Blogger Blazing Cat Fur opens ‘dirty Zionist Garage’ in Toronto

Blazing Cat Fur's Zionist GarageUPDATED — A rather maniacal-sounding, semi-literate Islamist took a decided dislike to well-known (and most irreverant) anti-Islamic extremist investigative blogger Blazing Cat Fur, and threatened him – with some racial slurs thrown in for good measure:

“I dare you to tell me when and where and I will show up with my husband and you will see what happens…It will be your grave if you don’t comply Zionist pig.”

She also warns – with a critical typo that takes all the wind out of her threat: 

“Even if it takes every penny I have or I have to sell my skin[!] I will get you. You will know what suffering means you dirty Zionist garage.”

Only the very top of the photo of BCF’s Toronto-based Zionist Garage appears for me, but I was able to download it. Check out his post to read the nut’s complete rant and see a larger picture of the ‘dirty Zionist Garage.’:


The issuer of the original threats against Blazing Cat Fur has now decreed a’fatwa’ calling for the killing of him and his family and, as usual, Cat Fur took it all in stride:

“…I declare a Fatwa on you and your loved ones. That means we can strike anytime, any place and their blood will be your issue. I told you the consequences will be dire and they will. I suspect you will see the first of it this week.” ‘Afarin Maleki-Raei’

DISCLAIMER: The cartoon above is obviously a work of satire in response to threats and anti-Zionist slurs. VoiceofCanada holds no ill will towards Muslims or Arabs generally, however I do hold considerable ill will towards semi-literate Islamic extremists who threaten to sell their skin(!) to kill other people’s families. 

Mark Vandermaas, Editor


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