Western Standard on Fantino cabinet post and media’s ‘Caledonia Conspiracy’

Fantino-HarperThe (very conservative) Western Standard recently published a brilliant commentary on Prime Minister Harper’s appointment of former OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino to the cabinet post of Minister for State for Seniors, and the author’s belief that Canadian media are part of a ‘Caledonia Conspiracy’ to keep Canadians in the dark about aboriginal-related issues…

Western Standard, Jan 10/11
Julian Fantino: The Minister for Caledonia

[…] Perhaps the greatest scandal of the Caledonia Crisis is not the hypocrisy of our political class (which is to be expected), or the failure of will on the part of the upper branches of the OPP, but the media’s dereliction of duty.


Perhaps Stephen Harper will succeed in winning his majority. If he does, it will be due to the ignorance of the Canadian people. Our corps of investigative journalists, always ready to chase down a crooked used car dealer, seem completely uninterested in how a top level police officer, now a minister of state, failed to do his job.

Omissions of this kind are never accidental. Instead of outraged editorials about Fantino’s Caledonia record, we are treated to semi-coherent ramblings about how the new minister is unlikely to mandate ground floor washrooms in new homes. Had the current Canadian MSM been around in the spring of 1940, they would have been filling detailed stories on how the Blitzkrieg was adversely impacting the wildlife of northwestern Europe, with a small line item about the fall of Paris.

Had the people of Vaughan been fully aware of Julian Fantino’s conduct as OPP Commissioner, it’s almost certain he would have remained a private citizen. The journalists of another era would have shown their readers the extent of the Caledonia tragedy. The people of Vaughan have remained in ignorance and so Fantino now sits in Cabinet, a useful political prop for the ambitions of an opportunistic Prime Minister.

There is a Caledonia Conspiracy. It is not a conspiracy of business suited men in back rooms, which would long ago have been exposed. It is an example of the most powerful type of conspiracy, that of ideas. Just as the OPP’s two-tier policing was a product of reverse-racism, so too has been the two-tier reporting of Caledonia.

There have been honourable exceptions to this silence. But far too few. If Canada’s journalists are unwilling to find and fight for the truth, even at the expense of questioning their own politically correct assumptions, Douglas Creek Estates will be only the beginning. There will be many more Caledonias, and many more Julian Fantinos. 



1. This article by Heather Mallick of the Toronto Star is a perfect example of the unwillingness of some journalists to acknowledge Fantino’s outrageous history in Caledonia – even during a scathing critique of his suitability as a representative for Canadian seniors:

Read the entire article…

VoC Comment

1. I left the following comment on the Western Standard:

Thanks for this, Publius. The ‘Caledonia Conspiracy’ of media continues to this day. Where, in the wake of Blatchford’s Helpless, are the journalists asking the obvious questions about how it was all allowed to happen; what legal justification did the feds/province/OPP have for their (illegal) ‘peacekeeping’ mission; how do we stop it from happening again; when will the gov’t, 6N and OPP apologize; why did the Ipperwash Inquiry not study violence against innocent third parties, etc.???

I see no signs that even one journalist in Canada other than bloggers are even interested in the answers to these questions. For those who are, may I suggest this page on our HelplessByBlatchford site. Some of the issues related to Caledonia may shock you:

Preventing Future ‘Crimes Against Democracy’

Mark Vandermaas
Founder, Caledonia Victims Project

2. The appointment of Fantino to a junior cabinet post far away from any law and order file is by far the smartest thing Harper has done since reeling in his prize trophy fish and discovering it wasn’t a valuable, tasty tuna, but a nasty shark with a history of biting innocent people. Now that King Julian’s in the boat, though, they can’t throw him back, but what to do with him? Simple – put him where he can’t bite anyone else with his twisted views on ‘law and order’ and the Charter of Rights. If he stays out of the spotlight (i.e. by not targeting seniors who criticize him with vitriolic comparisons to Nazis and the Holocaust) he might squeak by in the next election and, if he’s defeated, the loss won’t do much damage to Harper’s reputation.

Either way, Fantino has to be the most unhappy new cabinet minister in Canadian history (he sure looked that way while waiting to be sworn in). One can only speculate on what he was promised by Harper when the CPC sold its soul to court him, but you can be sure it wasn’t some junior post looking after seniors.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

2 responses to “Western Standard on Fantino cabinet post and media’s ‘Caledonia Conspiracy’

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  2. Mark this is about the first time I’ve seen the word “conspiracy” used in relation to the Caledonia occupation – but it does fit.

    Only a high level conspiracy between police, government and media could keep a pall of silence over such a horrendous breech of the rule of law. A crime of constitutional proportion committed by 2 levels of government and the administrations they control. The level of media toadyism on this affair is stark and shocking. The level of political denial and damage control is stupefying. (It goes so far as to ignore, dismiss or demonize the only journalist who investigated the facts of the conspiracy, Blatchford)

    Like all historic political conspiracies this one lays right in the open for all to see. And like all conspiracies damaging to the status quo, knowledge of the conspiracy is officially suppressed and those who tell the tale are branded as conspiracy “nuts”.

    Only in Kanada could the main conspirators in a coup to undermine the equitable rule of law be payed off in political benefits – without a whimper from our myopic media.