SUN TV re tomorrow’s Caledonia rally: ‘Courageous Caledonia 8’

120203 The Caledonia Eight pose on the lawn of the Haldimand Admin building after trespassing charges dropped. L to R: Bonnie Stephens, Mark Vandermaas, Jeff Parkinson, Randy Fleming, Merlyn Kinrade, Doug Fleming, Gary McHale, Jack Van Halteren

UPDATED Feb 22/12:

First, let me invite readers to our rally tomorrow which begins 2pm at the Lions Hall in Caledonia. We will then travel to the McGuinty/OPP racially-segregated Douglas Creek Estates and attempt — again — to walk down the county road upon which the Caledonia 8 were arrested on Dec 03/11 (charges were later dropped). 

‘Courageous Caledonia 8’?

It isn’t what we’d say about ourselves, but after five plus years of full-time volunteer work fighting to preserve the rule of law and equality before it in Caledonia I have to admit that the SUN TV’s title for today’s interview with Gary McHale  did send a little chill down my spine:

Sure, seeing Jerry Agar interview Gary McHale (seen right on April 21/10100421 Gary charge dismissed mv 002 w/wife Christine on the steps of the Hamilton courthouse after a charge of Counselling Mischief Not Committed was withdrawn by the Crown) under the title ‘Courageous Caledonia 8’ was a form of vindication after such a long struggle, but the title means much more than feeding one’s vanity; it represents a milestone in that a major news service has given credibility to the story of Caledonia, and those of us who are the experts in understanding it.

SUN News has clearly decided that this story will be doggedly pursued with a gutsy determination to dig deep into the cesspool of lies and myths that keep us from resolving this without appeasing the lawless thugs who terrorized an entire county. And, there are so many of them…but first…

Those with real courage — and it’s not us…

We’ve never been comfortable when people refer to us as heroes or such. The real heroes are buried in graves all over the world, some of whom have never come home. These patriots, who dared leap off the the back of landing craft in Normandy knowing a bullet was likely to be their reward; or braved the Serbian guns in the Medak Pocket under the UN flag; or pulled their comrades out of harms way in Afghanistan under fire at great risk to their own lives…surely they must be rolling in their graves in wonderment that we have had to fight so hard and so long just to convince a corrupt police force, an even more corrupt government, and a lazy media that all people should be treated equally before the law, and that violence can never be rewarded.

Caledonia: a National Security Issue? Really? Yes.

There are many stories to tell about Caledonia, and outrageous lies and myths to expose before we can even begin to solve the crisis and hope to prevent another just like it. Here are some of them, including my presentation on why the involvmement of anarchists, terror-supporters, radical unionists and anti-Israel groups — including pro-Palestinian groups with ties that can be traced back to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Hezbollah: 

An illegal peacekeeping mission on Canadian soil

As the leader of the Ipperwash Papers project I have waited 5 years for the media to grasp the biased manipulations of the Ipperwash Inquiry that justified the illegal peacekeeping mission that McGuinty uses to justify his repugnant crimes against democracy .

Today I know…

Every time I meet a SUN TV reporter or employee I shake their hands and tell them that my faith in journalists has been restored, and how grateful I am for what they do every day to tell the stories most media still will not tell. I said pretty much the same thing to Christie Blatchford when she was writing Helpless. Canada is truly blessed by these people who truly earn the title, ‘watchdogs of Democracy.’

Thanks to them I know – beyond all doubt – these stories will be told by someone. There are some politicians, even as we speak, who know it, too. And…that is such a delicious thought.

You go SUN. Thanks Christie.  


Thank you to those who march with us and support us and feed us who don’t get to be in the limelight. Thank you to some very special organizations such as the International Free Press Society and the Never Again Group for coming to stand with us, especially at our recent news conference. I believe you have helped turn the tide:


 Mark Vandermaas
Editor, VoiceofCanada
Founder, Caledonia Victims Project (

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