The Caledonia 8 – arrested in non-Native ‘no-go zone’ occupation site

111203 The Caledonia 8 at OPP's Caledonia sub-station following arrests. PHOTO by Stuart Laughton.

UPDATED – VoiceofCanada editor/Caledonia Victims Project founder Mark Vandermaas was one of eight people arrested yesterday while walking on the occupied Douglas Creek Estates (DCE) in Caledonia.  The protest was organized by Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality (CANACE) to draw attention to the racially-segregated site owned by the Ontario government and Haldimand County, a ‘no-go zone’ for non-natives and police.

According to Gary McHale, Executive Director of CANACE, the goal of the protest was to remind the OPP, the McGuinty government and Haldimand County that citizens will never surrender their freedoms and rights to OPP racial policing policies.

111203 Caledonia 8 - Bonnie Stephens. Threatened by native occupier on Douglas Creek Estates 'no-go zone.' Click image to read story.Rule of law activists from London, Richmond Hill, Binbrook and Norfolk lined up quietly with Caledonia/Haldimand residents to wait their turn to refuse OPP orders to leave the road into DCE. We were then arrested, handcuffed and loaded into a paddy wagon which took us to the Caledonia OPP sub-station where we were issued tickets and released. The photo above of the ‘Caledonia 8’ was taken in front of the station after our release. Additional photos can be found below.

Members of the ‘Never Again Group’ also attended and we are grateful for their continued support (including the terrific photo of the ‘Caledonia 8’ above). They have realized, not only have anti-Israel groups worked side-by-side with native militants since the beginning of the Caledonia occupation, but also, if the Ontario government and the OPP can set up racial no-go zones for non-natives today, they are quite capable of refusing to protect the rights of Jews tomorrow.

Those arrested and given Trespassing summons to appear in court were:

A number of those arrested had been previously arrested for attempting to raise a Canadian flag near the occupation site during what proved to be a 31 month struggle to make our country’s flag legal again in Caledonia:

Our most recent protests in Caledonia were attempts to shame the Ontario government, Six Nations and the OPP into apologizing for their respective roles in allowing Caledonia to be terrorized by native militants. We were eventually successful in placing a Healing & Reconciliation monument near the entrance of DCE, but only after we were earlier assaulted and our monument stolen and burnt during our second attempt:

111203 Caledonia 8 - Occupation ringleader Ruby Montour urges police to arrest Mark VandermaasAs with our final Healing & Reconciliation Rally, there were no ugly incidents today. The native occupiers were quite restrained and confined themselves mainly to directing the OPP as to who they wanted arrested. I took this picture of occupation ringleader Ruby Montour while she was telling the OPP to make sure they got me. The officers were very professional, very polite.  We made our point,  they made theirs, and now we’ll let the judge decide who was right.

Ontario gov’t instructions to enforce racial segregation on provincial land backfires?

This was the fourth arrest by the OPP of Gary McHale. The first three arrests resulted in no convictions and it is likely that this one will continue in that tradition.

Prior to the protest the OPP showed McHale a letter from the Ontario government that stated we would be arrested if we stepped onto provincially owned land on DCE. Unfortunately for the OPP, they arrested us while we were, in fact, on land owned by Haldimand County, not by the province. The CANACE news release below includes a copy of the deed and map registered in the Land Titles office which shows the Corporation of Haldimand County as the owner:


Media Coverage

Several media outlets were present including MooseFM CKJN (Caledonia) and National Post photographer Glenn Lowson (Lowson took the photos included in the NP article cited below). The editor of ‘Blogwrath’ made the trip from Toronto (with his wife) to cover the story as well and documented the day in detail with images set in chronological order.

Additional References

If you would like to understand the extent of your government’s crimes against democracy in Caledonia, and the role of anarchists, anti-Israel groups and radical unionists in fomenting the violence I urge you to watch the videos from our IFPS/Free Thinking Film Society-sponsored event in Ottawa earlier this year:

Additional Photos

See also – BlogWrath, Dec 04/11: Eight peaceful protesters arrested in Caledonia (Canadian flag still illegal)

POSTED BY: Mark Vandermaas
Editor, VoiceofCanada
Founder, Caledonia Victims Project (

5 responses to “The Caledonia 8 – arrested in non-Native ‘no-go zone’ occupation site

  1. God Bless You for doing what is right. Mcguinty and his race baiting ilk will not get away with this forever.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks. I’ve had the honour of standing with some good people. This is the first time we’ve had so many arrested at the same time. When you see supporters who have never been arrested before step up to wear handcuffs with you to end racial segregation in our province it’s pretty humbling, and very encouraging. We were singing ‘We Shall Overcome’ in the paddy wagon. 🙂 Regards, Mark

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  3. There is no need to appoint a new head of OPP detachment in Haldimand, Ruby seems to have thing well in hand.

    VoC REPLY: You picked up on that one, huh? 🙂 So, is it McG directing the OPP or Ruby and her gang? Same old question. You can find a picture of Ruby watching our Healing & Reconciliation monument w/Cdn flag burn here + links to 3 separate court actions that name her as a defendant. Scroll down to the section entitled, ‘Native ringleader watches Truth & Reconciliation/Apology monument and Canadian flag burn’:


  4. Hot damn you look good in soviet bracelets (handcuffs) Never see a more dapper fellon Mark 😉

    Well it looks like the local gangsters are issuing policy for the local OPP detachment. It also looks like Dalton’s droids took the bait hook line and sinker. I trust there are 8 false arrest charges pending against the province followed by 8 actions for damages 😉

    The more these smug sphincters push their racist police policies the deeper they sink in their own feces. It’s almost entertaining to watch them squirm, lie, sweat, bluster and cower when the public attention is focused on their civil abominations. There will be a little something in the CANACE Christmas stocking from ‘ol Santa this year to help you out a little with costs of embarassing, charging and suing the McGuinty Kakistocrats.

    God bless Mark, Gary and CANACE. You seem to be the only folks left willing to confront systemic corruption in this degenerate province.

    VoC REPLY: Thks for kind words and your commitment on Moose & Squirrel. Was very pleased to be one of 8 people who stood with us. Gary has already submitted the first Police Services Act complaint. Lawsuits to follow once charges are dropped/dismissed. Getting LOTS of media coverage – nice to see. This ends when the Ont govt, 6N and OPP apologize and take steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again. And, for those concerned about Sharia coming: if the govt can allow no-go zones for native radicals it can certainly allow it for muslim ones. Caledonia is the front line in the civil rights struggle to teach our govt that it MUST uphold the rule of law, and that it has to do it equally. Those who think Caledonia has nothing to do with them are so very wrong. If the rights of the people in Haldimand County can be taken away from them during this illegal ‘peacekeeping’ mission, then no one’s rights are safe.

    Jeff Parkinson has just released a movie about the Caledonia 8; haven’t even had time to post it. You’re the first…

    Thks for writing, Bill. Mark

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