Caledonia milestone: Occupiers & OPP respect non-native right to place Truth & Reconciliation monument at entrance to DCE

Gary McHale, DCE occupation site, June 19/11

“I believe the greatest reason the OPP both acknowledged our Charter Rights and then protected them this past Sunday was because we have maintained a clear message of Equality under the Law for all people, that the Rule of Law demands all people obey the Law and that we have remained peaceful even in difficult situations.” – Gary McHale

Something changed in Caledonia yesterday. In a way never before seen in the history of the Caledonia crisis both the OPP and the occupiers of the Douglas Creek Estates displayed great respect for the rights of non-natives at yesterday’s CANACE/Caledonia Victims Project Truth & Reconciliation Rally yesterday, and that respect resulted in us being able to place our symbolic Apology/Reconciliation monument on the paved entrance to DCE while we made some short speeches and answered questions from the media.

The contrast between the conduct of the OPP and the occupiers yesterday compared to our Feb 27th and March 27th attempts to place our monument couldn’t have been more stark. During those attempts the OPP stood by as occupiers bumped, assaulted, and screamed insults at us from inches away, and falsely accused us of assault. During the March rally officers watched as our monument was stolen from us by occupiers, destroyed and then burnt with our Canadian flag. Yesterday’s event, however, was nothing short of remarkable.

Pre-Rally Father’s Day BBQ

Stuart Laughton sings the blues in Caledonia, June 19/11We held a BBQ at the farm of Ernie Palmer at the south end of Caledonia with free hotdogs and drinks from 12-2pm. We were joined by members of a Jewish group, some of whom have read Helpless and are concerned about both the existence of racial policing and the involvement of anti-Israel groups in the Caledonia crisis.

Toronto blogger ‘Blogwrath’ made the trip to Caledonia with his wife, as did the VP of the International Free Press Society in Canada Mary Lou Ambrogio, and Director of Communications Al Gretzky.

Live entertainment was provided by world-class musician Stuart Laughton, a founding member of Canadian Brass and the Porkbelly Futures, and the Artistic Director for The Forest Festival in Haliburton. He sang a great selection of blues songs until it was time to leave for the occupation site. […]

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Mark Vandermaas, Editor

One response to “Caledonia milestone: Occupiers & OPP respect non-native right to place Truth & Reconciliation monument at entrance to DCE

  1. The change in front-line 6N deportment is stark! Bolshy confrontational tactics abandoned and a muzzle put on CUPE’s Anarcho-moonbat Quislings. LOL, how pathetic and friendless that single Anarchist freakette looked – like she wanted to throw a petulant tantrum (AKA bratty sandbox slurs) but the adults would not have it. The fact the CUPE rent-A-mob were conspicuously absent, and a sock stuffed in the Anarchist-racist rhetoric leads one to speculate what caused the puppet masters to put a leash on these instigating policies.

    Could it be someone up the Union command chain has finally realized the legal/criminal liabilities in continuing to be associated with the slander, frame-up, assault, threats and general repression of law-abiding non violent citizens engaged in their ancient right to expression? Maybe the union brass are shy to be associated with the Anarchist instigators in the Caledonia mess? The sordid story of external instigators radicalizing 6N extremists is starting to draw media flies. A new government may investigate the whole Caledonia affair. I Can’t help but think this turn of events is based more in Gary’s success and determination in private prosecutions and civil actions rather than any newly acquired civility of amoral radicals. Also, I think the bad kids are on their best behavior because they may be dealing with a new principal after the fall election. Best not draw any more attention to an on-going crime.

    Just the same, I am hopeful the 6N people have woken up and are fed-up being used as useful idiots by puerile revolutionaries pimping childish political solutions to their internal cultural problems. Anarchist hooliganism, formulated in Mom and Dad’s basement has worked in advancing how many successful nations??

    BTW: It seems that the 6N sound bite blames the police for all the vandalism 6N radicals perpetrated – hardly a change of heart – more like a guilty brat pointing fingers at others when they get caught.

    VoC: It’s not any one thing that led to this day; the use of private prosecutions was very powerful, but it was the day to day work of gathering evidence and exposing it; protesting; educating the public, the media and politicians; enduring the abuse without responding in kind as per Dr. King’s teachings. As Gary said to me many times, we have to stand the test of time until people realize the wisdom of the path we are following.

    I hope the changes last, and I hope the leaders of Six Nations (and the OPP & Ontario) will take the important step of reaching out with a sincere apology. We stand ready to take their hands and help any way we can. Mark