Dear Justin Trudeau: About Julian Fantino and the application of his Hitler Theory in Caledonia…

Conservatives Against Fantino brochure: 'Caledonia: Fantino's Legacy of Lawlessness & Racist Policing Policies' CLICK TO READ

Dear Santa Claus: You come at me with all these allegations and I’m going to come right back at you. I call it the Hitler Theory, in that it’s my theory that you are worse than Hitler. Yours in dismay, Master Julian Fantino

P.S. I made the dog lick all three of the cookies I left for you.”

Dear Justin Trudeau… 

Justin Trudeau, Member of Parliament
Liberal Party of Canada

Re: Julian Fantino and the application of his ‘Hitler Theory’ in Caledonia

Dear Mr. Trudeau:

Firstly, thank you so very much for your video statement during the recent campaign pointing out the utter lack of respect Julian Fantino has expressed for the Charter of Rights. Your words were historic in that it was the first time a Member of Parliament has challenged Fantino on his stated beliefs on the topic. Thanks also to the Liberal Party for holding the government accountable for its newly-found support for Julian Fantino in light of Diane Finley’s signature on the anti-Fantino petition. As a long time Conservative Party supporter (member of Reform under Manning) I can’t begin to tell you how mixed are my emotions to watch Liberals begin to hold the supposed ‘law & order’ party accountable for failing the Charter and Caledonia:

‘The Hitler Theory in Practice: Caledonia’s Nightmare of Fear and Anarchy’:

Fantino is quoted in a recent Globe & Mail article as saying this about your criticism:

“I mean these are serious, serious issues and I found it quite distressing really that Justin Trudeau would be trotted out to misrepresent what I said and take it out of context. It was an Academy Award performance.”

And this about you and your party’s conduct during the campaign:

“I think they [the Liberals] intended to hurt my campaign. The things they said…a lot of them were absolute lies. They keep repeating [them]. I call it the Hitler Theory. You tell a lie often enough you hope that some people will believe it.”

For once I agree completely with Julian Fantino: these are, indeed, serious issues, and Canada’s politicians and journalists need to take the time to understand them. To that end, I would highly recommend that your researchers carefully review the statement of claim for defamation below that Gary McHale and I filed against Julian Fantino with respect to the persistent lies he used to target McHale for arrest and smear us as racist inciters of violence for daring to oppose his force’s assault on the Charter rights of an entire class of citizens in Haldimand County (all under the two blind eyes of the Harper government).

The evidence (some of it)…

The first document listed below contains a complete history of Fantino’s campaign against us, some of which is referenced in Christie Blatchford’s Helpless. I would be pleased to provide you with copies of the many references cited in the statement of claim document which were provided to the Court:

(Interestingly, Fantino’s lawyer recently stood up in court during a hearing into a motion to dismiss our suit because we are abusing the courts, etc. (tough argument to support since we’ve won 4 cases in Superior Court and 1 in the Court of Appeal)  to explain his client has no evidence that we have used or advocated violence during our opposition to OPP policies during the past 4 years. Read the statement of claim above, and share our surprise at that sudden revelation!)

Fantino’s actions in Caledonia, whether it was ordering his officers not to protect non-native victims from native extremists, or abusing his position to target non-native activists with the most vile of lies and orders to arrest, prove that you most certainly did not take the anti-Charter statements expressed in his book out of context. In fact, his actions in Caledonia were completely consistent with his self-confessed distaste for the Charter. Moreover, they dramatize the necessity of passing legislation making it a federal crime to systemically subvert the provisions of your father’s remarkable contribution to Canadian jurisprudence as was done to innocents in Caledonia (and Ipperwash before it).

As for all the “absolute lies” Fantino claims were told and repeated about him during the campaign, I would dearly love to have him, you, Gary McHale, me and Christie Blatchford in the same room with media recording the event so he could ‘expose’ all these so-called ‘lies’ one-by-one, preferably  starting with the allegations made in our ‘Conservatives Against Fantino’ brochure

He wouldn’t dare, of course, because he himself is a cowardly, lying bully and, when push comes to shove, cowards, liars and bullies don’t like getting caught with their pants down around their ankles for all to see.

Please do feel free to contact me (or Gary McHale) any time if we may be of assistance in shedding additional light on the ‘Hitler Theory’ as practiced by Fantino in Caledonia. Gary can be reached:, 289.286.0423.


Mark Vandermaas
Co-founder, Conservatives Against Fantino
Founder, Caledonia Victims Project

VoC Note

In my letter I forgot to thank Mr. Trudeau and the Liberals for their most recent attempt to hold the Harper government accountable for it’s decision to embrace Julian Fantino. In this CPAC recording – between 14:45 – 16:47 – Irwin Cotler takes on Harper’s Minister of Justice/Attorney General Rob Nicholson, asking whether or not he agrees with Fantino’s ‘deeply flawed’ views of the Charter of Rights:

It would appear that the Liberals may be implementing the wise strategy suggested by ‘Publius’ in his Western Standard column:

VoC Comment

The cruel, yet somehow delicious irony inherent in accusations by Stephen Harper’s “new best friend” that Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada were operating under “the Hitler Theory” when they attacked his campaign with “absolute lies” made possible any number of titles for this article:

  • ‘Welcome to our world, Justin!’
  • ‘Why Hitler propaganda theorists shouldn’t throw stones from inside their glass houses’
  • ‘Fantino redefines ‘chutzpah’‘ (“that quality enshrined in a man who, having killed his mother and father, throws himself on the mercy of the court because he is an orphan.” Leo Rosten)
  • ‘New Fantino Book! ‘The Hitler Theory in Practice: Caledonia’s Nightmare of Fear and Anarchy” (This one was too good not to use in my letter) 

After considering these titles, and more, I unashamedly decided to go with the one that included the most search-engine-friendly key words. Other writers have my blessing to make the most of the unused titles.

‘Rantino’ goes viral?

I was informed that a Twitter tag has been set up to follow ‘Rantino.’ You can find VoC’s post listed, along with one by a Carie Liddy who was the first to Tweet a link to the defamation claim cited above (thanks!).

The tag is ‘#rantino’ and related posts can be found here:!/search?q=%23rantino

Free strategy for the Liberals…let’s hope they’re smart enough to keep using it

Best post ever in the aftermath of Fantino’s squeaker victory by one savvy, but anonymous pol-sci guy:



Mark Vandermaas
Editor, VoiceofCanada
Co-founder, Conservatives Against Fantino
Founder, Caledonia Victims Project

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  1. Truthguy - Mu'r Shieldcrusher

    The picture of Harper and Fantino is certainly the cause of lots of people having to ‘puke’. What a sickening duo. When the truth is finally outed to the rest of Canada, this shall be the end of this waivering ‘political PC party’. Obviously the people of Vaughn don’t believe in the ‘nimby’ theory; they shall awaken one fine day when they realize that, they too do not want Fantino in their back yard. Sadly it takes a longer time for all the past misdeeds of Fantino to be recognized by many; but that day is down the road a piece.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for writing TG. I believe the correct Queen’s English term would be ‘vomit,’ however, the vernacular ‘puke’ does quite admirably, I must say. ‘Retch,’ ‘barf,’ ‘hurl,’ or the ‘woofing of one’s cookies’ would all be appropriate synonyms. Mark

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