McHale arrested in Caledonia because Native man assaults 77 yr old former Navy vet/UN peacekeeper & OPP officers


Only in Caledonia.

VoiceofCanada, Feb 06/12: David Strutt cartoon: new logo for ‘ONTARIO PARTISAN POLICE’Only in Caledonia do the police let the native thugs who attack their officers and peaceful non-native people (one of whom happens to be an elderly, cancer-ridden veteran of the Canadian Navy and a UN peacekeeping mission) go free, and arrest the peaceful leader of the non-natives for standing quietly on a county road. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Today seven of the Caledonia Eight, along with a number of Caledonia residents, supporters and spouses, did what no one has done since Feb 28/06 when the occupation there began. We walked through the gates of the Douglas Creek Estates, down the county road that runs through it, to within 100 feet or so of the only house on the site.

The visit was a surprise for the occupiers and police, who were warned shortly before we left the Lions Hall in Caledonia to drive to the site.

120218 History made as OPP arrest native on DCE; 1st arrest ever during commission of crime. PHOTO BY CHRISTINE MCHALEAlthough history was made today by both the visit itself into Dalton McGuinty’s forbidden no-go zone via the county road that runs through the site; and by the first-ever arrest of a native person during the commission of a crime (an assault on Gary McHale), we clearly demonstrated once again that racial policing is very much alive.

The OPP arrested Gary McHale for the sixth time because a native man assaulted OPP officers and 77 year old Navy war veteran & UN peacekeeper Merlyn Kinrade who was wearing his blue beret and holding a UN flag.

Sadly, he also happens to be suffering from cancer. It happened right beside me. The police let the attacker go, and then arrested the non-native — Gary McHale — because he refused to leave because he wasn’t doing anything illegal. Why the arrest then? Because, according to the police, it was Gary McHale – one of the 120218 OPP ask Caledonia 8 to leave DCE even though things are quiet after arrest of native woman. Caledonia 8 members (L-R): Mark Vandermaas (blue beret), Gary McHale, Merlyn Kinrade (holding UN flag)peaceful non-native victims of an earlier assault – who was inciting a breach of the peace.

One observer who has never attended one of our protests sent me this comment:

“I’m still trying to get it through my head that Gary was arrested in order to stop the natives from continuing to break the law. This is just ludicrous.”

Only in Caledonia.

Speeches and Gary McHale’s letter to OPP Commissioner Chris Lewis after the protest.

I wasn’t able to give my planned speech, so I have posted it below along with the speech Bonnie Stephens was not allowed to finish. Gary McHale has provided further details about the event and issued a call to disband the OPP in a letter which has been sent out to OPP brass and the media…

  • Bonnie Stephens – Stuart Laughton speech, Feb 18/12: Individuals are the ultimate minority [PDF]
  • Mark Vandermaas speech, Feb 18/12: An Illegal Peacekeeping Mission on Canadian Soil [PDF] (unable to deliver due to intimidation by occupiers)
  • Gary McHale letter to OPP Commissioner Chris Lewis, Feb 19/12: re McHale arrested because Native man assaults OPP officers [PDF]

Only in Caledonia.

VIDEO: ‘Native Thug Assaults War Veteran

Watch this video; these are some of the people who Dalton McGuinty has allowed to remain on land to which they have no lawful claim which he bought with $20M of your tax dollars: 

  • CANACEhd Youtube channel, Feb 18/12: Native thug assaults war veteran & cops
  • CFRB 1010, Toronto, Feb 19/12: UPDATE – VIDEO: Caledonia protest ends in arrests (story includes canaceHD video Youtube link and a photo of Gary McHale taken by VoiceofCanada at his inaugural March for Freedom, Oct 15/06. Unfortunately, the facts are not quite correct. We were marching on Syrie Street through the occupation site, not on Argyle St. which is the main street in Caledonia. We already won that struggle on July 12/09 after 4 arrests when we forced the OPP and the occupiers to respect our right to raise a Canadian flag on Argyle St. across the street from the DCE site. Now, we’re working to de-segregate the  provincially-owned occupation site itself.) 

(See photo slide show at bottom for more images.)

These are also the people whose lawlessness is directly supported by radical unionists, anarchists, terror group supporters, Palestinian groups (w/ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, and other anti-Israel groups. Watch the Caledonia: No More Nightmares video below and be shocked. Reference citations are in the 36 page PDF for the event.

  • Caledonia: No More Nightmares, March 22/11: Mark Vandermaas – Part 2 [VIDEO, 14:50] (‘Vexatious Land Claims‘ & ‘Caledonia: A National Security Issue‘ (watch and be astounded!)
  • Caledonia: No More Nightmares, March 22/11: Mark Vandermaas presentation notes w/citations: [PDF, 36p]

Only in Caledonia.

And these are the people who are aided by unions who support the lawlessness that has destroyed other people’s jobs…

The Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) is just one of the radical unions who have supported the Caledonia lawlessness.

Their flag was seen later in the day on the Douglas Creek Estates occupation site after we had left. (Given that hundreds of their members are losing jobs in one company after another such as in the closing of Electromotive in London,  one can’t help but wonder by what logic the CAW and other unions use their resources to help foment violence and vandalism against an innocent town in a region where native lawlessness has caused over $4.1 Billion in economic losses:

  • Caledonia: No More Nightmares, March 22/11: Mark Vandermaas – Part 2 [VIDEO, 14:50] (‘Vexatious Land Claims‘ & ‘Caledonia: A National Security Issue‘ (watch and be astounded!)
  • Caledonia: No More Nightmares, March 22/11: Mark Vandermaas presentation notes w/citations: [PDF, 36p]

Shame on the CAW and your fellow  travellers. If this was 1963 I suspect you and the violent native supremacists you’re supporting would be wearing white hoods and burning crosses. My father was a union rep at Stelco and a supporter of the NDP and I’m pretty sure he’d say that every union who supported the lawlessness in Caledonia was an embarrassment to the labour movement, the party, and was a traitor to working people. I know I think so.

