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applause.jpgI had no idea of just how time-consuming the Blue Beret vigil would be when I started it. Not an exaggeration to say that I’ve been going on 3-4 hours sleep per night trying to keep up with all the writing and behind the scenes developments that I can’t talk about, all the while monitoring and reporting on the stunning developments in the Caledonia crisis. Normally I like to cross-post material from the Caledonia Victims Project here on VoC, but while I was covering it in my daily updates to the Blue Beret vigil, I just didn’t have time to re-post.

That was why I was sending out updates on the vigil to my ‘Caledonia list’ and if you were following them you might have gotten a sense of just how related the issues were as the vigil progressed. If not, go back and have a re-read. Or, you can catch up here. 🙂 

So, Caledonia has received a lot of good news in the past month. It’s about time.

One item being watched – a new structure being built illegally on the Hydro One right-of-way. Can’t say more, but perhaps H1 is starting to see the writing on the wall – that the McGuinty gov’t won’t be around much longer to cover their willingness to be used for illegal activities. A letter from Gary McHale may have some impact, too.

Heard from reliable source that Hamilton Police chased a stolen car onto Douglas Creek Estates where they arrested someone after the vehicle sideswiped 4 cars in Hamilton. The person who told me is related to one of the people whose car was smashed up.

It’s not over yet, folks!

Let’s celebrate all the good news, but we’ve got a lot of work to do, like helping educators, politicians, journalists and policy researchers understand what went wrong and how to make sure the crimes against democracy committed in Haldimand County are never repeated.

We also need to work to convince 6N, Ontario and the OPP they need to provide some very sincere apologies so some meaningful healing can start to take hold. In the case of the OPP that’s probably going to require some terminations at the top; pink slips for everyone at the rank of Inspector and above should send the proper message — and damn the severance costs.

Oh yes, and there’s absolutely no way the Douglas Creek Estates can be turned over to Six Nations. If we do, we’ve just legalized violence against innocents as a legitimate political tool. No (more) rewards for terrorizing Caledonia. Not negotiable.

POSTED BY: Mark Vandermaas
Editor, VoiceofCanada

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