Another reason why Jews should care about Caledonia: ‘TURTLE ISLAND HUMANITARIAN AID c.o.b. CANADIAN BOAT TO GAZA…’

from Palestinian Media Watch,“A victory for the American Indians of Palestine is a victory for the Palestinians of North America, and a victory for the Palestinians of North America is a victory for the American Indians of Palestine.” 
– Jamila Ghaddar, McMaster University Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights, March 09/08
The Defendant in a $1,000,000 lawsuit statement of claim by Cherna Rosenberg vs. the Canadian ‘Sea Hitler’ anti-Israel Gaza blockade boat is called…  
Read the statement of claim here:
Those who are not intimately familiar with native/non-native issues, who have not had the ‘pleasant’ experience of being called a white supremacist by native racists telling you all whites should leave Turtle Island and go back to Europe because you dared to speak out for victims in Caledonia, may be unaware that ‘Turtle Island’ is the native name for North America. In fact, one of the 2 newspapers on Six Nations (the biggest in North America) is called the ‘Turtle Island News’ (no connection w/’Sea Hitler’).
Anti-Israel groups have been active in supporting the lawlessness in Caledonia since 2006 and their connections can be traced all the way back to Hamas, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood through groups like the Canadian Arab Federation, the McMaster University Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights, and the Coalition for Israeli Apartheid.

Within two weeks of the beginning of the occupation of the Douglas Creek Estates members of McMaster University’s Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights were on the site. They were there on May 03, 2006 when the Niagara Palestinian Association raised the Palestinian flag along with the Six Nations and Mohawk Warriors flag.

Jamila Ghaddar, a spokesperson for McMaster’s SPHR who was on the occupation site when the Palestinian flag was raised, was also a guest speaker at a Toronto protest organized by the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid – a group that sent delegates to the 2007 Cairo Conference to meet representatives of Hamas, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood.

No one should ignore the significance of the Sea Hitler’s origins by a group incorporating ‘Turtle Island’ into its name, just as no one should have missed the significance of Mohawk Warriors marching alongside the VP of the Canadian Arab Federation at an anti-Israel protest in 2006:

But, just in case you’re still not convinced of the sinister implications of the connections between native militants and Middle East terror group supporters, let me leave you with some quotes from a presentation by Ms. Ghaddar  at a McMaster University conference session entitled, “The Politics of Six Nations-Palestinian Alliances in Caledonia‘:   

“A victory for the American Indians of Palestine is a victory for the Palestinians of North America, and a victory for the Palestinians of North America is a victory for the American Indians of Palestine” […] 
“One of the proudest moments in the lives of McMaster SPHR [Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights] and my life and the Palestinian Solidarity Movement was the day that the Palestinian flag was raised over the reclamation site.  
“That day [May 03/06] the Niagara Palestinian Association along with the Haudenosaunee people, hoisted and raised the Palestinian flag alongside the flags of the Haudenosaunee, of various other countries, of unions and many organizations. 
In the months following, through cold and moments of exhaustion and worry we would raise our eyes to the swaying of the flags and think, we are one, and the winds carry our colours together from Jerusalem to the Grand River.”  

Now do you understand why Jews should care about Caledonia? Want some more reasons? Click here.

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Mark Vandermaas, Editor


4 responses to “Another reason why Jews should care about Caledonia: ‘TURTLE ISLAND HUMANITARIAN AID c.o.b. CANADIAN BOAT TO GAZA…’

  1. Makes you shake your head ! What is Canada becoming ?

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  3. No doubt national security agencies have a close watch on all these fringe militant groups, their leadership and who they network with.

    Interesting how the fringe left has infiltrated 6N’s extremist wing and now they are pumping $$$ mucho Dinero out of that community for their causes. It’s sad that the reasonable majority of 6N can’t see that these fringe left causes are always about exploiting those they infect. Exploiting them for funding primarily. In the larger scope, all of these fringe left causes are so woefully unpopular they must resort to shady deals and tangential alliances to secure funding. I wonder of 6N realizes they are being used as chumps by all these fringe left groups that attempt to radicalize them then shake them down or use them as foot soldiers for “the greater cause” (AKA another agenda).

    When will 6N refuse to be used so exploitively by their radicals.No good will come of 6N jumping in bed with international terrorists.

    VoC: 1. Just to be clear, I’m not saying that Hamas, Hezbollah or MB operatives are in Caledonia/Haldimand (although I can’t say definitively they aren’t). I’m saying that we can – at the very least – conclusively trace support for these terror groups back from the beginning of the occupation. It is inconceivable to me that there is not some sort of dialogue going on between terror groups and native militants at some level, whether direct or indirect.

    2. I suspect that if what Helen Miller said back in 2009 is correct, and I think it is, most people on Six Nations don’t want anything to do with these non-native exploiters wearing sheep’s clothes. The only 6N people who seem to want them are the radicals whom Miller says aren’t supported by the majority.

    3. I don’t believe the Haldimand/Middle East/union/anarchist/anti-Israel connections were well understood until we began exposing them, but that may be changing. I can’t really say more.

    Interesting note: the whole time Tom Keefer and his gang of anarchists were egging on native thugs in Haldimand, not once did Fantino/OPP/Ontario gov’t ever denounce him or the groups in his coalition by name for supporting the lawlessness – only us, the people peacefully protesting in support of the rule of law and equality. Truth is stranger than fiction, isn’t it? Thanks for writing Bill. Mark

  4. Hi.
    I think this could be seen in a broader picture , Turkey is more and more pushing in the US to start Native American – Turkish Businesses on the reserves with as aim to get the tax free status for their businesses , perhaps a similar idea is motivating the Palestinians and their supporters in Canada.

    VoC: Have to admit I never saw that one coming. I wonder what happens to social programs as we destroy our tax base with on-reserve shopping by non-natives? Thanks for writing MFS. Mark