Gary McHale on SUN TV’s Michael Coren show tonight

Michael Coren SUN NEWS TVUPDATED: Gary McHale will be talking with Michael Coren tonight on SUN TV’s ‘The Arena’ about his multiple arrests at the hands of the OPP during the past five years of fighting against race-based policing in Caledonia. 

The Arena airs from 7-8 pm EST. Other show timings can be found here:

111203 Caledonia 8 - Gary McHale on DCEMcHale has been arrested five times, and has faced two separate criminal charges, but not one has gone to trial. In one case the Crown dropped what Christie Blatchford called a “bizarre” charge of Counselling Mischief Not Committed shortly after McHale provided sufficient evidence to a judge to have two senior OPP officers involved in his case charged with Obstructing Justice. One of them was Chris Lewis who would later be promoted to Commissioner by the McGuinty government following the departure of Julian Fantino who himself had once been ordered to face a charge of threatening elected officials thanks to McHale’s use of the private prosecution provisions of the Criminal Code. 

I was arrested twice with Gary, first on Dec 16/06 for trying to raise a Canadian flag, and again on Dec 03/11 with the Caledonia Eight for daring to walk on a county owned road that runs through the occupation site.


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