Stories & letters from final edition of Haldimand Regional News


UPDATE: National Post, Feb 10/12: Christie Blatchford: Caledonia loses brave, feisty voice as Regional shuts its doors

Since the Regional News did not publish its stories online Christine McHale (photo below) has taken the time to transcribe some of the key articles from today’s final edition so we can share them with you.

In choosing to publish four separate items from four separate members of the Caledonia Eight in her last edition, publisher Chris Pickup left no doubt where she stood when it came to supporting those who have fought to restore the rule of law and end OPP racial policing in Caledonia:

Regional News, final edition, Feb 08/12: Selected stories [PDF, 9P]

  • ANNOUNCEMENT (Chris & Kevan Pickup): It’s been forty years but now it’s goodbye...
  • EDITORIAL (Chris Pickup): Residents have lost their alternative voice
  • LETTER TO EDITOR: (Bonnie Stephens, Caledonia 8): Stand up people
  • LETTER TO EDITOR (Merlyn Kinrade, Caledonia 8): Truth, justice and freedom of speech not allowed in Haldimand County
  • ARTICLE (Mark Vandermaas, Caledonia 8): Charges dropped against Caledonia Eight, but OPP undeterred
  • WEEKLY OPINION COLUMN (Gary McHale, Caledonia 8): Mayor Hewitt used your taxpayers’ money to control the message
  • LETTER TO EDITOR (Gordon S. Munro): Where was the coverage?

This was the Regional News! For those of you who never knew the pleasure of reading the Regional, now you know why this great paper was so hated by Haldimand Council, the OPP and all those who believe in appeasing evil instead of confronting it. And now you know why we loved it so much.



Gary and wife Christine on steps of Hamilton courthouse, April 21/10

Thanks to Christine McHale for capturing these key stories from the historic final edition of the Regional News. Much appreciated.


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One response to “Stories & letters from final edition of Haldimand Regional News

  1. Wow! – Just wow! So the silent victim in the continuing Caledonia siege is government integrity and dissenting opinion/media. I suppose the trickle down effect dictates that local politics would become as mired in petty agendas and underhanded tactics as the Queens park junta which perpetuates this whole civil abomination of race-based policing and politicized police agendas. Caledonia has surely become a community divided against itself – a natural by-product of corruption at upper levels.