McHale, Vandermaas stmt re confronting Danish thought crime prosecutions featured on websites of International Free Press Society

Birmingham, May04/63_dogsI am pleased to report that our (Gary McHale & Mark Vandermaas) joint statement of support – a call for non-violent direct action in defence of free speech in Denmark – for Lars Hedegaard re his prosecution by Danish authorities for insulting Muslims has now been posted alongside statements from free speech advocates such as Geert Wilders, Salim Mansur, Mark Steyn, Melanie Phillips and Michael Coren (to name a few) on the websites of both the Canadian chapter of the International Free Press Society and its international umbrella IFPS organization which is based in Denmark.
We have been informed that efforts are being made to have our statement translated into Danish. 
Dr. King’s ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail’ vs. Denmark’s thought crime prosecutions: a blueprint for victory over appeasement of Islamic extremism:

1. Other IFPS ‘featured’ statements of support for Lars Hedegaard include:

2. IFPS-Canada, Jan 19/10: Massive international support for Lars Hedegaard

  • Geert Wilders: ‘A courageous voice in defense of liberty’
  •  Ibn Warraq: ‘Lars Hedegaard has never revealed any trace of racism’
  • Lord Pearson of Rannoch: ‘Misguided and cowardly political prosecution’
  • Wafa Sultan: ‘He only tells the truth’
  • Daniel Pipes, PhD: ‘Hate speech laws corrode the values they purport to defend’
  • Bat Ye’or: ‘We should all support Lars Hedegaard’
  • Salim Mansur, PhD: ‘The downward slide of a great civilization’
  • Rachel Ehrenfeld, PhD: ‘Cave-in to a global propaganda offensive’
  • Michael Coren: ‘Time to stand up for genuine diversity’
  • Gegorious Nekschot: ‘Heading for dictatorship’
  • Diana West (VP IFPS International): ‘Targeted for courage and principle’
  • Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi: ‘Being “nice” will not save you’
  • Roy Brown (IHEU rep to UN Human Rights Council): ‘Prosecution is criminal folly’
  • Ann Fishman (Attorney, USA): ‘The ABC of the Hedegaard case’
  • Kathleen Manning (Cultural Anthropologist): ‘We need a wake-up call’
  • Phyllis Chesler, PhD: ‘Back to the Middle Ages’
  • Andrew Bostom (Author): ‘Complete capitulation to Sharia law’
  • Melanie Phillips (Journalist, UK): ‘Europe’s freedom at stake’
  • Henryk Broder (Journalist, Germany): ‘Something rotten in Denmark’
  • Daniel Huff (Director, Legal Project at the Middle East forum): ‘Punishing legitimate discourse’
  • Alyssa Lappen (Journalist, USA): ‘Absurd law’

Inspiring advocates for free speech

  • IFPS-Canada, Nov 04/10: Akaash Maharaj: The Rights of Vulgar Little Cowards (“…end the role of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal as our country’s national censor.”
  • IFPS-Canada, Nov 29/10: Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff: IFPS Copenhagen Speech (re EU’s shocking attempts to suppress free speech vs. Sharia law)
  • IFPS-Canada, Jan 25/11: Awaiting the Verdict (English translation of Lars Hedegaard’s statement to Danish Court of Frederiksberg, Jan 24/11 )
    My counsel has instructed me that in cases brought under Article 266b, the only thing that determines whether one is convicted or not is a matter of the perceived insult whereas one is barred from proving the truth of the statement. […]When it comes to Article 266b, there is no equality before the law. I am daily insulted and degraded by something I read or hear and I am sure that most people have the same experience.For example, I am not only insulted and degraded and threatened, but shaken to the core of my being when I hear a well known Danish imam state that, of course, sharia law — Muslim law — will be instituted as Denmark’s official legal regime when there are a sufficient number of Muslims. I strongly urge our country’s jurists to get acquainted with the implications of the sharia, not only for Muslims but equally for non-Muslims, who — if they are lucky — will be reduced to a life as subhuman outlaws. And if one cannot be bothered with tedious dissertations, one may take a look at the legal order pertaining in areas where the sharia holds sway either de jure or de facto. One will then encounter a legal order the like of which we have not known since the passing of the Law of Jutland in 1241 and probably not before.  But the imam wants this disorder introduced in the country where I was born. And I must admit that I am troubled. I am also troubled when said imam defends the killing of Muslims who have left Islam and when he confirms that women and men guilty of fornication must be pelt with stones until they are dead. He thinks that is God’s commandment, which he cannot ignore.Should I go to the police and tell them how threatened, insulted and degraded I feel? I wouldn’t dream of it for I support free speech. And if free speech has any real meaning, it must also — and in particular — protect statements people do not want to hear. Regardless of how revolting such statements may be.

    Besides it would be futile to report the imam and those similarly disposed to the police for the public prosecutor would never indict them. Otherwise it would have happened long ago.

    As jurisprudence shows, not only in Denmark but in all European countries with similar insult articles in their penal code, these insult articles open the gates to inequality before the law. There are insulted who enjoy the tender graces of the public prosecutor, and there are the less favoured who must endure insults directed at them.


    In conclusion permit me to mention the true victims in this case. The public prosecutor has not considered the 20,000 women in the Muslim world who every year fall victim to so-called honour killings, or the 50,000 Muslim girls in Germany who the federal police consider threatened with genital mutilation, nor the hundreds of thousands of little girls in Muslim majority societies who have been sold into marriage with much older men and who must therefore live a life of constant rape, while Islamic scholars preach that this is in complete accordance with religious orthodoxy.

    I hope that the judge as opposed to the public prosecutor will consider the fate of these unfortunate human beings. Likewise I hope that the judge will realise the absurdity of prosecuting me for statements made within the confines of my own four walls. For ten months the prosecutor has been aware of the conditions under which I spoke. That has not affected him in the slightest. I hope it will affect the judge.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

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