Christie Blatchford profiles Caledonia hero Merlyn Kinrade

Merlyn Kinrade, arrested Dec 03/11 as one of 'Caledonia Eight.' PHOTO by Steve Scheffer, Never Again Group “Caledonia, Ont. — The fight for justice in Caledonia has cost him at least $40,000 and an incalculable toll on his health but even now, at 76 and with the cancer in his bones, Merlyn Kinrade is unrepentant and without regret.”

  • National Post, Christie Blatchford, Jan 04/12: No regrets in the battle for justice in Caledonia

070120 Merlyn Kinrade holds Cdn flag for Mark Vandermaas near Cdn Tire in Caledonia.Christie Blatchford, author of Helpless: Caledonia’s Nightmare of Fear And Anarchy, And How The Law Failed All of Us, has published an inspiring profile CANACE co-founder Merlyn Kinrade, a staunch ally in the struggle for justice since Jan 20/07 when he — as described in Helplessfirst clambered up the side of a hill near Canadian Tire when I asked for a volunteer to hold my Canadian flag (photo, L) while I gave my ‘Blue Beret’ speech.

Through Blatchford, Merlyn reveals publicly what we have known privately for some time: he is battling cancer that is spreading through his body, and that he has no regrets whatsoever about taking time away from his wife and daughter to fight for justice in his community and country.  

Merlyn Kinrade, arrested Dec 03/11 as one of 'Caledonia Eight.' PHOTO by Steve Scheffer, Never Again Group

Blatchford’s article references a day when he blocked traffic for 40 minutes (after the road was first blocked by native protesters) even though he was sick with hives. This was Dec 01/07, the day we were attacked by Six Nations smokeshack supporters at a protest against one of the illegal ventures…when Gary McHale and Jeff Parkinson were sent to hospital, and I was also assaulted (but uninjured). The picture below is of Merlyn holding a sign that day (which  I made) that says, ‘TWO TIER JUSTICE VICTIMIZES NATIVE PEOPLE TOO!’ I use this image as part of my header at the Caledonia Victims Project site where you can read more about it.

071201 Merlyn Kinrade holding sign during anti-illegal smokeshack protest, Caledonia. 'TWO TIER JUSTICE VICTIMIZES NATIVE PEOPLE TOO!'

Photo credits

Blatchford’s National Post article includes two photos of Merlyn being arrested as one of the Caledonia Eight on Dec 03/11. They are credited to Never Again Group member Steve Scheffer who has come to Caledonia on several occasions to support our protests. 

My thank you note to Christie Blatchford

Here is part of the thank you note I sent to Blatchford today:

“After all we’ve been through together in Caledonia, and as former ‘brothers in arms’ [Merlyn & I are both former members of the Cdn Forces and veterans of UN peacekeeping missions], I’ve been struggling to come to terms with the knowledge that I’m going to lose one of the true friends I’ve ever had, one of the greatest Canadians I’ve ever known personally.  

“I remember a while back talking with a Caledonia coward who serves on the Lions Club (which refused to rent a hall to us for one of our meetings). He was like most, offering his compliments but not being willing to risk anything himself to help us. He said, “I can’t get involved; I have kids.” I replied, reminding him Merlyn has a little girl [and that he told me] “I had to get involved; for my child and everyone else’s.” I guess that’s the difference between a coward and a hero.
“I used to worry about how I was going to explain to Olivia why her father allowed us to intrude on their time together. Thanks to Helpless, and your article, that burden – and honour – will be much easier.
“In the midst of politicians, police and citizens who have betrayed their neighbours and/or people they were supposed to protect  Merlyn represents everything that is good about Canada and our history.”
Merlyn to appear on CFRB 1010 later today
I’ve just received word that Merlyn Kinrade will be interviewed at 4:40pm later today on CFRB 1010 in Toronto.
About Merlyn Kinrade

Merlyn & Caledonia Eight in court today at 1pm

111203 111203 Merlyn Kinrade & Mark Vandermaas arrests. PHOTO by

Seven of the ‘Caledonia Eight,’ including Merlyn Kinrade, will be in court today at 1pm, Cayuga Courthouse, 45 Munsee Street North to answer trespassing-related charges from our Dec 03/11 arrests while walking on one of the Haldimand County-owned roads that run through the occupied Douglas Creek Estates.

See you there. 

Mark Vandermaas
Editor, VoiceofCanada
Founder, Caledonia Victims Project (



5 responses to “Christie Blatchford profiles Caledonia hero Merlyn Kinrade

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  2. Thank-you Merlyn as well as the rest of the Caledonia 8. The para-military “Storm Troopers” who arrested you should be ashamed of themselves for following Dalton McGuinty’s orders. It is a dark day indeed for Ontario.
    “It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong” Voltaire

  3. Bonnie Stephens

    I would like to add my thanks to Christie Blatchford for her account of Merlyn Kinrade’s brave and continous efforts on behalf of his family, community, and country. I consider Merlyn to be a hero for his stand. He always speaks from the heart and is the most open, trustworthy friend anyone could know. The other side of the feisty Merlyn is a kind, caring, compassionate and giving individual. I owe him much.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Bonnie, thanks for sharing about our friend and comrade (Bonnie is a long time supporter and is one of the Caledonia Eight). Merlyn really is a national treasure. Mark

  4. God send, Merlin,you’re in our prayers. Thank you for your defense of the nation both as a soldier and a civilian.

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