VIDEO: The Caledonia Eight Arrested

UPDATED Dec 09/11 — CANACE’s Director of Multimedia Production Jeff Parkinson has released a short movie that tells the story of the arrests of the Caledonia 8 on the Douglas Creek Estates on Dec 03/11.

Jeff himself was arrested, but handed the camera over to Christine McHale when it was his turn line to wear handcuffs so she could continue documenting the scene. Jeff is shown kneeling in the photo below.

111203 Jeff Parkinson (kneeling) with the rest of the Caledonia 8 at OPP's Caledonia sub-station following arrests. PHOTO BY STUART LAUGHTON

The Caledonia Eight (L-R): Randy Fleming, Doug Fleming, Mark Vandermaas, Gary McHale, Jeff Parkinson (kneeling), Jack Van Halteren (w/hat), Merlyn Kinrade, Bonnie Stephens. PHOTO by Stuart Laughton, taken at OPP Caledonia sub-station after arrests.

TRIVIA: You’ll see a rather humorous scene where I’m bent over trying to get into the paddy wagon but the door is too small for my shoulders and it was almost impossible to twist sideways with my hands cuffed. As you watch me try to get through the door you’ll hear me say, “If the van doesn’t fit you must acquit” (with apologies to Johnny Cochran).

MORE TRIVIA: While we were inside the van Jeff asked if anyone knew any civil rights songs so I led the seven of us (Gary McHale was taken by other means of transport) in ‘We Shall Overcome,’ so that’s my voice you first hear singing from inside the van. I didn’t see Bonnie so I assumed she had been taken away with Gary, but she was, in fact, with us in another part of the paddywagon:

There was a separate, small cell built into the van directly behind the front passenger side seat.  I was sitting in there, but I could see out because there were rows of small holes in the side, sliding door that closed off the approximately 4′ x 4′ “cell” where I was.  I could hear you guys behind me in the back.  I heard you talking to each other, but I couldn’t make out all the words.  I heard you singing and I joined in, and I heard Randy Fleming most clearly, so that might help you figure out where I was in relation to yourself.  I think that you were on the driver side, so I was across from you. I might add that I was quite proud of my calmness because I am very claustrophobic.” 

EVEN MORE TRIVIA: This was Gary McHale’s 4th arrest in Caledonia; Doug Fleming’s 2nd; Randy Fleming’s 2nd; and my 2nd. Jack, Bonnie and Jeff were newbies although all have paid a price as they volunteered countless hours to the struggle against racial justice. Jeff suffers from a lingering brain injury after being knocked unconscious on Dec 01/07 when Six Nations smokeshack supporters attacked us.

  • R. v. Gary McHale (Assault) [LINK] (re Truth & Reconciliation Rally, Feb 27/11)
  • R. v. Gary McHale (Counselling Mischief Not Committed) [LINK] (re anti-smokeshack protest, Dec 01/07)
  • VoiceofCanada feature: THE END OF THE BEGINNING! (4 arrests for trying to raise Canadian flag)
  • CWUC feature: Black Eye on Democracy (arrest of Randy Fleming)
  • Caledonia: No More Nightmares, Gary McHale: Part 3 – ‘ The Smoking Gun of OPP Corruption’
    • Gary McHale – Part 1 [VIDEO, 15:05]
    • Gary McHale – Part 2 [VIDEO, 9:28]

More Media Coverage

SUN News TV sent two trucks yesterday (Dec 05/11) to interview Gary McHale across the street from the occupied Douglas Creek Estates where the Caledonia Eight were arrested on Saturday. They aired 4 interviews with Gary throughout the day: 

Gary’s also done radio interviews with various Toronto stations and one in Alberta.

London Free Press covers the story

According to today’s print version of the LFP the story about the arrest of a London man in Caledonia (that would be me) was the most viewed online story of the day before (Dec 05).  I wasn’t interviewed for the story, likely because it was a QMI newswire item.

Do be sure to read the uninformed comments from supporters of the violent occupation that terrorized a whole community, especially the comments asserting the land is native land. Then…watch this from my speech at the Caledonia: No More Nightmares event held earlier this year in Ottawa by the International Free Press Society/and the Free Thinking Film Society

  • Caledonia: No More Nightmares: Mark Vandermaas – Part 2 [VIDEO, 14:50] (‘Vexatious Land Claims‘ & ‘Caledonia: A National Security Issue
  • Mark Vandermaas, presentation notes: [PDF, 36p (incl. citations)

When you’re done that you may wish to watch the short video of the former Mayor of Haldimand break down in tears as she closes the event with her remarks. Click here and scroll down to: ‘Caledonia Residents/Marie Trainer – ‘A Mayor’s Perspective.’

