Gerofsky re Caledonia Eight – Dear Prime Minister: ‘Just plain unfair and unconstitutional’ to favour violent groups

 Letter to the Prime Minister, Ontario’s Premier, the OPP and others by a member of the Never Again Group, several members of which attended the Dec 03/11 march where the Caledonia Eight were arrested…

Subject: Caledonia on my mind                     
Sent: Sun 12/4/2011 2:15
111203 Caledonia 8 arrests - Bonnie Stephens PHOTO: BLOGWRATH.COM, CLICK FOR MORE PHOTOS/STORY.

111203 Caledonia 8 arrests - Bonnie Stephens PHOTO: BLOGWRATH.COM, CLICK FOR MORE PHOTOS/STORY.

Dear Prime Minister Harper and Premier McGuinty:

I am a law-abiding citizen and have never had any reason to give much thought to policing in Canada. I took it for granted that everyone was treated fairly, according to the same laws applied in the same way for everyone. Our police, I assumed, are well-paid and professional in carrying out their duties. I also assumed that there was a fire-wall between the politicians and the police.
Recent events in the past several years in Caledonia have shaken my complacency because in Caledonia the law has become a political matter rather than a policing matter. Some people have become the untouchables (the native community) regardless of their behaviour, lawlessness, displays of violence and objectives. Taxpayer money has gone into a huge appeasement package that will encourage more of this type of “occupation” of land that is really no longer in dispute because settlements and restitution has been made in the distant past and there is a statute of limitations on land claims that must be considered as part of any big picture. New targets are now being pursued by the native community (like in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area). These urban green spaces are being claimed as hunting grounds now precisely because the pursuit of racial policing has set a disruptive and dangerous precedent in Caledonia.
I know the good people who were arrested yesterday in Caledonia for merely setting foot on public property. The group of upstanding citizens fighting the selective nature of political and racial policing with regard to the occupation of land in Caledonia had every right to walk on public land as I am sure they have and will once again point out in their lengthy research of their rights with respect to this incident. I question the police action and the government decision to protect lawlessness in Caledonia while clamping down on peaceful citizens. The concern of the force is to protect natives only – and this seems to be an order given to them by politicians via their commanders. In arresting those individuals yesterday, they stepped on all of our rights as free citizens in a free country and it was all for the sake of upholding one-sided, racially prejudicial objectives.
I think that we all need to sit down at the table to discuss Caledonia and other similar situations like adults before this costs the taxpayers any more millions and before it erodes the rights of all non-native people in Canada. I fear that other groups (who are already in cahoots with the native community, like the Islamists) will take this as an example of what the government and police will do if they present themselves using similar violent approaches. They see the Ontario government cave into their every demand without the government fighting for the general welfare of the entire populace. They have decided to selectively favour certain minority groups that threaten and then carry out violent acts against the majority and that is just plain unfair and unconstitutional.
Gary Gerofsky
Dundas, ON Canada
July 03/11, Day 11 of Blue Beret vigil outside London (Ontario) Muslim Mosque, London, Ontario, Canada to protest its support for Canadian Boat to Hamas (raised money & 'sent' delegate onboard)VoC NOTE: Mr. Gerofsky and others from the Never Again Group have supported our call to march with us for justice in Caledonia on several occasions. They also repeatedly made the 1.5 hour drive to London to support my Blue Beret vigil at the London mosque in protest of its aid to the Canadian Boat to Gaza last summer. I/we are profoundly grateful for their support and leadership in standing up for the truth, human rights, Israel and the rule of law.
POSTED BY: Mark Vandermaas
Editor, VoiceofCanada
Founder, Caledonia Victims Project (

4 responses to “Gerofsky re Caledonia Eight – Dear Prime Minister: ‘Just plain unfair and unconstitutional’ to favour violent groups

  1. What would make you happy Mark? How do you see Caledonia, the natives, the OPP, Mr Mcguinty, and the Harper Government successfully bringing this to an end? Do you think your actions (and that of CANACE) can solve anything in this situation? From an outside perspective, I can tell you, your rallies seem to do nothing but create anger and further divide all sides. Your hatred of anything native is very telling and is doing you much more damage in the eyes of Canadians than any perceived good you and your cronies seem to beleive.

    VoC REPLY: Sorry for the delay; I have a lot on my plate right now and can’t respond as fast as I’d like.

    This is the second comment (I decided not to publish the 1st) in which you have sweepingly accused me of inciting and/or having “hatred” towards natives. It appears that you are confusing ‘hatred’ with criticism and activism. They are not the same.

    Your questions, including the issue of ‘inflaming’ and ‘inciting’ and ‘stirring the pot’ with our rallies/marches can be answered by reading these items:

    1. Tekawennake News: Healing Two Communities

    2. VoiceofCanada feature: Lessons from Dr. King

    3. VoiceofCanada: ‘Provoking Violence? Lessons from Dr. King and the Little Rock Nine’

    Once you’ve read these, and provided me with some specific examples that you think show my hatred of native people, then we can talk more.

    Regards, Mark

  2. William Jensen

    Best letter I have seen yet on the corruption in Calidonia.

    VoC REPLY: Gary’s an amazing writer. Thks for the comment. Mark

  3. I have read your previous posts and articles, and quoting yourself as an authority is a little pompous don’t you think? It would likely be easier if you pointed me to where you have shown any support for your native neighbours?

    Are you aware that just down the road, at the former Mohawk Institute Indian residential school, archaeological surveys and test digs are being conducted? That they have already found bone fragments? Where is your outrage or kudos for this horror story? Where is your outrage at the living conditions for the village of Attiswapiskat? Do you know how many years those children have been waiting for a school? Begging for a proper education, a future? Why not give a voice to those canadians instead of your petty squabbles?

    VoC REPLY: Despite your offensive, and patently false allegations about my supposed ‘hatred’ for native people I took time to give you an opportunity to learn more about my actual beliefs/position and to then engage in some meaningful dialogue.

    Since A) you have declined to provide any evidence to support your smarmy allegations and, B) you could not, apparently, be bothered to read the items I cited that would have clearly answered your questions, there’s not much point in dealing with your new ones, so I think our interaction must be at an end.

    It is a shame when people carry so much racism and/or hate in their hearts that they cannot muster any empathy for the non-native victims (or the native ones for that matter) of the Caledonia nightmare. In some ways this commenter reminds me of Holocaust deniers who deny the humanity of the victims by pretending they do not exist and attacking those who speak for them. This, alas, has been the pattern in Caledonia.

    For readers who have read the references I offered to the commenter and do want to know about the victims – native and non-native – I suggest these:

    1. HelplessByBlatchford project: ‘Caledonia: No More Nightmares‘ (our presentation at the Library & Archives building in Ottawa, sponsored by the Free Thinking Film Society and the International Free Press Society)

    2. Caledonia Victims Project: ‘Listening to Victms: A Fresh Approach to Healing and Reconciliation‘ (my presentation to the 2010 New Directions in Aboriginal Policy conference at Mount Royal University)

    I look forward to the day when an occupier/occupation supporter from Six Nations contacts me, not to devalue the humanity of Caledonia’s victims, or to hurl insults at those who have stood against their injustices and violence, but to offer sincere regret and a desire to do what they can to help us find a solution based on truth, justice and apologies.

    Regards, Mark

    P.S. That’s me holding the sign behind Gary McHale in the photo below…


  4. Mark, anytime some troll culture warrior accuses you of “racism” for not supporting the violent nihilism of native racalism, internal band corruption or nanny state dehumanization of first nations people through eternal welfare dependancy, remind them that only a guiltless man can speak truth to revisionist sophistry.