JOINT NEWS RELEASE re High Park, Toronto protest Saturday, May 28th

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– Joint News Release by CANACE and the Caledonia Victims Project –

City of Toronto approves racially segregated park land

CANACE, founded by Gary McHale, and the Caledonia Victims Project, founded by Mark Vandermaas, are holding an Information Rally in High Park in Toronto on May 28, 2011 in order to inform the public about the dangers to public safety regarding the ongoing illegal occupation of High Park by Native protesters. The illegal occupation in High Park is being conducted under the banner of Six Nations and Mohawk warriors.

The City of Toronto has already decided to fence off the park land where Native protesters have stated they will continue to use the land at will. There is little doubt non-Natives will be banned from the area in order to appease the protesters.

All who have read Christie Blatchford’s book Helpless: Caledonia’s Nightmare of Fear and Anarchy, and How the Law Failed All of Us are aware of the victimization of Haldimand residents by a small minority of Native extremists, and how government appeasement victimized innocent people. The public needs to be aware that these so-called peaceful occupations can lead to serious violence once governments refuse to uphold the Rule of Law.  […]

Read the rest of this news release, and review reference items re occupation of High Park…

3 responses to “JOINT NEWS RELEASE re High Park, Toronto protest Saturday, May 28th

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  2. Have you read the Toronto news release about the First Nations helping to remove the BMX track, which seemed to be a major reason for the concern, and that the natives will leave in 5 days. This is not “appeasement’ but good planning. Your “rally” and “march” could only posible inflame a situation that seems to be under control. Do not put another “dog” into a fight that may not exist.

    VoC: I think our news release speaks for itself. As for ‘inflaming’ the situation – you sound like someone who criticized me for planning our Oct 07/08 ‘Remember Us’ march because “everything’s quiet now”: the next day Sam Gualtieri was nearly murdered in his home by thugs flying the Mohawk Warriors flag.

    Sam Gualtieri - suffers permanent brain damage after beating by native protesters trespassing in home he was building for his daughter in Caledonia, ON,

    Maybe you’re OK with the city kowtowing to native supremacists over an imaginary burial ground, but I’m not. Mark

  3. Interesting that one on site blogger stated that the bulk of the Hyde park squatters were the usual suspects from the anarchist-CUPE cult. Marxist agitators in this day and age – seems so fossilized. I see they are being largely ignored.