Mark Vandermaas letter to Hamilton Spectator: ‘Genocidal anti-Semitism is the issue’

110627 Hamilton Spectator, Mark Vandermaas letter: 'Genocidal anti-Semitism is the issue'

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Mark Vandermaas, Editor

9 responses to “Mark Vandermaas letter to Hamilton Spectator: ‘Genocidal anti-Semitism is the issue’

  1. Another great article Mark!

    The UN has become a sad organization especially the Human Rights Council under people like Richard Falk and Goldstone. UN Watch is an excellent watch group that I get updates from .

    The Canadian Boat to Gaza really bothers me. How can people be so stupid ?

    Keep up the great work!

    VoC: Thanks for the compliment. Whatever the UN has done, at least it resulted in the creation of Israel, and it has condemned Hamas. One of the things I think people do is they believe the anti-Israel types about what UN resolutions say without reading the documents themselves.

    For example, the CBG site talks about Resolution 1860 as though it was a sweeping, general condemnation of Israel being responsible for creating an ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza due to its blockade (of weapons to Hamas) when, in fact, it is an event-specific resolution calling for an end to the 2009 hostilities between “Israel Defence Forces and armed Hamas militants” (Operation Cast Lead, launched in response to Hamas rocket attacks) with the objective of alleviating the temporary humanitarian crisis precipitated by Hamas with its rocket attacks against Israeli civilians.

    1860 acknowledges the need to protect both Palestinian AND Israeli civilians, it “condemns all violence and hostilities directed against civilians and all acts of terrorism,” and it calls for “two democratic states, Israel and Palestine, side by side in peace with secure and recognized borders, as envisaged in Security Council resolution 1850 (2008)…” All of this is completely contrary to the stated goals of Hamas.

    Security Council communication SC/9567 re resolution 1860:

    Is it any wonder that the Canadian Boat to Gaza website didn’t publish a link to the resolution? We have to learn to question EVERYTHING, search out source documents, and read EVERYTHING for ourselves and not just take the word of those who wish to enable the destruction of Israel.

    BTW, we have the exact same problem in Caledonia via phony land claims that the media, politicians, anarchists, anti-Israel types and native occupiers refuse to acknowledge:

    Regards, Mark

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  3. Mark I finally got time to watch your videos.
    You are absolutely on the MARK!

    VoiceofCanada: You’re too kind. Thanks. Mark

  4. Thank you, Mark. You are a courageous man of principles. You are willing to defend just causes. In a world that has forgotten history and is all too eager to sell our own values for the values of Hamas and Hezbollah, you remind us that we need to speak up before it is too late. I just wish that more people would follow your lead and fewer follow the lead of people who hate and subscribe to violence. Had there been more Mark Vandermass’s in the world in the last century, perhaps millions might have been saved. We are forgetting the lessons of the past but you and others are beginning to wake us up. Gary

    VoiceofCanada: Thanks so much for the overly-generous, but kind words; you and your friends inspire me/us as well. I am so proud that you were with us when history was made in Caledonia last Sunday.

    One of the lessons I learned from watching Gary McHale is that one ordinary, flawed person CAN make an enormous difference, even without money, without connections, without an Ivy League education, without – as in Gary’s case – even being able to spell properly (he has a reading and writing disability)!

    It is sad that we don’t learn from history, but it will ever be so; so let’s just accept it and do what we know is right. Perhaps we might just get lucky and others will be inspired to follow, but at the very least we will not one day look back on our lives and be ashamed that we took rank with cowards, appeasers, wishful thinkers and money changers when the world needed our voices.

    Thanks for writing. Shalom! Mark


    This NDP MP is an active supporter of the flotilla. I was polite but challenged his foolishness for breaching international law and possibly some Canadian laws.
    Israel or any country for that matter has a right to blockade a hostile territory. San Remo Manual clearly allows for a military blockade.

    It is interesting that 4th Gen Convention also clearly states that nationals of a territory that doesn’t abide by it, is not protected by the 4th.

    I was curious how London protest went.

    VoC: Thanks for the info. I’m doing protests every day for one hour till the Boat to Hamas people get back to Canada. Updates here:


  6. I see the recent discovery of huge oil and gas reserves in Israel could be the largest ib the world.The oil is estimated at 250 billion barrels which is more than Saudi. This could turn the Middle East on it’s head.

    VoC: I wonder if Israel will suddenly have some new friends in the world? Mark

  7. GOOD NEWS !

    “Greek commandos “surrounded” the Audacity of Hope with live weapons, boarded the boat, and eventually towed it back to a different port for fear of sabotage by Israelis:”

    Another flotilla grounded.
    Israel would have no option to stop them even by force. The blockade has to be enforced with no exceptions according to the law of blockades.

    VoC: Great news. Do you have a link? Mark

  8. GOOD NEWS !

    I just Googled Greeks stop flotilla. Lots of info including a video of the action when Greeks surrounded the flotilla and threatened force.
    Netanyahou thanked the Greeks the UN and the US of A.

    So your hard work was not in vein!
    It is on our favorite SUN Media today as well!
    I will see if I can find a link.

    VoiceofCanada: Thanks, but I don’t think I can claim much credit for all the good news. 🙂 Mark

  9. Here is just one of hundreds !

    Activists are a scary lot when they can’t see the truth !
    They seem to forget that Israelis are human.
    chatted with a lovely young 17 old Jewish girl and she was living in fear and believes the world hates her. Constant sirens and hiding in shelters. It is a shame these egotistical Activists can’t see both sides.

    VoiceofCanada: Thanks! Mark