SPECIAL REPORT: Dramatic increase in Palestinian targeting of Israeli civilians prelude to unified Arab attack?

UPDATED 1301 April 20/11 — 110323 Grad rocket fired from Gaza stripSince January 2010 there has been a dramatic escalation in Palestinian targeting of Israeli civilians via rockets, mortars and terror attacks, coupled with a steady stream of incitement of hate against Jews and Israel from official Palestinian sources.

Hamas has launched 370 rocket attacks since January 2009, 90 in the months of March and April alone.

It seems likely that Israel’s leaders will be be forced, sooner or later, to take strong action to stop the attacks against their citizens by once again attempting to degrade Hamas’ military capabilities as they did in Operation Cast Lead in 2008/2009.

Indeed, the Israeli Air Force has already targeted launching sites in the Gaza strip which had fired rockets at the town of Ashdod.

The confluence of Mid-East events leads one to wonder if Palestinians are deliberately provoking the Israelis as part of a strategic plan involving a coordinated attack against Israel and/or a longer-term plan to strengthen support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Arab countries currently facing popular revolts against despotic and/or western-friendly regimes.

Let us examine events leading up to the recent mass rocket attacks on Israel conducted between March and April of this year.

Palestinian terrorists murder Fogel Family

110314: Uri Fogel-36, Hadas Fogel-3mosOn March 11/11 five members of the Fogel family – including three children – were massacred by Palestinians who would not even spare the life of 3 month old Hadas Fogel who was found with his throat slit, lying in the arms of his murdered father (photo, right).

Palestinian terrorists attack Israeli school bus

110407 Aftermath of Hamas school-bus attack w/anti-tank missileOn April 07/11 16 year-old Daniel Viflic was on a yellow school bus that was attacked with a Russian-made, laser-guided ‘Kornet’ anti-tank missile fired from the Gaza Strip. He later died of his injuries.

On April 07/11 Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations sent a letter to the Security Council asking that it condemn this deliberate assault on school children, and the continued attempt by Iran and Syria to “escalate conflict in our region” by smuggling advanced weapons to the Hamas terror organization.

Kornet anti-tank missile     Kornet anti-tank missile: the latest Hamas weapon against Israeli children

Palestinian terrorists launch rockets at Israeli civilians

On April 10/11 Israel’s Ambassador to the UN sent the Security Council another letter asking that it condemn Hamas attacks on its civilians, noting that the attacks are a marked escalation in terror activity which pose a serious threat to the region’s stability:

Beersheva kindergarten class after rocket attack from Gaza“Following my letter of 7 April 2011, I write again to express my grave concern as a result of a continued escalation in projectile attacks launched by Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip against innocent Israeli civilians, posing a threat to stability in our region.

 “Since the appalling incident of 7 April 2011 in which two Israeli civilians were injured when the Hamas terrorist organization attacked a school bus with an anti-tank missile, terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip have fired some 131 projectiles – including 12 Grad missiles, 70 Qassam rockets, and 49 mortars – at communities in Southern Israel. These attacks have included the launch of Grad missiles at major population centers – such as the cities of Ashkelon and Be’ersheva – and caused significant damage to numerous civilian structures, including homes, a factory, water pipes, and farm buildings.

“These continuous attacks mark an escalation in projectile fire emanating from the Gaza Strip that has not been witnessed since the end of Operation Cast Lead in 2009. As a result of the persistent rocket fire, Israeli children were kept at home from school last week for the third time in the past month so that they could be in close proximity to bomb shelters at all times. […]

Grad missile system - truck mountedThe truck-mounted Grad missile system can launch 40 rockets within 20 seconds. The rockets are 9’5″ long, carry a 44 lb warhead and can have a range of up to 19 miles. There is also a 9P132 single-round man-portable version which can be reloaded.
The Qassam rocket is well known for its use by Hamas to deliberately target Israeli civilians. According to Wikipedia, its maximum range is 2-3 miles, and is responsible for killing 22 Israelis and one Thai citizen since 2000.

Since the end of Operation Cast Lead (Dec 27/08 – Jan 18/09) Hamas has launched 370 rockets and 333 mortar shells against Israel. Ninety rockets were launched in March and April of this year alone, representing a very troubling escalation:

  110413 Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs: stats re rockets-mortars launched into Israel since Jan 20/09 (end of Operation Cast Lead)

110413 Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs: stats re rockets (only) launched into Israel since Jan 20/09 (end of Operation Cast Lead)   

Official Palestinian incitement

Official Palestinian map w/Israel gone; used on PA TV and in schoolbooks (SOURCE: Palestinian Media Watch, www.palwatch.org). Click to read more about the Palestinian Authority's denial of Israel's right to exist.

