VoiceofCanada’s 21 minute course: ANTI-ISRAEL PROPAGANDA 101

Ethnic cleansing of Palestinians or a struggle for survival against genocidal anti-Semitism?mortar-diploma-key 

UPDATED Dec 15/11 — In this short course, which should take you no more than 21 minutes or so to complete, you’ll learn how to distinguish fact from fiction before entering into any debate on the Middle East issue, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing you will likely be the most informed person in the room.

Take your time to explore the references cited. Fact check them on your own, but be prepared to be both challenged and repulsed by the enormity of the historical fabrications being foisted on the naive and gullible as part of the war to destroy the state of Israel and her Jews.

LESSON 1: How Israel came into existence – the Palestinian version

The video below can (as of 11:41pm July 15/11) be found in the right side margin of the ‘Uprooted Palestinians‘ website above a cartoon showing two smiling ‘Hamas’ terrorists looming large over a cowering Israeli soldier. It is typical of the claims made by the anti-Israel side:

At 1:43 the video begins to discuss ‘The Nakba (1948)‘ and goes on to say, ‘During the Nakba hundreds of massacres were committed by Zionist terror gangs.

At the 2:00 min mark the producer states: “During the Nakba around 80% of the Palestinians were expelled from their home and made refugees by Zionist terror gangs.”

At 2:40 it asserts, “During the Nakba 531 Palestinian villages & towns…were ethnically cleansed & destroyed.” The producer shows dead bodies as ‘proof’ of the Jewish atrocities against the innocent Arabs:

  • ‘A Voice From Palestine’, May 13/11: The On-Going Nakba of Palestine…63 years later [VIDEO, 4:53]

LESSON 2: How Israel came into existence – the Israeli version

Now that you’ve watched the pro-Palestinian version of events, consider this one by ‘Prager University,’ operated by Dennis Prager, a graduate of the Middle East Institute at Columbia University:

  • ‘Prager University,’ Oct 24/10: The Middle East Problem [VIDEO, 5:59]

Rewriting history?

It would seem that the producer of the Palestinan video left out some salient facts. Facts such as Israel’s creation by the Nov 29/47 vote by the United Nations General Assembly that actually makes her one of the most ‘legitimate’ countries in the world, a vote which created a two-state solution which was rejected by the Arabs.

It would also appear that the ‘Naqba’ (‘disaster’) didn’t begin because ‘Zionist terror gangs’ suddenly began murdering Arabs, but because on the day after Israel’s independence of May 14/48 she was attacked by Arab armies determined to destroy the new Jewish state.

Not much has changed since 1948. Arab armies attacked Israel again and again, in 1967 (when Israel first captured the West Bank) and in 1973, losing each time, eventually turning to bloody terror attacks against innocents.  These details are conveniently omitted in all anti-Israel propaganda.

Extra Credit:

  • VoiceofCanada: Israel’s Fight for Survival: A Short History
  • Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Deputy Minister Danny Ayalon, July 12/11: The Truth About the West Bank [VIDEO, 6:17] (Minister Ayalon explains where the terms “West Bank,” occupied territories” and “67 Borders” originated and how they are incorrectly used and applied.)
  • Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Deputy Minister Danny Ayalon, Sep 12/11: Israel Palestinian Conflict: The Truth About The Peace Process [VIDEO, 5:59) (Minister Ayalon exposes the myth that Israel’s capture of the West Bank in 1967 is responsible for Arab hostility and terror against Israel’s people)
  • Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Deputy Minister Danny Ayalon, Dec 04/11: Israel Palestinian Conflict: The Truth About the Refugees [VIDEO, 5:30] (Minister Ayalon explains where all the Palestinian refugees really came from, and points out how the UN has been an obstacle to helping settle them.) 


LESSON 3: Should Israel return to the pre-1967 borders in return for peace?

Imagine Canada was just the size of Prince Edward Island,  surrounded by millions of people who had been trying to destroy us for over 60 years. How eager would you be for our government to give up land captured in yet another war we didn’t want (1967) to those still sworn to massacre us and ‘obliterate’ our country?

  • Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) video, May 2011: Israel’s Critical Security Needs for a Viable Peace [VIDEO, 5:27]

“The Jews are brought in droves to Palestine…for the purpose of the great massacre, by means of which Allah wants to relieve humanity of their evil.” 

  • Al-Aksa TV (Hamas/Gaza), May 11/11: Hamas MP Yunis Al-Astal [VIDEO w/translation by MEMRI, 2:19]

In 2006 the United Nations Human Rights Council condemned the Hamas charter for its call to kill Jews and “obliterate” Israel:

Extra Credit:

LESSON 4: The Gaza ‘Flotilla’: aiding terror or aiding people?

