Caledonia has some new friends: Ezra Levant & SUN News TV

UPDATED May 08/11 — Sun News-ezralevantGary McHale appeared on Ezra Levant’s show on the SUN News network this evening and it was clear that Caledonia had found some new – and very powerful – friends.

After putting MP Randy Hillier on the spot by lambasting Tim Hudak’s backtracking on his commitment to eliminate Ontario’s human rights tribunal to put an end to frivolous and abusive prosecutions (Levant was once prosecuted, er persecuted,by the Alberta Human Rights Commission for hate speech himself after publishing the infamous Mohammed cartoons at the Western Standard) he then spent about 12 minutes interviewing McHale. Levant finished with a promise to have McHale back many more times, recognizing that their first interview had “just scratched the surface.”

Hat tip to Blazing Cat Fur and ‘sdamatt2’ for getting the story & video out so quickly.

Levant/Sun News willingness to hold Conservatives accountable is good news!

knight-w-sword.jpgAs much as I was pleased at seeing my longtime associate appear with Canada’s leading conservative advocate for free speech to talk about Caledonia, I was just as gratified to see that the SUN News network is not planning on being a cheerleader or apologist for wimpy, backsliding, spineless Conservative politicians any more than it is for the left-leaning iteration. Watch and enjoy:

Levant and SUN News are a breath of fresh air – especially for conservatives living in Ontario just months away from the next election, and especially for everyone who cares about the civil rights abuses in Caledonia. They just sent a powerful message to Hudak’s strategy planners today, and I was cheering at the TV the whole time it was being delivered. Way to go Ezra!

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

P.S. I called Bell customer service earlier today to tell them that when my contract ends on June 29th I’ll be switching my home phone to Rogers if Bell ExpressVu hasn’t put Sun News back on the air.

6 responses to “Caledonia has some new friends: Ezra Levant & SUN News TV

  1. Ooh, I watched that last night! Way to go, Gary! I’m a huge fan of Ezra Levant’s show, “The Source.” I hope to see Gary on it many more times. I’m a Sun TV devotee.

    VOC, good for you re. Bell. I ‘m so glad my carrier is Rogers. Bell is Bull.

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  3. According to the interview the transformer ststion was destroyed by natives. Is this true?

    VoC: Yes. Mark

  4. I am interested in hearing Ezra Lavant’s interview with Geert Wilders on Monday May 9th , How do I get to see or listen to this
    Jim in Peterborough on Cable but no Sun News.

    VoC: Hi Jim. I was fortunate to be able to attend Wilders’ first two presentations in London and Toronto and got to speak to him for a few mins. Will be getting up post about my thoughts on what he had to say tomorrow. In the meantime:

    – SUN News, Ezra Levant, May 09/11: Geert Wilders – ‘I don’t hate Muslims, I hate Islam’

    ALSO: National Post, Jonathan Kay, May 09/11: Geert Wilders: Islam’s most outspoken critic


  5. So there is now proof of who destroyed the transformer station? Have you seen it or are you answering by hearsay?

    VoC: 1. Janie Jamieson’s own words in 2007 during an interview w/Canadian Press reporter that appeared in Brantford Expositor:

    2. Haldimand Council ‘in camera’ minutes, May 23/06:

    “Inspector Perseroiff [sic] maintained that this is a land claim issue and that progress was still being made and negotiations still ongoing to get blockades opened. With respect to law enforcement
    investigations were ongoing in all areas, as well as the transformer fire. The Inspector was advised that Clyde Powless had given a pre-warning of the hydro action.”

    Click to access 060523-council-in-camera-w-peterson-emo-re-military.pdf

    Clyde Powless was a leader of the occupiers, and he was the leader of the swarming attack that put Gary McHale in the hospital on Dec 01/07 for which he pleaded guilty.


  6. Thank you.