Official Palestinian map w/Israel gone; used on PA TV and in schoolbooks (SOURCE: Palestinian Media Watch, http://www.palwatch.org). Click to read more about the Palestinian Authority's denial of Israel's right to exist.

Less than two months before the Fogel massacre, on Jan 25/11, Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas gave the relatives of a suicide bomber $2000.

One week prior before the murders PA TV honoured the accomplice who drove a suicide bomber to the Jerusalem site where 19 people were murdered.

One day before, PA TV glorified the woman who drove the suicide terrorist to a pizza restaurant in Sbarro where 15 people, including 7 children, were murdered in 2001.

On March 27/11 – barely two weeks after the slaughter – a PA minister honoured the planner of a terrorist attack who is serving 30 life sentences for killing 30 Israelis at a hotel in Netanya where the killer detonated his bomb during a Passover dinner.

Palestinian Authority TV image broadcast hundreds of times  2001-2008: dagger through Star-of-David (from Palestinian Media Watch,  www.palwatch.org) Click to watch this hateful video (37s).

Palestinian Authority TV image broadcast hundreds of times 2001-2008: dagger through Star-of-David (from Palestinian Media Watch, http://www.palwatch.org) Click to watch this hateful video (37s).

Palestinian Media Watch monitors and reports on the steady stream of official Jew-hate from the Palestinian Authority, much of which is directed at children.

It should be no surprise, therefore, that 32% of Palestinians support the massacre of the Fogel family.

The Hamas Charter: reject peaceful solutions, destroy Israel, exterminate Jews

Contrary to what the extreme left radicals who support Hamas operations against Israeli civilians would have you believe, Israel, like all modern democracies, does not have a policy of targeting civilians whereas Hamas does have such a policy — in writing. The Hamas Charter, in fact, clearly states that the organization’s goal is the complete destruction of Israel and the extermination of Jews, specifically rejecting all peaceful solutions to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. It is for this reason that it has been condemned by the United Nations:    

After Operation Cast Lead (Gaza War) of 2008/2009 allegations were made by those who support Hamas that Israel deliberately targeted civilians. These allegations were repeated by Justice Richard Goldstone in a 2009 UN report which criticized both Israel and Palestinians for possibly committing war crimes.

The conclusions of the Goldstone Report were vehemently denied by Israel, which produced its own counter-report showing how Hamas deliberately used civilians as human shields. Middle East experts were shocked when, on April 01/11 the Washington Post published an op-ed by Goldstone in which he retracted the war crime allegations against Israel, but maintained that “Hamas rockets were purposefully and indiscriminately aimed at civilian targets.”

Two sides of the same terror coin: Hamas vs. the Palestinian Authority/President Mahmoud Abbas  
Western politicians and media would have the public believe that the Palestinian Authority (which governs the West Bank area, a region which is discontiguous w/the Gaza Strip controlled by Hamas) and its president Mahmoud Abbas represent a reasonable, moderate ‘partner for peace’ but, as we have already seen the PA is responsible for inculcating a culture of hatred and violence towards Jews and the state of Israel within Palestinian society.
Even though he professes to condemn the Fogel massacre, Abbas’ tolerance for incitement of hatred, and his statement to the 2010 Arab League summit makes clear that he prefers destruction of the Jewish state to peace:

“If you want war, and if all of you will fight Israel, we are in favour. But the Palestinians will not fight alone because they don’t have the ability to do it.” PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to Arab League Summit, March 2010.

