Haldimand Council, Mayor and Minister of Aboriginal Affairs in secret talks following ‘Caledonia Eight’ arrests

A reliable source says that secret meetings have been taking place in Haldimand County regarding the occupied Douglas Creek Estates following the arrests of the Caledonia Eight on Dec 03/11 for ‘trespassing’ on a county road that passes through the occupation site. 

On Monday Dec 19/11 Haldimand Council held an in camera meeting to discuss the Douglas Creek Estates.

On Wednesday, Dec 21/11 Ontario’s Minister of Aboriginal Affairs visited Haldimand County to meet with Mayor Ken Hewitt for another private meeting to discuss the Douglas Creek Estates. 

In camera meetings are frowned upon by the Ombudsman even though there are 9 exceptions to the rules that require them to be open to the public:

  • Ombudsman of Ontario brochure: Open Meeting Law Enforcement Team [PDF, 6p] (see p3 for ‘exceptions’)

There are two exceptions that could apply here:

  •  proposed or pending acquisition or disposal of land
  • security of the property of the municipality or local board

Troubling questions

These meetings raise some troubling questions:

1. Is the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, in the wake of the arrests of the Caledonia Eight, now pressuring Haldimand Council to try to help it ‘legalize’ OPP racial policing practices, perhaps by convincing the county to find a  way to exclude non-natives from county roads through the occupation site?

This issue suddenly became more urgent once we exposed the fact that it is the county, and not the province that owns these roads, hence our arrests were illegal: 

2. Is the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs working with Haldimand County to betray the people of Caledonia yet again, this time with a secret deal to reward native lawlessness with the transfer of the Douglas Creek Estates – the epicentre of Caledonia’s nightmare – to Six Nations? 

Unfortunately, if transferring land that doesn’t belong to Six Nations in the name of appeasement is the objective of these secret meetings, the exception for land acquisition/disposal with respect to in camera council meetings means that it is possible the entire affair could be conducted entirely in secret.

  • HelplessByBlatchford feature, ‘Caledonia: No More Nightmares‘ event, March 22/11, Mark Vandermaas presentation, Part 2: ‘Vexatious Land Claims…‘ [VIDEO, 14:50; presentation notes PDF, 36p (incl. citations)]

Whatever the purpose of these secret meetings may be, our source makes it clear they are NOT about the county seeking to have the province uphold the rule of law and Charter rights of non-natives.

Caledonia Eight in court Jan 06/12

111203 Caledonia 8 at OPP's Caledonia sub-station following arrests. PHOTO BY STUART LAUGHTONAssuming the prosecutor doesn’t drop the charges now that they realize we weren’t trespassing on provincially-owned land as alleged by the OPP, seven of the Caledonia Eight will be in court on Jan 06/12 at the Cayuga Courthouse, 45 Munsee Street North, Cayuga.

Gary McHale is acting as the agent for all of us;  he has  already requested full disclosure of OPP notebooks, email transmissions and documents, and has notified OPP legal services that some of their officers, including a superintendent, will be subpoenaed to testify. Other government employees will also receive subpoenas.  

Editor, VoiceofCanada
Founder, Caledonia Victims Project (www.CaledoniaVictimsProject.ca)

5 responses to “Haldimand Council, Mayor and Minister of Aboriginal Affairs in secret talks following ‘Caledonia Eight’ arrests

  1. Mark,

    Is this the Ontario minister of aboriginal affairs, the dishonourable Kathleen Wynne?


    David Strutt

    VoC REPLY: Hi David. I think so, I haven’t checked. BTW, won’t have time to post it today, but Mayor Ken Hewitt has confirmed for a media outlet he’s met and will be meeting with the Minister and Six Nations to work out a ‘joint agreement’ for DCE.

    It really looks like the people of Caledonia are going to betrayed again, and will have to watch those who perpetrated the lawlessness against them be rewarded with a permanent reminder of it on the main street of their town. This is sickening. Thks for writing. Must go. Mark

    NOTE: David is the creator of the pre-election ‘Lest we forget CALEDONIA’ cartoon: https://voiceofcanada.wordpress.com/2011/10/04/david-strutt-cartoon-lest-we-forget-caledonia/

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  3. I’m not completely gob-smacked by this revelation as I have developed a defensive cynicism towards this McGuinty regime. However I am shocked at the depth of corruption which exists within its operative core. I have watched the heavy handed and unscrupulous devices through which this government targets and persecutes its perceived political enemies.

    From the Landowner/farmers revolt being repressed through the dairy/produce and land use regulatory regime, to activists having their homes stolen under the abusive application of the proceeds of crime laws to prevent them from funding a court defense to trumped up charges, to anti race-based policing activists being framed through defrauding the courts, ultra vires reinterpretation of the rule of law, abusive indictment and covert conspiracy, this government, IMHO, is the most morally and civilly corrupt regime this province has ever suffered.

    Now we see the vindictive pettiness of the administration in making secret deals to close deeding loop holes in a public funded hush campaign to placate native criminals/radicals and excuse the province from its duty to uphold the law in a constitutionally egalitarian manner. Scandalous, disgusting!

  4. When the Ontario Provincial Government illegally turns on its own citizens and uses its police force to harass and arrest them without lawful justification, and when the same police force is used to aid and abet criminal thuggery, what do we millions of law-abiding Canadians do? What would you do? If you don’t think that this is exactly what is happening with Dalton McGuinty and his OPP, then you haven’t been paying attention to Caledonia.

