Freedom Party of Ontario anti-racist ads suppressed?, Jan 30/11: International Free Press Society sounds alarm about suppression of Freedom Party's anti-racism adsAs reported here on VoiceofCanada the Freedom Party of Ontario recently released video ads supporting one of the planks in its election platform calling for an end to race-based education such as the Toronto School Board’s ‘Africentric’ school for Blacks only.

Those ads were pulled from YouTube after a complaint from CTV shortly after McKeever appeared on CFRB 1010.

The International Free Press Society’s Canadian Chapter (IFPS-Canada) has the complete story, and Paul McKeever, leader of the party has posted his thoughts online:

VoC Comment

1. Alas, we know only too well how key information, hard news and opinion is suppressed. The McGuinty government intimidated CHTV after interviewing Gary McHale. A completed CBC documentary based on OPP/occuper radio traffic proving the occupiers authorized the shooting of civilians and police was pulled shortly before our FantinoGate news conference in the Queen’s Park Media Studio. Other than this one, suppressed attempt there was no other investigative reporting done in Caledonia until Christie Blatchford arrived on the scene.

Never mind the ‘liberal media’ – some so-called ‘conservative’ journalists refused (and still do so) to have McHale on to discuss the important issues of Caledonia. One of them told me Fantino was a friend of his (this was after Blatchford’s Helpless was published)!

2. FPO Leader Paul McKeever recently sent me links to a 2006 letter he wrote on the Caledonia crisis published in the Toronto Star, and a subsequent interview with John Oakley on CFRB:

  • Toronto Star, Aug 31/06: Tory stance on Caledonia crisis is ‘hypocritical’ [REPRINT]
  • CFRB 1010, Sept 01/06: FPO Leader Paul McKeever re Caledonia [14:27, AUDIO] (McKeever is on during 1st 7 mins discussing the legal support for a Premier’s right to direct policing submitted to the Ipperwash Inquiry, then Marissa Nelson of Hamilton Spectator re fees paid to Caledonia ‘negotiators.’ Jane Stewart’s contract = $1,300/day w/max $300K for 11mos + $30K for expenses)

Note: McKeever studied law at University of Western Ontario.

3. I’m not shilling for the FPO here – my goal is to end race-based policing and I’ll work with anyone who believes in the concept of equality before the law in order to accomplish it –  but I ran across a video of Robert Vaughan (former Canadian Alliance candidate/host of Just Right radio show) speaking at their ‘Breaking With Tradition Dinner’ meeting in which Vaughan explains why there is no true conservative party in Canada. It’s worth a listen: 

Robert Vaughan and FPO President Bob Metz are the host of the ‘Just Right’ radio show on CHRW at University of Western Ontario which invited Gary McHale and me on just before Christmas to discuss Caledonia for nearly a full hour.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

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