  • ‘The Truth Behind the “Freedom Flotilla” [VIDEO, 2:50]

Extra Credit:


The re-writing of Middle East history in an attempt to ‘justify’ or ‘contextualize’ Palestinian/Arab violence against Israel and her Jews bears an uncanny resemblance to attempts to deny the Holocaust for the purpose of inciting hate against Jews. One might legitimately argue, given the magnitude of the fabrications and their potential consequences for the people of Israel from their incitement to hate, that this blatant historical revisionism represents – at the very least – a crime against humanity waiting in the wings.

Reading List:

If you wish to conduct further research, the resources on this page should be of assistance:


You passed. Now share what you’ve learned.

Kudos for ‘Anti-Israel Propaganda 101’

  • Our Latest Tweet: Take a 21 minute course and be the most knowledgeable person in your group about Israel: http://t.co/Bzd47xG ” — Christians for Israel Canada, July 16/11
  • This is the best post I have ever seen on the topic – quite amazing. Very well done, Mark. Anyone taking the 21 minutes to watch these videos will understand the main issues.” — Gary McHale, July 17/11 (founder of Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality whose civil rights work during the Caledonia crisis was featured in Christie Blatchford’s 2010 book, Helpless: Caledonia’s Nightmare of Fear And Anarchy, And How The Law Failed All of Us)

Thanks to ‘Kaffir Kanuck’ – a veteran of the Canadian Forces Afghanistan mission – for his post which mentioned the ‘Uprooted Palestinians’ website where I found the Palestinian ‘Naqba’ blood-libel video that inspired this mini-course.

POSTED BY: Mark Vandermaas
Editor, VoiceofCanada

12 responses to “VoiceofCanada’s 21 minute course: ANTI-ISRAEL PROPAGANDA 101

  1. I thought Israeal attacked Egypt in 1967 which contradicts your comment in lesson 2.

    VoiceofCanada: Implicit in your question is the suggestion (intentional or otherwise) that Israel was the aggressor and not the victim in the 1967 war because it did not fire the first shot (arguably) and, therefore, was not ‘attacked.’

    What is indisputable is that Israel had been attacked in the past by the same countries; Egypt’s Nasser had closed the Straits of Tiran – again, and had massed troops and weapons on the border after expelling the UNEF I peacekeepers.

    Moreover, his language was exceptionally bellicose:

    “The danger of Israel lies in the very existence of Israel as it is in the present and in what she represents.” Mar 26/64

    In 1965, he announced, “We shall not enter Palestine with its soil covered in sand; we shall enter it with its soil saturated in blood.”

    ““Our basic objective will be the destruction of Israel. The Arab people want to fight.” — May 30/67

    These are just some of the aggressive statements made by Arab leaders. Others are even more disgusting in their bloodlust and intentions. You can read them here.

    Also, the Syrians were attacking Israeli villages from the Golan Heights which the UN refused to condemn.

    If your family was surrounded by a biker gang which had already tried to kill you before, was now blocking your driveway and announcing to the world their intention to exterminate you, and you knew the police would never come to protect you, and so you struck them first in hopes of surviving, somehow the question of who ‘attacked’ whom first seems rather like a distinction without a difference. Nothing changes the reality that the Arabs were the villains, and the Israelis were the victorious would-be victims. To say that Israel ‘attacked’ Egypt would be like saying a would-be victim ‘attacked’ her stalker/rapist in trying to save her life. Both statements may be true, but don’t convey the truth.

    The bottom line is that the 1967 Six Day War took place because of Arab bellicosity and not because the Israelis wanted to wage an unprovoked war of colonialism as the Israel Haters would have you believe.

    In fact, I would recommend several of the references included in my ‘Israel’s Fight for Survival’ reference piece which show how hard Israel tried to use diplomatic means to avoid war after Egypt blocked the straits – something I don’t recall reading in the Wikipedia reference:


    So, yes, I suppose we could agree that Israel launched a pre-emptive attack in the face of an exisistential threat, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t attacked first (which is what I said), and it really doesn’t change the whole point of the course which is that the Arabs/Palestinians have always (and continue to this day) sought the extermination of the Jews and the destruction of Israel, and it is that unholy quest in violation of international law that is responsible for their misery, and not Israel’s attempts to defend herself.


    • Laurie it was a preemptive strike,. Egypt & other Arab states were amassing troops to attack Israel. Israel struck 1st & stopped them in their tracks.
      It is public information so look it up !

  2. This is a good source of detail about the conflict. Of course, one has to consider the merits of a preemptive strike.

    I would love for ‘peace to break out’ but there is no easy answer.

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  5. I think that you should emphasize the Hamas Charter or Covenant, especially as clarified by your ‘extra credit’ UNHRC….


