JOINT NEWS RELEASE: McGuinty targets non-natives for arrest

Joint Press Release by CANACE and Caledonia Victims Project – Feb 25, 2011

 McGuinty Targets McHale’s Group for Arrest [PDF]

090712 THE END OF THE BEGINNING! Final flag victory CaledoniaIn a recent meeting with the OPP regarding the Truth and Reconciliation Rally this Sunday in Caledonia at 1 pm outside the Caledonia Lion’s Hall, Gary McHale was informed that the OPP have received instructions to arrest any member of McHale’s group who walks onto DCE. This is at the request of the property owner which is Dalton McGuinty.

The Ontario Government wrote a letter to Supt. Cain yesterday to instruct him to enforce the law. However, the letter also instructed the OPP that the Native Occupiers and their associates were permitted to use DCE.

While Christie Blatchford’s book provides a mountain of evidence to show how the OPP were wilfully targeting Gary McHale for arrest it is not until now that the OPP has admitted that the Government has also instructed the OPP to target McHale’s Group.

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Mark Vandermaas, Editor

3 responses to “JOINT NEWS RELEASE: McGuinty targets non-natives for arrest

  1. Miss Susan M Kettle

    Dear Folks, Having read the book [HELPLESS] last week and done some chasing up on the two situations in Ontario it is unbelievable that there has finally been a confession that the Government/police and security within Ontario is actually out to get Mr. McHale and those who stand up for law and order.

    As you say, this land belongs to Mr. McGuity, or do you mean Ontario – (i.e. The Government)surely he doesn’t actually own it as a private individual. Or, if that is the case, and he owns the land, then surely he has the right to decide who can and cannot go onto the site = including the Indians in spite of the horrendously anti-social, lawbreaking behaviour.

    The book said little about the sale of the land in the 19th C., so it would be interesting to know exactly who bought it then and whether it has changed hands since then. Nevertheless, surely the OPP and McGuinty and his cohorts are indeed breaking the law over the last six years.

    Yours (Miss Susan M Kettle) p.s., if you have an e maiul address for McGuinty or for the Canadian Premir I would be interested to have them.

    VoC: Hi Susan,

    1. The land is owned by Ontario Realty Corp. which is a provincial gov’t agency. The gov’t is not allowed to discriminate based on race, but it can bar people it doesn’t want on the property – they just happen to be all non-natives except for those the native occupiers want there.

    2. the issue of land ownership was settled long ago. Check out the documents in the ‘Property Rights & Vexatious Land Claims’ section here:

    3. You can see info for the Premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty here:

    Thanks for writing, got to run. 🙂 Mark

  2. What is the current legal status of DCE? Is it crown land, which any Canadian should be able to use, unless it is closed by MNR for any kind of hazard, such as fire, environmental etc?

    VoC: It’s owned by the provincial government by the Ontario Realty Corp. which has the right to exclude anyone from it, apparently, they would have you believe, based on the race you happen to be.

    The land claim is completely bogus. Check out the ‘Property Rights & Vexatious Land Claims’ section on our ‘post-Helpless Reading List’:

    Thanks for writing, Aaron. Mark

  3. I’m really getting frustrated by this crap.

    VoC: Don’t be frustrated – the OPP is putting its racist policing on dispay for all to see which helps get us closer to a solution. Mark