The doctrine of I’dad (‘preparation’ or ‘readying’)
In his 2009 book Modern Day Trojan Horse: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration, former Sharia court judge Sam Solomon explains how, when planning to subvert countries to Islamic states governed by Sharia law, the concept of I’dad mandates that Muslims carefully prepare for the conquest. I’dad may be as simple as conducting surveillance, or as complex as readying military hardware for a battle. It also includes deliberate deception to sow confusion in the enemy in order to attract favourable attention from non-Muslim leaders.
Solomon provides the following example:
“For example, an attack has taken place in Amsterdam, those in Rotterdam would be saying, “Yes, we know an attack has taken place in Amsterdam but the Muslims here in Rotterdam are the most peaceful and friendly.” This ultimately confuses the massess and conditions them to a state of no action or indifference. The end result and the general conclusion wouild be that there may be a few misguided Muslims in Amsterdam, but those we have in Rotterdam are peacefull.”  [p49]
One can see this application of I’dad in the ‘good cop/bad cop’ images of Abbas & the PA vs. Hamas. Hamas commits the ‘official’ violence and war crimes against Israeli civilians while Abbas & the PA – for world consumption – condemns it, all the while fully supporting it with a consistent radicalization campaign directed at Palestinians – including children – which is conducted in full view of those who take the trouble to watch and listen.
What are Hamas and the Palestinian Authority preparing for?
Is the recent escalation of attacks on Israeli civilians a prelude to a co-ordinated attack, and if so, what kind?
Given the reputed involvement of the Muslim Brotherhood in anti-regime movements in Tunisia, Egypt and Libyia one must wonder if the growing aggression towards Israel is much more than merely coincidental, especially since the attacks have little strategic or even tactical military value in and of themselves. There are several possibilities:
Possibility #1
Hamas, on its own, is testing Israel’s resolve in the wake of the ridiculous anti-Israel media feeding frenzy surrounding the Mavi Marmora attack on IDF personnel who were forced to defend themselves while enforcing a legal blockde designed to stop war materiel from reaching Hamas terrorists.

Forcing Israel to respond militarily could be the beginning of a new PR campaign to duplicate the initial success of the Goldstone Report by again painting her as a war criminal.  The record is clear on the fact that Hamas has used civilians as human shields whose deaths can be exploited as propaganda ‘war crimes’ to feed the anti-Israel bias in western and Middle Eastern media outlets. This option  seems unlikely given coincidental world events and alliances.

Possibility #2

Hamas and the Palestinian Authority are engaged in a plan to use unintended Palestinian casualties to not only damage Israel’s reputation on the world stage, but to also aid the Muslim Brotherhood in  inflaming anti-Israel passions in order to help their radical message gain favour as the first step of bringing about a unified Islamic federation whose primary aim would be to destroy Israel.

Given that Hamas, Hezbollah, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and other Islamic (and anti-Israel groups from Canada) have met with Muslim Brotherhood representatives, this seems the most likely scenario.

Possibility #3

The escalation of attacks against Israeli citizens could be a prelude to another unified Arab attack to wipe out the state of Israel as per 1948, 1967 and 1973.

In the short term, this seems unlikely given Israel’s military superiority, but if much of the Muslim world surrounding Israel were to become unified under control of the Muslim Brotherhood or its proxies, and the West continues down its destructive path of appeasing radical Islamists who have now destroyed free speech in much of Europe, then a war to end Israel’s bastion of democracy becomes much more likely – particularly if Iran is allowed to obtain nuclear weapons.

Those who value freedom and democracy in the West must defend Israel

In the end, it matters not what the motivation is for the latest Palestinian war crimes; Israel must defend itself, and we who value  freedom and democracy must stand ready to defend her from the inevitable public relations campaign of lies that will be unleashed when the inevitable campaign to defend herself against monsters who wish to murder all her children begins.

We must go even further, however: not only must we in Europe and North America raise our voices to drown out the lies shouted by Israel’s would-be destroyers here at home, we must resolve to not give one single inch of our freedoms to cowardly politicians and police who choose to appease and collaborate  with radical Islamists seeking to replace our rights with the oppression of Sharia.

Israel is much closer than most Canadians – especially Caledonians – would like to believe

Jamila Ghaddar of the McMaster University (Hamilton) Solidarity for PalestinianHuman Rights stated at a 2008 McMaster conference that members of SPHR were on the occupied Douglas Creek Estates in Caledonia within two weeks of the land being seized by native radicals, and she was there when the Niagara Palestinian Association raised the Palestinian flag on the site May 03/06. Ghaddar also spoke at a Toronto protest organized by the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid – one of the groups that sent a delegation to the above-noted Cairo Conference to meet Hamas, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood.

May 03/06: Palestinian flag raised alongside Mohawk Warriors & Six Nations flags on Douglas Creek Estates occupation site, Caledonia by Niagara Palestinian AssociationGhaddar waxed poetic  when she described the emotions she and the other Palestinians felt when they looked at the Palestinian flag flying over the land illegally seized by native radicals who had later gone on to terrorize the people of Caledonia (emphasis added):

The Winds Carry Our Colours Together
Excerpt of remarks by Jamila Ghaddar, March 09/08 at McMaster University session: ‘The Politics of Six Nations-Palestinian Alliances in Caledonia’

“One of the proudest moments in the lives of McMaster SPHR [Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights] and my life and the Palestinian Solidarity Movement was the day that the Palestinian flag was raised over the reclamation site.