    The full English version is available here:

    I managed once to get a quote of Article Seven –
    “The Day of Judgment will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say: O Muslims (…) there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.“
    – included at Georgia Straight. But since then they are deliberately blocking my comments. Here, for example, is an article by Jack Chivo:


    which elicited this comment:

    ” Fan’o Truth Wed, 2011-07-20 10:00
    Rating: -3 31 votes
    I am shocked at the intentionally misleading trickery in Dr Jack Shivo’s piece. Pretending that anyone who agrees that the blockade of Gaza should be lifted is somehow calling for the “killing or harming of Jews”, or circuilating a “myth about a world Jewish conspiracy” is the kind of complete dishonesty one sees in political propaganda or commercial advertising. It’s not the sort of thing you expect from a PhD writing an opinion column.”

    I tried to show how ‘the charter’ included those items, but three times, my replies, on topic and precise, were not included, even once when I only referred readers to The Avalon Project, without quoting Hamas.

    So you see how Vancouver’s most popular weekly, almost an MSM, in its circulation, censors against Jews and Israel. Someone should inform their rich advertisers, who pay for this left wing biased, flotilla boosting rag.

  6. My time, and computer skills are limited.
    Does anyone know how to automate/program a process to analyze for consistent MSM or local news media bias?

    I have a very simple rubric for a quick look. I look at their ‘tag cloud’ to see if they even mention some topics. For example, the ‘so-called’ Peace Alliance Winnipeg has huge tags for Palestine and Israel, a tiny one for Syria, and none for Darfur. They, and their seeming leader – Paul S. Graham – delude themselves that they are better than people like us; THEY are on the sides of the poor and downtrodden, WE are warmongers and supporters of zionazis. So they fawn over the likes of George Galloway and Helen Thomas, Hamas and Hezbollah. The only problem is, they have no time to comment on the likes of Darfur, Burma, Tibet or the DPRK – all mysteriously linked to the People’s Republic of China. Ergo, their fanatical obsession with Israel bashing is Jew bashing. They also CENSOR level but contrary, non-racist, non-swearing comments. Small minds.

    Back to my question. Take a rag like the North Shore News, which for years published vitriolic anti-Jew/Israel rants by Doug Collins, obviously aided and abetted by Speck and then Renshaw, with lawyer Doug Christie (of Ernst Zundel piano duet fame) in the background. Possibly with DC’s advice DC managed to sail just this side of antisemitism. Until Jack Chivo had enough and complained to the HRC.

    I believe it was a statistical analysis which showed the NSN’s antisemitic bias. Suppose, as a LOCAL paper you devote 10% of your of text to foreign affairs – and arguably that’s 10% too much.
    Now suppose that 90% of that material is devoted to Jews and Israel, and always disparaging. BECAUSE you didn’t do similar ‘hatchet jobs’ on the criminals behind the DPRK or Burma or Tibet, which would have reduced that 90% Israel bashing to say 10-20%, it was pretty obvious that you had a nasty antisemitic thread running through your mind, most of the time.
    [The annotation means the aggregation of editorial + commentary + readers’ letters, where the editors wrote or invited articles and got to cherry pick which letters were published.]

    I believe a disproportionate amount of the LOCAL entertainment weekly Georgia Straight IS devoted to Israel haters, be they flotilla queens or self-hating union leaders. And they do have a very good resonance with their readers, to judge by the comments and the scores which they get.

    So can anyone offer a simple methodology to reveal that GS bias in a scientific manner? Will KK allow positive suggestions on this blog?

  7. Sorry, that should have read”

    “…you devote 10% of your “‘column inches'” of text to foreign affairs…”

    [The annotation “‘column inches'” means the aggregation of editorial + commentary + readers’ letters, where the editors wrote or invited articles and got to cherry pick which letters were published.]

  8. Mark the Geoffrey Palmer official report on the 1st flotilla is due out in about a week.
    It sides with the Israeli position that the blockade is legal & the attack on the Mavi is also legal in defence of the blockade.
    Turkey has been trying to delay the report & trying to get an apology from Israel. Israel now knows the report supports them & refuses to apologize for their legal actions under the San Remo Manual 1994, the law of armed conflict at sea & blockades..!
    Ban Ki-Moon has advised Turkey that the report goes against them. It will be officially revealed in about a week.

  9. The 2nd flotilla was stopped because the law supports Israel & Ban was able to convince Greece that it was a no win situation to allow the doomed ship of fools to proceed possibly resulted in more deaths..
    Turkey should apologize for allowing these flotillas to take place ! They were in fact acts of war !

  10. “Turkey turned to the UN chief, Israel, and the United States on Sunday, asking to delay the publication of the report by seven to ten days. The U.S. showed support for the delay, and Israel did not express opposition. According to the Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman, Israel has also asked the UN to delay the report.

    An Israeli official said that a delay of the report would allow the renewal of Israel-Turkey negotiations aimed at ending the diplomatic crisis between the two countries, and to try to word an Israeli apology to Turkey that would be acceptable by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Last Wednesday, Netanyahu told U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton that Israel definitely will not apologize to Turkey for the events of the raid on the Gaza flotilla. “