Exposing truth of contemporary Palestinian loss of land map

United Nations map, 1950: Land Ownership by Sub-Districts Arabs vs Jews, 1945 (pre-Israel). Click for full size version.Two items from…

ITEM 1: MYTH OF ‘PALESTINIAN’ LAND LOSS (Give Israel Your United Support) is calling attention to a popular and misleading image they first exposed back in 2008 – a 4-stage progression of maps purporting to show the stages in which Israel supposedly stole land from the Palestinian people.

GIYUS provides a copy of a 1945 United Nations map (above) that exposes the truth.

As one of the commenters to the article points out the Arabs repeatedly combined forces to attempt to destroy Israel after its UN creation – and failed miserably. The successful defence against Arab attempts to exterminate its Jews is the only reason Israel is in possession of the West Bank, Jerusalem, and was in possession of the Gaza strip before returning it and withdrawing all its citizens in 2005:

The subsequent attacks against Israel from Gaza demonstrated clearly that giving land to the Palestinians without any assurances of a cessation of hostilities and incitement of hatred is a dangerous, naive approach to achieving peace.


Through its 63 years of war and peace – Israel has shown once and again its willingness to go very far for peace. Israel is willing to give up significant land in exchange for true lasting peace.

Over the last few days since President Obama’s speech calling on Israel to return to pre-1967 borders, the main discussion on media outlets has been the issue of borders and land.

But this is not and has never been the main obstacle to the peace process. The main issue is that of Palestinian goals and Palestinians actions over the last few weeks have been less than reassuring. […]

GIYUS is 100% correct: to this day Hamas targets Israeli civilians with its rockets and its charter rejects all peaceful solutions and calls for the destruction of Israel and extermination of Jews. Meanwhile, Palestinian leaders of the Fatah-Hamas alliance (Fatas) continue to incite the most vile hatred against Israel and its citizens:

Peace will not come with land alone. It will only come when Arab leaders care more about their citizens’ well-being than in murdering Jews. That, of course, will be a most difficult hurdle to overcome given Muhammad’s repeated exhortations to hate all who refuse to believe in Allah – especially the Jews.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

2 responses to “ Exposing truth of contemporary Palestinian loss of land map

  1. Excellent info .
    Here is a new twist under 4th Geneva Convention.
    “Nationals of a State which is not bound by the Convention are not protected by it. ”
    Is Hamas ruled Gaza even protected under the Geneva Conventions ? They are clearly not bound by it based on their constant breach of the Laws of War ! Child soldiers etc .

  2. The other myth is that Israel occupies Gaza and therefore has to provide for Gazans as an occupier under Geneva Convention !
    “She pointed to Article II of the Geneva Convention, which defines occupation as “a legal regime applicable to a territory captured by armed forces, usually during armed conflict.” Under international law, an occupying power is in control when the government is displaced and its functions are provided for by the occupier.”

    Israel would have to defeat Hamas and take over the government of Gaza. Hamas is as they claimed in effective control of Gaza. Hamas is in charge of taxation policing fire etc .