Kudos to London Free Press for Worthington’s ‘Truth and Consequences’ feature page re Caledonia, Islamic appeasement

Palestinian flag (red, white, black & green) flies on Douglas Creek Estates occupation site in Caledonia underneath Mohawk Warriors flag (red & yellow)The London Free Press today published a remarkable, full-page feature to highlight Peter Worthington’s ‘Truth and its Consequences’ column which connected the dots between the intimidation of victims in Caledonia, the persecution of Islam critics in Europe and our application of Dr. King’s teachings to confront extremists and their enablers.

London Free Press, page B3 (full page): ‘Truth and Consequences’

The hard copy of the LFP page – which has not been published online – has Worthington’s column in a box on the left side beside a large close-up image of a woman wearing a burka. Underneath, across the full width of the page, is a large photo of the occupation site in Caledonia, and below that is a smaller photo showing a riot in Pakistan.

The  title is ‘Truth and Consequences,’ and the tagline reads:

‘PROTESTS: Around the world are people under pressure to watch what they say or face incarceration’

The giant photo of the burka woman contains a quote from Denmark’s Lars Hedegaard:

“Hundreds of thousands of little girls in Muslim majority societies have been sold into marriage with much older men…” Historian Lars Hedegaard

My letter to the Editor of the London Free Press

I submitted the following letter to the editor of the LFP for their consideration. I have not yet been advised if it will be published.

Re: Worthington’s ‘Truth and Consequences,’ Feb 14/11

I am profoundly grateful to Peter Worthington and to the London Free Press – and other media in Canada, Europe and Israel – for running this column, and especially for devoting an entire feature page to it for two reasons:

1. There can be no healing without truth and justice, and Caledonia has seen precious little of either. For too long those who supported and enabled the terrible things done in Caledonia have tried to paint those of us who spoke out as racists and white supremacists for talking about the innocent victims (which included native as well as non-native) all the while, ironically, ridiculing us for quoting Dr. King and applying his teachings – as though people with white skin were not permitted to use King’s non-violent methods or his great words to confront oppressors whose skin were not white. Thanks to Worthington this outrageous deception is now finished.

060812 Ali Mallah w-Warrior flag Toronto2. The overlap between Islamic extremism and Caledonia is far greater than mere comparisons of the persecution of people who speak out against injustice. The Palestinian flag once flew on the occupation site in Caledonia along with that of the Mohawk Warrior crime organization. The VP of the Canadian Arab Federation (which once petitioned the Canadian government to remove Hezbollah and Hamas from the terrror watch list) was photographed speaking at an anti-Israel protest flanked by the Warrior flag. Radical anti-capitalists, including anarchists, anti-Israel groups, and Tamil Tiger supporters have been variously active in supporting the violence and intimidation of innocents in Caledonia and Brantford since May 2006.

Readers who wish to understand more about these connections can refer to section 3 on the ‘post-Helpless Reading List‘ feature page at our HelplessByBlatchford.ca project website. I also welcome all Londoners who wish to join us at our first ‘Truth and Reconciliation’ Rally in Caledonia on Feb. 27th. Details available at CaledoniaVictimsProject.ca.

Mark Vandermaas
Founder, Caledonia Victims Project
Co-founder, HelplessByBlatchford project

‘Truth and Consequences’ goes international

Outlets in Europe and Israel have reprinted or linked to Worthington’s article, as has the Brantford Expositor which serves the Six Nations market.


Mark Vandermaas, Editor

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