Truth & Reconciliation Rally, Caledonia – Feb 27/11 (UPDATE)

IFPS-Canada VP Mary Lou Amgrogio speaks about free speech, and announces that her organization is co-sponsoring 'Caledonia: No More Nightmares' in Ottawa, March 22/11. Click image to play video (5:13)

IFPS-Canada VP Mary Lou Amgrogio speaks about free speech, and announces that her organization is co-sponsoring ‘Caledonia: No More Nightmares’ in Ottawa, March 22/11. Click image to play video (5:13)


UPDATED March 07/11 — after returning home yesterday from Sunday’s tumultuous Truth and Reconciliation Rally on Feb 27/11, and our unsuccessful attempt to place a symbolic Healing & Reconciliation Apology monument on the road allowance near the entrance to the occupation site in Caledonia, I forwarded some initial thoughts and references to Natasha at who has been kind enough to not only cover this story, but also share my speech notes with her readers since I have not had time to do so.

'6N' (SIX NATIONS) APOLOGY - Truth & Reconciliation monument I apologize to other bloggers like Celestial Junk, Gods of the Copybook Headings, Blazing Cat Fur who have covered the Caledonia story for not being included, but I was completely overwhelmed with the preparations for the event, and had only intended to leave a short comment to some of Natasha’s stories which led to a very hurried idea to just send copies of my speech notes & photos of the monument I had just taken to her. Your exclusion was not intentional, and I promise to try to do better.  Thanks also to Xanthippa for coverage of Caledonia and our March 22nd presentation in Ottawa. 🙂

Natasha’s story based on my rally notes has sparked a great debate in which Dan Kellar (yes, that one) weighed in to help all of us understand that the anarchist/anti-capitalist support for the occupation is based on dogma and not reality:

What’s been happening since the Truth & Reconciliation Rally

PHOTO: The photo above is of Mary Lou Ambrogio, VP of International Free Press Society (Canadian chapter) giving her speech on Sunday in which she speaks about preserving free speech, and announces that her organization is co-sponsoring ‘Caledonia:No More Nightmares‘ in Ottawa, March 22/11. From L-R: Christie Blatchford, Ernie Palmer (Caledonia resident, in background, head turned); Doug Fleming; Peter Kamerman, Mary Lou Ambrogio, Merlyn Kinrade.

I have been busy since Sunday with work related to Sunday’s event as well as planning for the ‘Caledonia:No More Nightmares’ event which is being co-sponsored by the Free Thinking Film Festival (of ‘Iranium’ fame), as well as other related stuff I can’t talk about just yet.

I was assaulted (but unhurt) as I was carrying our Apology monument. We have identified the man. You can see video of the assault from a CTV video available at the Moose&Squirrel story above.

More video will be placed on YouTube when it’s ready. I don’t have anything to do with that, so I can’t say when it will be available. Jeff Parkinson ( is working on capturing more photos from the videos which will be posted here when available.

On the way back to London, an associate of Mary Lou’s, a former political candidate for the CPC who has committed to returning for our next rally, remarked, “I didn’t feel as though I was in Canada.”



Here are links to the various stories about the rally:

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

6 responses to “Truth & Reconciliation Rally, Caledonia – Feb 27/11 (UPDATE)

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  3. Miss Susan M Kettle

    I continue to follow the (mis)fortunes of CANACE and Caledonia from over here in the U K. I have also written a letter to one of our award-winning journalists who writes articles for my National newspaper, putting your situation in a nutshell and asking her if this is the sort of situation she would be prepared to write about, although it is in Canada – the potential is that, if the police & local Govt get away with this sort of misbehaviour (illegal actions) perhaps it could spread over here some day. I will let you know if Melanie Phillips puts anything in the Daily Mail. “May The Force Be With You” Yours (Miss) S M Kettle

    VoC: Thanks so much SMK! She’s one gutsy reporter, I’ve read her stuff. Here are two items you should share with her if you can that will help her understand the international context of Caledonia:

    1. ‘TorSun founder Peter Worthington connects dots between Caledonia victims, Dr. King, and European persecution of Islam critics’

    2. ‘Dr. King’s ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail’ vs. Denmark’s thought crime prosecutions: a blueprint for victory over appeasement of Islamic extremism’

    Thanks for the support, much appreciated! Mark

  4. Agha Ali Arkhan

    Caledonia reflects the power of the barrel over the power of the bible. It permits the threat of violence to usurp the legal authority of a nation. Weakness in Ontario politicians sworn to uphold laws enables hooliganism. Caledonia has echoes of the 1936 occupation of the Rhineland.

    VoC: The language and attitudes of native supremacists bear much resemblance to the thinking of Nazi ideology, including the ‘lebensraum’ (living space) rationale for war:

    Not sure what you mean by the power of the barrel vs. bible, though? Thanks for writing Agha. Mark

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