Haldimand Tract land claim myth should provide sober second thought re aboriginal sovereignty negotiations with anarchist proxies

Sam Gualtieri after Sept 13/07 attack by native protestersSince sending my notes about last Sunday’s Truth & Reconciliation Rally (Feb 27/11) to Natasha at MooseandSquirrel.ca who did an outstanding job in getting them up when I was so pressed for time, a great thing happened after she posted Sunday’s notes under the title, ‘Caledonia: The front line struggle against the anti-capitalist, anarchist, Marxist agenda‘ (link below).

The post has since attracted quite a discussion, including some submissions from THE Dan Kellar who led the goon squad that shut down Christie Blatchford’s first presentation at the University of Waterloo.

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Mark Vandermaas, Editor

One response to “Haldimand Tract land claim myth should provide sober second thought re aboriginal sovereignty negotiations with anarchist proxies

  1. Clearly the battle for long term resolution in Caledonia involves breaking the web of lies spun by interloping radical-left revisionists. Politically motivated historical revisionism is the illegitimate distortion or denial of the historical record so that certain events critical to special interest agendas appear in a more or less favourable public light. The deliberate distortion of history, which (if it constitutes the falsification of alleged historical crimes) is also called “negationism”.

    In this political era, negationist revisionism is a technique unique to the subversionist left working to destabilize status quo power structures in the western democracies. Politically altered history (and science) creates justification for political correction of thought, speech and social policy (in other words, political correctness [AKA cultural Marxism] relies on historic fallacies).

    We see negationist historic revision interwoven with radicalized 6 nations rhetoric. I recall the heated exchanges where Canadians were referred to as “oppressors” and “racist imperialists” even though no factual evidence exists to suggest this outside of revisionist fabrication. There’s no doubt this anti-Canada inflammatory spin comes from the same source as all politically distorted dogma currently in vogue with the fringe left.

    VoC: Hi Bill, was away for a couple of days. I can’t add much to what you said. Kellar’s arguments say everything we need to know about the radical left’s support for native extremism – it has nothing to do with justice and truth, and everything to do with using native people to further their anti-capitalist agenda with whatever lies they need to tell in order to get the job done, and no matter who gets hurt int the process. Thanks for writing. Mark