David Strutt election cartoon: Lest we forget CALEDONIA

Many thanks to artist David Strutt  – who also happens to be the Freedom Party candidate for Durham – for remembering what the other candidates for the major parties have completely ignored during this election: the billions of dollars lost and the thousands of people traumatized due to Liberal refusal to uphold the rule of law in Caledonia.

Note that Strutt has McGuinty wearing a Mohawk Warrior flag, symbol of the violent native organized crime group that took over the occupation shortly after it began. It is an apt symbol of how far the Liberal government went to tolerate the lawlessness and embrace those responsible for it. 

David would like his cartoon given as wide a distribution as possible so please feel free to reprint (click image to download full size version), but be sure to give him credit. NOTE: This cartoon is NOT produced by or endorsed by the Freedom Party.

Yes…$4.1 Billion…with a ‘B’

According to a 2008 accounting estimate by MPP Toby Barrett native lawlessness had, by then, resulted in $4.1 Billion in economic losses in the Haldimand Tract:

  • MPP Toby Barrett email, Feb 22/11 : How much are these land disputes costing us? [PDF]

The use of economic warfare was a part of a deliberate plan by radical unionists and anarchists which have supported the various native crime groups since the beginning of the occupation. I discussed their role in Part 2 of my presentation at our Caledonia: No More Nightmares event in Ottawa earlier this year:

National Post editorial: Caledonia is McGuinty’s “greatest moral failure” with “no honourable explanation”

The National Post is one of the few media outlets during this election to hold McGuinty accountable for his despicable treatment of Caledonia’s citizens.

[…] “Bad as Mr. McGuinty’s fiscal record has been, his greatest moral failure had nothing to do with dollars and cents. Rather, it was his abandonment of the residents of Caledonia to lawlessness and disorder. In 2006, swathes of that small town came under the control of native thugs opposed to a real estate development on contested land. Subsequently, non-native residents were terrorized and driven from their homes, police officers assaulted in broad daylight and public property brazenly destroyed. This went on for several years – and was not some sudden riot or weekend protest march gone amok. The Ontario Provincial Police, much to the embarrassment of the rank-and-file, refused to arrest native lawbreakers, undoubtedly on the orders of a provincial government petrified of managing a racially charged confrontation.

Mr. McGuinty’s political paralysis on this file simply has no honourable explanation. When faced with a choice between a controversial confrontation with Six Nations protesters or appeasing them at the cost of the safety and rights of other Ontario residents, he chose the latter. He is unworthy of another term in office on these grounds alone.” […]

Well said. Thank you, National Post.


Thanks for helping to spread the word!

Mark Vandermaas, Editor