David Strutt cartoon: CHIQUITA THIS!

CHIQUITA THIS! by David Strutt, 2011

2011 Screw the rule of law Juli - David StruttCartoonist and former Freedom Party candidate David Strutt ‘s pre-election ‘LEST WE FORGET CALEDONIA‘ cartoon did what the the Tim Hudak Conservatives refused to do in their campaign: remind voters of the McGuinty/OPP contribution to legalizing lawlessness by special interest groups. 

Just before Christmas, Strutt came up with another hard-hitting cartoon taking a shot at the Chiquita Banana decision to boycott Canadian oil sands oil. I was taking a break over the holidays and so, much to my regret, didn’t get a chance to post it.

Here’s David’s reason for creating it:

 The Chiquita Corporation has publicly stated that it will make sure their transport vehicles never use fuel made from Canadian oil. Why? … our Oil Sands. Regardless of the fact that our oil-sands oil is no more carbon emitting than any other heavy crude to process, they would rather use oil from despot nations who treat women as chattel and murder their citizens by the thousands. Well, after you get over the shock of my latest offering, go to the link below and read all about The Chiquita Corporation; better known as The United Fruit Company. Be a proud Canadian and don’t buy another product from Chiquita.

A ‘No-Chiquita Zone’

The good people at Ethical Oil retaliated with a boycott of their own — of all Chiquita brands: 

Our home is now a ‘no Chiquita’ zone. 

More calls for Chiquita boycott 

Since David released his cartoon there have been more calls for a Chiquita boycott: 

 Thanks once again to David Strutt for some great social commentary, and Ethical Oil for some great activism.


POSTED BY: Mark Vandermaas
Editor, VoiceofCanada

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