    It is abundantly clear that the people of Ontario are no longer represented by the provincial government. If you, as a law-abiding resident, have reason to expect the McGuinty government will fulfill it’s primary purpose – the protection of your life, liberty and property – then you will be sadly disappointed. If you think I am wrong, just take an afternoon drive over to the town of Caledonia on highway #6 south of Hamilton, stop and ask the residents how they feel about the Ontario Provincial Police Force, Julian Fantino, Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne (all from Toronto by the way).

    Since the very day Dalton McGuinty stepped into the Premier’s office in October of 2003, honest Ontarians who cherish and expect the rule of law, lost all hope for the protection of the sanctity of their laws, their security and their rights as Canadians.

    To my utter dismay I have been discovering just how few residents of this province have even heard about the Caledonia Affair; most simply recall it as a vague and passing disturbance way-back-when. That’s because the mainstream media, with its politically correct, progressive agenda, has an interest that you should NOT be informed about the home invasions, the destroyed and burnt properties, the rapes and beatings, and the outlaw barbarity the peaceful people of Caledonia suffered at the hands of the so-called “Mohawk Warriors” for years … yes, years. During all that time the OPP did nothing to protect these folks, to the contrary, they assisted the Mohawks in their lawless rampage and arrested the Whites who were trying to stop it.

    Picture yourself living on a concession road on the outskirts of the small town of Caledonia. For months your freedom to travel to and from your home is denied by an army of thugs. As time goes on you are issued a “passport” by these criminals and they tell you this is the only way you can get out for work or groceries and get back onto your own property when you return. All the while you live in abject fear that you will find your family tortured or even murdered when you return … and the OPP do nothing … absolutely nothing. Dalton McGuinty does nothing, Julian Fantino does nothing, but arrest innocent white residents and even attempts to have a Hamilton constable fired for trying to perform his sworn duty. Kathleen Wynne, so-called “Minister of Aboriginal Affairs” for Ontario, does nothing (We have as many aboriginals walking around in North America as we do Woolly Mammoths.). The criminals carry automatic assault rifles, hunting rifles, hand guns and claim a privately-owned piece of land to be their ancient burial grounds; and even they laugh when they mouth the lie. The criminals harangue the good people of Caledonia for years and the Province’s police force simply allows them to continue with impunity.

    Here is the terribly sad and disturbing story of the owner of the property the thugs invaded to call their own and how he was beaten near to death and suffered permanent brain damage beyond the recovery. He too has been betrayed by Ontario and the courts; his assailant, because he is a Mohawk, was sentenced to 11 months.



    One more betrayal for the good people of Caledonia … we have it on good authority that the Province is “negotiating” with the County to award the Mohawk thugs the disputed land after we, yes, you and me, paid for it. Now the folks in Caledonia can be reminded every day of their lives how the Province betrayed them, abandoned them for years to the vicious Mohawk thugs, refused to uphold the rule of law and provide the very basic protection they are required to provide under the law and our Canadian Constitution.

    All of this took place while you were going about your daily business and you still don’t really know what happened, do you?. Isn’t it time you find out before YOU become the next victim?

    Perhaps we need to ask the Prime Minister to intercede on our behalf; to protect Ontario citizens from Dalton McGuinty and his OPP. It’s time to straighten things out, turn our world back on its feet and start punishing criminals rather than running with them.

    VoC REPLY: Hi David, thanks for the comment and links. The PM long ago made the decision to deny help to the people of Caledonia. The Conservative MP for Haldimand-Norfolk — Diane Finley — has remained virtually silent for 5 years, and the PM kicked the people of Caledonia in the teeth with his annointment of Fantino as the candidate for Vaughan. And let’s not forget DND’s announcement that they intended to apologize to the Mohawk Warrior crime organization for including them in an anti-insurgent manual.

    I can’t understand how our PM can (rightly) show so much backbone in defence of Israel yet remain so callously indifferent to the McGuinty/OPP assault on the rule of law in our own country.

    Regards, Mark

  5. Hi Mark … I guess my tongue-in-cheek was a little too much so and after reading this again, I can see that. I also noticed that I mistakenly said that Mohawk Warrior, Richard Smoke, had received 11 months for viciously beating Mr. Gualtieri with a two-by-four; it was a year and eleven months for the merely trying to beat someone to death.

    However, on second thought, maybe it’s a good idea to raise the issue of Federal intervention anyway, and continue to press for the exposure of a renegade Premier. The latest report from the Auditor General certainly proved to us that McGuinty is completely out of control.

    At one time, I had been a member of the Ontario PCs and had a furious argument with some of the party executive who asked me to get out and support (Benito) Fantino on behalf of the Federal Conservatives. As a result of that, and having Hudak (and company) completely ignore my correspondence over Caledonia, plus his flip-flop on the dismantling of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, I quit the Party in utter disgust. If you have readers out there who are supporting the Ontario PCs and think they are supporting a conservative party that cares about the tax-paying, law-abiding folks, they are sorely misinformed.

    To your last paragraph: the day we have a right-thinking (fair-minded) politician in a position of influence in this country, is the day I’ll hang up my pens. (No fear of that happening anytime soon.) Your vigilance does not go unnoticed, Mark.

    Thanks for being there and be of good cheer, Freedom Party of Ontario is growing exponentially.

    Cheers …. David

    VoC REPLY: Thanks David. I need to clarify one point: Richard Smoke received a total sentence of 2 yrs 11 months, and since he’s already served pre-conviction custody, that’s why he’s only got another 1yr/11mos to go.

    I agree completely re lack of a conservative party. More and more diehard conservatives are abandoning the PCs. I voted for the Freedom Party candidate (Mary Lou Ambrogio) instead of the PCs. Regards, Mark