CAUGHT ON TAPE: Native occupier threatens non-native woman in Caledonia’s ‘no-go zone’

UPDATE: VIDEO: The Caledonia Eight Arrested

CANACE’s videographer Jeff Parkinson caught a threat made against Bonnie Stephens by a native occupier while she was waiting for police to arrest her during our Saturday protest in Caledonia where eight of us were arrested for ‘trespassing’ on a Haldimand County road. The man can be heard clearly saying, “Come again and the cops won’t be here to protect you.”

  • CANACE video, Dec 03/11: If you come again, the cops won’t be here to protect you [VIDEO, 0.03]

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Even after 5 years of work in Caledonia, even after I and my associates were smeared and assaulted (several put in the hospital) and our property stolen and destroyed by Six Nations militants who ripped apart the community I must confess to still being surprized at just how much violence permeates the attitudes of some of the occupiers. Imagine – threatening a non-native woman for simply daring to stand on a county road! A road that has been declared off-limits to non-natives (and police!) by violent racists whose delusions are backed up by our province’s police force and the Ontario government.  

I am reminded of Christie Blatchford’s observation:

“…the law in Haldimand County operates as the law in America’s Deep South once worked, where there was one law for the white man, who could break it with impunity, and another for the black man. In Haldimand County, since the occupation began, there has been one law for natives and another for non-natives.“

In a detailed statement released today CANACE Executive Director Gary McHale had this to say, in part, about the racist nature of the arrests of the Caledonia 8:

“[…] This is similar to how police in the South would arrest Black people for daring to walk down a road in a white community. Many in Canada believe we are above such racism within the police but clearly we are not. The OPP will use every illegal means to ensure non-Native people have no rights whenever Native people order the police to arrest non-Natives. Any review of the video from Dec. 3, 2011 shows how Native people repeatedly pointed out who should be arrested and how the OPP quickly followed their instructions.

“In the South the KKK had control over society and the police. The police used the force of the state to ensure Blacks did not have any rights that Whites didn’t want them to have. The police took their orders from this racist environment with the full approval of the State.

“In Ontario the McGuinty government has publicly and repeatedly approved of the racist policies that the OPP have enforced upon the residents of Haldimand County. The McGuinty government has spent over $80 million on policing and another $20+ million on paying out civil claims due to these racist policies. Ontario taxpayers have paid $100+ million to enforce racism in Haldimand – isn’t it time to stop?”

Indeed. It certainly is time. 


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