Cdn Forces to be ‘honoured’ for installing Islamo-Nazi Sharia government in Libya

On Nov 12th, I attended a lecture by Mid-East expert Caroline Glick (calling her an ‘expert’ does no justice to her credentials) who pointed out the fact that Libya is now controlled by Al Queda members and sympathizers, and that some of the former regime’s weapons have made their way to Hamas in the Gaza Strip to be used to threaten Israeli civilians.

  • Caroline About Me
  • Jerusalem Post, Aug 18/11: Libya threatens to become terrorist arms depotYoram Schweitzer, a senior research fellow at Israel’s Institute for National Security Studies, told The Media Line that there are already signs that some Libyan weaponry has reached the Islamic militant movement Hamas in the Gaza Strip.”
  • The Investigative Project on Terrorism, Nov 09/11: Al-Quaida claims it acquired Libyan weapons  “…independent observers report that an al-Qaida flag is hanging from the revolution’s starting point in Benghazi.”

I suspected all along that the so-called Arab Spring, coupled with other key developments (such as the new alliance between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, and the raining down of rockets on Israel from Gaza), would result not in democracy, but in more Islamist terror and oppression.

  • VoiceofCanada Special Report, April 20/11: Dramatic increase in Palestinian targeting of Israeli civilians prelude to unified Arab attack? “The confluence of Mid-East events leads one to wonder if Palestinians are deliberately provoking the Israelis as part of a strategic plan involving a coordinated attack against Israel and/or a longer-term plan to strengthen support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Arab countries currently facing popular revolts against despotic and/or western-friendly regimes.”

That belief was confirmed when Libya’s victorious thugs announced that the bestial Sharia law would be imposed:

Glick agrees: The West fails to understand the real issue in the Middle East – ‘genocidal anti-Semitism’

During my Blue Beret vigil at the London mosque (which I launched to protest its support for the Canadian Boat to Hamas) I had a letter published by the Hamilton Spectator in which I suggested that Israel’s border are not the problem in the Middle-East, but rather the ‘genocidal anti-Semitism’ that is inculcated in Muslims:

Interestingly, Caroline Glick used this exact terminology to describe one of the key factors she believes that the West fails to understand about the region: the overwhelming support in the Arab street for the belief that Jews must be eradicated and Israel destroyed.

One must wonder how it is that the government of Canada could be so blind to the reality that the Arab Spring was more likely a prelude to a new Islamic caliphate run by the Muslim Brotherhood than a democratic revolution of liberalism.

Canada to honour the mission that installed Islamo-Nazi Sharia terror regime in Libya

Only the most naive and disingenuous could have believed that democracy was breaking out in the Middle East, but the government of Canada drank from the U.N. pitcher of Arab Spring koolaid, sending in our air force to install an Islamo-Nazi-Sharia-terror regime.  In fairness, the House of Commons – according to the CBC – voted unanimously to send our troops to Libya, so every MP in the country has the stink of this despicable accomplishment on their hands.

Now, the Harper government has announced it intends to ‘honour’ this inglorious endeavour:

On November 11th. I proudly marched with other Canadian Forces veterans during London’s Remembrance Day observances. The pride I feel as a former peacekeeper who served in the Middle East is now tempered by the shame of knowing that my government used my brothers and sisters in arms to help bring Sharia law to Libya and weapons to Hamas. A blind man could have seen it coming and, if there is any justice at all, this sad affair will go down as the lowest point in Canadian military history.

I do not blame members of the Canadian Forces; they were given lawful orders which they obeyed to the best of their abilities. They were failed, as were all freedom-loving people of the world, by politicians who should have known better.

This is a time for apologies, not celebrations.


Mark Vandermaas, Editor

4 responses to “Cdn Forces to be ‘honoured’ for installing Islamo-Nazi Sharia government in Libya

  1. Yes & Egypt is next !
    I laughed when they called them freedom fighters & we should have known better.
    The Nato forces just helped install a new regime known as the Muslim Brotherhood. I just watched a great documentary “Egypt at the Crossroads”
    What fools we are !
    When are we going to recognize the UN & Nato for what it really has become ?

    Thank God our feds backed Israel !

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  4. I hate to be the harbinger of ugly truths here Mark, but I disagree that our respective foreign policy is the result of a mistake or poor intel or ineptitude – I think they know exactly what they’re doing. I think involvement in these “Arab spring” disastrous coups is a calculated well carried off leg of a larger agenda that started with the PNAC document. That policy document was milled by Straussian Dems and Crony Capitalist GOPs – it was a bipartisan foreign agenda and history is bearing that out. I take criticism from my fellow conservatives in pointing out the top priority foreign policy of the US/NATO is simply the policy agendas of the superclass who control the CFR, Chatham House, RIIA. CIIA and trilateral commission international policy think tanks. It was agreed some decades ago that there will be constant conflict in the ME and “Arab Spring” is part of that.
    Provocateuring destabilizing coups in previously relatively stable Arab nations and allowing fanatic anti-west, anti-Semitic belligerent regimes to take power ensures the ME conflict and our involvement in it will be the multi-generational morass PNAC envisioned.
    The rewards of protracted ME conflict are several-fold for the super class
    1) It sucks up tons of cash and credit in rebuilding infrastructures and fueling both sides of the conflict – transnational banking and large logistics corporations profit, 2) I sucks up a good deal of GDP on the military support industries.
    3) It creates a new bogyman to justify further empowering domestic security agencies and making security tech industries wealthy.
    4) It cuts the flow of oil coming from the ME further driving up the price of oil and benefiting energy producers from North and South America – it also starves China of its oil needs.
    5) Large scale conventional weapons tech research and development will be kept busy,
    6) it diverts the public’s attention from the poor political leadership, deteriorating democracy and the economic austerity that results from wasting resources on endless sustained conflict with a nebulous enemy.

    The safety valve, (they hope) to contain unmanageable ME conflict escalation is the fact the superclass armed Israel with nukes for decades and it acts as a US/NATO nuclear deterrent proxy in the region – US/NATO don’t have to disturb Arabs by openly building military nuke sites in the ME, they are already there by proxy in Israel. Any of these anti-Semitic regimes decide to unite to destroy Israel, there will be a contained first strike local nuke shoot out the Arab nations can’t possibly win. It’s a terminal fail safe solution that is left open in the event anti-Semitic fanaticism coalesces the forces meant to be kept in internal tribal factional conflict.

    If you become frustrated about the wasted tax money and military lives on foreign misadventure which makes no rational sense, remember, it is NOT being done for your benefit, nor our national interests – this is the superclass playing in their sandbox for power and profit. War is sometimes necessary and unavoidable to sustain a nation’s sovereignty/security, but wars run for the benefit of economic interests is both immoral and treasonous – that’s common ground both left and right outside the superclass can agree on.