“That day the Niagara Palestinian Association along with the Haudenosaunee people, hoisted and raised the Palestinian flag alongside the flags of the Haudenosaunee, of various other countries, of unions and many organizations.

“In the months following, through cold and moments of exhaustion and worry we would raise our eyes to the swaying of the flags and think, we are one, and the winds carry our colours together from Jerusalem to the Grand River.”  […]



Mark Vandermaas, Editor

5 responses to “SPECIAL REPORT: Dramatic increase in Palestinian targeting of Israeli civilians prelude to unified Arab attack?

  1. sima aronowicz

    Brilliant analysis which comes to the correct conclusion. It is Hamas, and the Palestinian and other Arab countries that are the aggressors to Israel.

    They could have a good partner, if they would only get reprogrammed and stop their warring. They are definitley the losers.


    VoC: Thanks for writing Sima, and for the compliment. I’m not sure how ‘brilliant’ it is – it just seems too obvious to me.

    You are correct. Until the Palestinian Authority begin to deprogram hate from their citizens, especially that directed at Palestinian youth, and then tells all the anti-capitalist anarchists from the west to get lost, there will not likely be partners for peace for many generations, if ever.

    Sadly, as one supporter of Israel whom we both know told me in an email about this post, “I share the belief that Israel is being goaded into another war, that more Palestinians will die as a result of that war and that the world will once again fall all over themselves trying to lay the blame on Israel.”

    You are also correct about Israel being a good partner. I don’t think Arabs would have any better, or more caring, or helpful neighbour than Israel if they could just put down their Jew-hate. Unfortunately, too many Muslims have an interest in fomenting and perpetuating it.

    Thanks again for writing. Shalom, and best wishes for Passover. Mark

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  3. Yes Hamas has increased attacks on the Israelis citizens and Israel may have no recourse but to hit Gaza with Cast Lead 11. Cast Lead 1 killed 1385 Gazans of which over 700 were Hamas operatives. The rest were civilians caught in the retaliation. Hamas fights from civilian locations and the IDF have no choice but to go after them while trying to limit civilian casualties!

    Richard Goldstone (Goldstone Report)who chastised the IDF now has reversed his views and states he can no longer hold the view that IDF targets civilians. He was a participant in the UN HRC report that called IDF criminals on their killing of 9 IHH militants on the Mavi during the legal search of the flotilla!

    Canada deserves kudos for standing with Israel! They are at the forefront against the Islamic militants!

    VoC: Thanks for writing Tom. I referenced the Goldstone recantation in the post because it should be a warning to gullible media and impressionable university students not to believe everything one reads.

    Also, why anyone is inclined to believe a single word coming from a murderous terror group whose charter calls for the destruction of a country, jihad against innocents, and who hides behind children and the skirts of women is beyond me, but there is no excuse for believing their lies now.

    I am very upset with the Harper government’s refusal to defend the rule of law in Caledonia and its subsequent actions in undermining it even further, but I am pleased they have taken a strong stand for Israel.

    Regards, Mark

  4. I agree. I support PC fiscal policies but the stand on Caledonia is a puzzle to me!

    Have you noticed the terrible propaganda in this election. It reminds me of the pro Palestinian propaganda. I can’t believe the negative campaign run by the Liberals based on unproven allegations! What ever happened to due process?

    The latest accusation of PCs making harassing phone calls and the use of an erroneous quote credited to Harper is sickening.

    I was a University student at Dalhousie and a law student in the UK! I remember what and bunch of idiots we were back then ! We were at best naive!

    VoC: I believe Mark Twain once said that it was a funny thing, the older he got the smarter his father became. That’s how I feel; I’m embarrassed at how much I thought I ‘knew’ when I was young. BTW, speaking of embarrassment, Harper should be embarrassed that it was a Liberal candidate who made the first policy statement on Caledonia (I know I am) and the rule of law, and what a statement it is!



  5. Richard Van Seters

    Excellent research and preparation!! I know the effort that this requires and compliment you.

    I will try to disseminate as far and wide as possible.

    It needs to be exposed.

    Best Regards

    VoC: Thanks so much, Richard. It means a lot coming from you. It DID take many hours to pull together, so I’m glad you like it. Regards, Mark