Gerofsky: How to defeat Islamism

idea_lightbulb_cartoon2by Gary Gerofsky, Never Again Group, Canada

How to defeat Islamism

 The only non-military response to Islamism and the creeping sharia (Islamic law) that is infecting the world is through strength and activism against this scourge and against those in power who are facilitating Islamist expansion. The generations that went before us defeated communism and fascism, and now we must step up to the plate to defeat Islamism. This task is made seriously difficult because we have a Muslim supporter in the White House and weak, ignorant, misinformed leaders married to multiculturalism, wishful thinking, and leftism that is intent on appeasing Islamists in all but a few places (For political reasons related to 9/11, Al Qaeda seems to be the only real Islamist concern for the Obama administration.)

Our Western countries have become divided states, one part for the radicals and one for the majority of citizenry — and, by virtue of our free and fair society, they are both afforded the same rights. The new world order has its new world leader with Obama encouraging dissent and self-loathing among his own countrymen while boosting the political fortunes of Muslim Brotherhood forces who want us dead and who live by their belief in intolerance and a world ruled by Islamic edicts.


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Mark Vandermaas
Editor, VoiceofCanada


One response to “Gerofsky: How to defeat Islamism

  1. Miss Susan M Kettle

    As previously mentioned when I first became interested in the Caledoniia affair, I have now read two of Melanie Phillips (Journalist for Daily Mail and well-known and awarded writer) which have caused me great concern about the creeping fact of Islamism. My only good regard is, that, as an old lady I will not be here when and if they do take over U K, Europe, U S A etc.

    Thanks for continued communications. Sue Kettle (Miss)

    VoC REPLY: Thks for the thoughts. I read Melanie’s articles regularly. Thankfully, you’ve got someone who’s unafraid to tell the truth about the insanity in your country. I’ve updated your email address. Regards, Mark