THE TRIVIA KEEPS COMING: I’m grateful for the coverage but, interestingly, the London Free Press is the same paper that refused to print any stories about my 26 day Blue Beret vigil last summer at a London mosque which I launched to protest its support for the Canadian Boat to Hamas — even though the mosque is just 10 minutes away from their HQ. (By comparison, Caledonia = 1.5 hours.)

Blue Berets for Peace vigil outside London Muslim Mosque on Oxford St. In foreground, Pesach Ovadyah (Chair, Jewish Defence League - London), Mark Vandermaas (organizer), Steve Scheffer (Never Again Group, Hamilton). PHOTO: Christine McHale, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality.

To those of you who have always said, ‘Somebody should DO something!’

That somebody is YOU. There will be another protest in January/February, so you might have the chance to be a member of the ‘Caledonia Fifty.’ Are you willing to peacefully, respectfully and lovingly wear the bracelets of freedom?   

111203 Caledonia 8 arrests, bracelets of freedom

Let me know if you’re willing to come and pay a price to stand with us and be counted in the struggle to stop race-based policing and lawless no-go zones in our province. If so, email me: Mark Vandermaas,

If you need help making the decision:



POSTED BY: Mark Vandermaas
Editor, VoiceofCanada
Founder, Caledonia Victims Project (

8 responses to “VIDEO: The Caledonia Eight Arrested

  1. Question 1: The police in the video do not visibly wear badges with numbers that would individually identify them. Is this legal?

    Question 2: What is the penalty for police officers who knowingly follow an illegal order? Will you pursue charges against the individual officers who did?

    VoC REPLY: Hi X, I wrote a detailed reply to some of the issues you raised in your post (

    Re #1: Not sure about the badges. Would have to research. Pretty sure they’re supposed to be visible under some rule or other.

    Re #2: We (Gary McHale, actually) have conducted prosecutions vs. 5 officers for specific crimes in Caledonia, including frmr Commissioner and the present one. The Police Services Act complaint process (OCCPS) was a useless rubber stamp, but it provided tremendous ammunition which made it worthwhile even though OCCPS refused to act on a single complaint.

    We’re keeping all options open, civil and criminal in addition to the new complaint system which I believe may already have received a complaint from a member of our group.

    We specifically addressed the issue of illegal orders in the recommendations we were asked to provide to the PC and Freedom Parties. They’re in our handout for the Caledonia: No More Nightmares presentation from earlier this year where we released them to the public after giving them to the parties:

    Must go. Thks so much for the coverage and comment. Mark

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  4. I see Ruby Montour was there directing the DCE “police force”. To me that spoke volumes on this on-going civil abomination.

    The Caledonia occupation is a civil abomination created by, and maintained by, the most dystopian government this province has ever suffered. Like they say, you get the government you deserve – unfortunately those of us who detest the dystopian government and who support its injustice in no way, must suffer along with the fools who elected it.

    VoC REPLY: Ruby was also present recently when the OPP ran away after she showed up to stop them from taking down one of the illegal smoke shacks. Jeff Parkinson made a great silent movie about the comical farce:

    Jeff Failed OPP smoke shack raid Dec 7 2011

    Thks for writing. Mark

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  6. I keep asking – what is the legal status of DCE? As far as I am concerned, it’s either a park, or a vacant lot. Both can be equally used by all for any legal activity (and walk, protest or rally are such).
    If DCE is crown land, then MNR can close it like it can close a forest or a lake, but the closure would apply to all, not to some categories.
    All I can see is a public road where arrests have been made. Are there any ‘No Trespassing’ signs at the point of entry?

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  8. Diary, January 11, 2012

    What a Litany of Outrage is the Tale of Caledonia!

    Aboriginals occupy the Land. They require Citizens to obtain Passports, and show them at Checkpoints. There are Threats and Intimidation.

    The Police protect the Occupiers, and warn the Citizens.

    The Province buys disputed Land from those who possess it in good Faith, according to the Laws of the Province, for Fifteen Million Dollars.

    The Province pays Citizens who embark on a Lawsuit– because of Damages the Province did nothing to prevent– in the Amount of Twenty Million Dollars.

    A Couple trapped in their Home sue for Seven Million Dollars, and the Province pays them an undisclosed Amount to go away and refrain from further Comment.

    One of the Occupiers assaults and nearly murders a Builder in a Home he is building for his Daughter, then, pleading favoured aboriginal Status, receives a Sentence of Two Years in Prison.

    Those who march in Protest at the Miscarriage of Justice on County Roads are arrested for Trespass.

    An X-Ray Investigation of Premier McGuinty and the common Earthworm, conducted at Hamilton General Hospital, reveals the Backbone of the Earthworm to be significantly more sturdy and robust than that of the Premier. Doctors express Dismay, but have no Solution for advanced moral Osteoporosis. Injections of Common Sense deemed too little, too late.

    Dr. Idel Dreimer