120218 Caledonia 8 members Mark Vandermaas (blue beret), Bonnie Stephens (attempting to read speech), Merlyn Kinrade (holding UN flag, and Randy Fleming (w/Cdn flag)Non-natives shouted down with disgusting insults

As you can tell from the video clip above, during our time on DCE, occupiers were screaming often-bizzare and filthy insults, and making threats which led up to the assaults. When we first arrived the woman who was eventually arrested was screaming to the OPP officers, “YOU HAVE GUNS! STOP THEM!!!”

Haldimand resident and Caledonia 8 member Bonnie Stephens attempted to read Never Again Group member Stuart Laughton’s speech from our Feb 10/12 Queen’s Park news conference, but was shouted down half-way through. Since the occupiers refused to let us speak we moved even further down the road until we were within 100 ft or so of the house as you can see from the photos.

120218 OPP officers put Caledonia 8 leader Gary McHale into van after arresting him instead of arresting native man who had assaulted police and 76 year old former peacekeeping vet/Caledonia 8 member Merlyn KinradeThere, we and the OPP officers were assaulted with a large number of officers present but, instead of arresting the perpetrator, the OPP arrested Gary McHale because we and they were being attacked.

Only in Caledonia.

Gutsy reporters & Toronto blogger get the story

120218 Caledonia 8 & supporters on DCE Showing great courage in order to cover the story were several reporters from Moose FM:

After setting out the facts, one of the ringleaders of various occupations in the Haldimand Tract – Ruby Montour – is quoted as saying:

“She [Ruby Montour] says when the community [Caledonia] has had enough of Gary McHale, they will sign a petition to have him banned from Caledonia.”


SIDEBAR: Six Nations Councillor Helen Miller IN 2009: People ‘fed up’ with Ruby Montour claiming to speak for them

One supposes that it hasn’t occurred to Ms. Montour that perhaps Haldimand County has had enough of the abusive, violent militants who ripped their towns apart. Her own people certainly have had enough of her and her cohorts. Here’s what Six Nations Councillor Helen Miller had to say about Ruby Montour and the others responsible for causing chaos in the region and giving the good people of Six Nations a black eye:

As for who represents Six Nations let me put it this way: The Mohawk Workers, Women of the Mohawk Nation, the Men’s Fire or individuals like Steven “Boots” Powless or Ruby and Floyd Montour were not elected, appointed or authorized by the people of Six Nations to be their representatives or to speak on their behalf. […]

Truth is today the majority of Six Nations people who I’ve spoken with are fed up with the protests, fed up with these groups of people and individuals claiming to speak for them and fed up with the smoke shops on Highway 6. So people who fear another Caledonia can put their fears to rest.

Perhaps Six Nations should take up a petition to ban Ruby Montour?


120218 Native woman arrested during Caledonia 8 march on Douglas Creek Estates, Caledonia, Ontario, Canada. PHOTO BY BLOGWRATH.COM

Toronto blogger Miroslav Marinov, editor of came to Caledonia and captured this terrifc frontal picture of 4 OPP officers carrying the native woman – Teresa Jamieson – who asaulted Gary McHale out of the DCE. Miroslav has come to Caledonia a number of times to cover the story. 

2011 Screw the rule of law Juli - David StruttDavid Strutt, creator of the fabulous Caledonia cartoons on VoiceofCanada [LINK, LINK], came from out of town to record the historic event in high resolution photos.

CANACE videographer Jeff Parkinson [ALSO] wasted no time getting the preview above edited and online at his canaceHD page so readers could get a small taste of the abuses heaped on us today.  Jeff will make more footage will be available  which will be online in a few days.

Gary McHale’s 6th arrest while fighting for the end of racial policing

The OPP kept McHale for several hours before releasing him. He was met at the 120218 Matt Day, Dunnville Chronicle interviews Gary McHale at OPP Haldimand Detachment following his releaseHaldimand OPP detachment by supporters and a reporter for the Dunnville Chronicle (R) after this, his 6th arrest by the OPP without a single case making it to trial.

Only in Caledonia.

Thank you

Thank you to the residents of Caledonia who came out, especially to the wife of a loyal supporter who helped us make a little history during her very first event. It is great to know we can count on you. Your town should be proud of you.

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 Mark Vandermaas
Editor, VoiceofCanada
Founder, Caledonia Victims Project (

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  1. Gary, as usual your courage and your fellow Canadians like Kinrade are truly exemplary. That a coward, thief and liar like McGuinty is the premier of Ontario is just an indication of how powerful his supporters like CUPE, CAW and other parasitical unions are.

    All the best in your lonely fight against tyranny. I will continue to send my funds to help in your fight.

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  4. Thank you Mark, Gary and all for everything you are doing to help Caledonia and all of Haldimand County.

  5. Why are there so many stupid people out there that they can’t see the corruption in land development? Now you’re donating to it. This is native land and it should stay that way.

    VoC: Regretfully, you are showing your ignorance of the facts that you can check for yourself:

    1. Watch this video first:

    2. Then check out the citations from the speaker’s notes that back up what he’s saying:

    Biggest myth of all – that 6N were indigenous, or were ‘First Nations’ and that they have a valid claim in Caledonia, etc. Sorry, Wayne.


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  7. April 12, 2012 Dalton and his band of thieves are at McMaster.
    We ar egoing to protest health care, any one else want to join?????