Gary Gerofsky: Fatah-Hamas (aka ‘Fatas’) is no MLK/Ghandi-esque peace movement

Fatah-Hamas (aka ‘Fatas’) is no peace movement

by Gary Gerofsky

Islamic Thinkers Society at 2010 Israeli Day Parade, New YorkLet’s make it simple by calling the Fatah – Hamas marriage “Fatas” for the sake of brevity. Fatas is no peace movement and does not follow the teachings of Ghandi nor Martin Luther King.

And yet recent headlines from the left and emanating from would-be conquerors in the Palestinian camp would have us believe otherwise, read: Israel fears Palestinian nonviolence, Here comes your non-violent resistance, Non-Violent Resistance.

This new ruse by leftists and Islamists to paint terrorist groups as benign and peaceful is nothing new but what is new is the way in which this concept is being twisted to portray violent acts as non-violent or vacuous denials that violence is actually violence when used in the commission of terrorism against Jews and the West. […]

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VoC NOTE: See also, Mr. Gerofsky’s speech at a memorial for the Fogel family which was slaughtered by Palestinian terrorists:

VoC Comment

It doesn’t matter what name you call a jihadist movement intended to exterminate the state of Israel and its Jews, but to try to cloak your ‘final solution’ in the names of history’s greatest civil rights leaders is nauseatingly despicable. Martin Luther King and Ghandi changed history through non-violence, not by attempts to massacre innocents: 


Mark Vandermaas, Editor


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