (L) and longtime supporter Jim Anderson (R) just before Gary McHale & Jeff Parkinson were sent to hospital when native smokeshack supporter from Six Nations launched vicious assaults and swarming attack, Caledonia, Dec 01/07. Click image for full explanation.Gary asks the CBC reporter this question:       

If the people of Caledonia were black, native, Muslim or any other politically correct group then CBC would have teams of people covering the plight of the residents. However, because most people in Caledonia have white skin the CBC doesn’t have time for Caledonia.           

The fact is, there were native victims in Caledonia (and in Ipperwash). One of the most interesting observations I have made during the past few years is how the mainstream media (not to mention the wide-eyed Marxist, anarchist, radical student & unionist anti-capitalist crazies who have attacked Blatchford, McHale and me for daring to speak out about the non-native victims they helped create) refuses to acknowledge the fact that native people themselves have also been victimized by OPP racial policing, or the fact that we have spoken out on their behalf:        

The sign in the picture above was made by me and has been carried by me and others in various protests in and outside Caledonia (including at Fantino’s campaign HQ), but not one media outlet – native or non – has ever published a photo of it. Click on it to read the explanation.       

I made a point of discussing native victims at length with John Nicol, so the CBC was made aware of it. Why then, didn’t they follow it up? I formed a very positive impression of John Nicol so I can’t believe he didn’t raise the isse with his editors.       

If someone from the CBC wants to explain why they don’t care about native victims of racial policing any more than they care about the white ones, I’ll gladly publish their response. In the meantime, perhaps someone at the top of our public broadcaster might wish to listen to my speech and Gary McHale’s at our Oct 08/07 ‘Remember Us’ March in Caledonia, then watch their own documentary on Residential Schools, ‘A New Future’:       

In any event, Conservatives and the victims of native extremism and racial policing do not, and should not, trust the CBC – until they earn it.        

As Gary McHale says, “Why would we?”   

NOTE: Gary McHale can be reached at 289.286.0423, . His ‘Caledonia CV’ can be found here.   


  •, Dec 04/10: CBC feature March 13 1955 ‘A New Future’
    For 10 months a year, these native children — some taken from their homes — start each day with a religious service before heading to classes. A CBC Television crew visits the school to salute Education Week — and here, the education is all about how to integrate into mainstream Canadian society.”
  • Toronto Sun, Nov 20/10: Secretive CBC lacking accountability 

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

5 responses to “Gary McHale to CBC: Why conservatives cannot trust the CBC (“I guess the CBC needed a body in the morgue before the story could run.”)

  1. Bill McIntyre

    I can tell you from personal experience that the CBC cannot be trusted or relied on to cover anything that might reflect poorly on the Liberals or NDP (especially the NDP lefties) in this country. The CBC cowtows to any cause remotely connected to the environment, they will hop on any lefty bandwagon no matter how small and promote any cause no matter how obscure as long as it supports their socialist agenda.

    I fought them in Kirkland Lake over the Toronto garbage issue where they were giving radical activists tips on how to deal with media and in New Brunswick on environmental projects they did not like. In Kirkland Lake we had to threaten them with legal action to get any kind of story on the benefits of landfilling out of them.

    My advice to Gary McHale and others is to avoid the CBC like the plague. Their audience is too small to matter and their credibility levels are so low the CBC is irrelevent. Stay away from them.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Bill. Good to hear from you. I have to say that we’ve met some good reporters from CBC. I am quite sure John Nicol and other reporters would have loved to dig deep into Caledonia if the resources and greenlight were given. Perhaps, it will happen. I think you can tell from this article that we’ve pretty much given up on the possibility. Hope things are well with you. Mark

  2. You can blame the CBC for a lot of things but not for speaking out against the Conservatives. CBC is so Liberal minded that they would print almost anything against the Conservatives, but not without proof. Allegations and insinuations against the Conservatives do not constitute proof. Show the proof or shut up.

    VoC REPLY: I think I provided more than enough proof in the story to support my claim that the CBC is biased against covering Caledonia. I assumed, apparently wrongly, that everybody knew that the racial policing that took place there was carried out with the full knowledge and approval of a provincial LIBERAL government.

    Before I ‘shut up,’ I’ll explain – for your benefit – that Ontario is currently governed by the LIBERAL Party NOT the Conservative Party and has been so governed since the Caledonia crisis began in 2006. The failure by the CBC to conduct any investigative journalism (other that that acknowledged in the story) occured, therefore, under a LIBERAL government.

    Now that Stephen Harper has embraced one of the key enforcers of race-based policing in Caledonia and hung the issue like a target around his neck, it will be interesting to see if the CBC (and the rest of the liberal media) finally do cover the story from an investigative POV. We shall see.

    The other key point in the story – before I shut up – is about the CBC’s bias against the victims who happen to have white skin. I thought that was pretty clear from the EVIDENCE I provided. (Of course, you didn’t look at any of it, did you?)

    And finally, before I shut up for good, I had a long term, well connnected conservative insider source refuse to give me names of MPs for the CBC story because, according to him, he and other conservatives 100% do not trust the CBC. Maybe he’s wrong, but I don’t blame him for thinking that. And no, I’m not publishing his email, the story has more than enough evidence to support its premise.

    Now…I’ll shut up. Mark

    P.S. You went out of your way to insult me – as a ‘knucklehead’ – with your last silly comment, too. This time you’re telling me to produce proof or ‘shut up.’ Curiously though, I’m still waiting for YOUR proof that the Charter of Rights was in the British North America Act, and that the Constitution wasn’t repatriated by Trudeau. Readers can check out this post to see our whole exchange, but here were my final paras in my ‘knuckleheaded’ reply:

    “If I’m wrong, show me the reference to show who did patriate it, and/or who was responsible for creating and enshrining the Charter in it, and the document showing the current Charter as part of the BNA prior to 1982. While what you say may be factually correct, and if you provide me a reference link instead of more insults, I can educate myself and correct it. If you do, I’ll even acknowledge your input – insults notwithstanding.”

    Your wasting of my time, my readers’ time and valuable electrons with your silliness is done. No more comments for you!


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  4. You are correct about Fantino’s smelly baggage becoming a target for the opposition and their media patrons. It’s started already. Recently I saw a shot at big Julie taken by the G&M and Bourque linked to it with a linking headline that went something like ” Fantino embarrasses Harper, shows Caledonia temper”.

    A sign of what seems to be coming. Big Julie is hardly a media darling for refusing and dodging interviews and candidate forms during the byelection. Now the liberal media jackals will feast on Hapless Harper’s new albatross.

    VoC REPLY: Oh, if ONLY someone could have warned Harper!!! Oh, if only they could have known! 😉 Thanks for writing, Wild Bill. Mark

    P.S. Couldn’t find that Bourque article, send link if you have it to Want to put it in my latest article:

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