David Strutt photos: Caledonia 8 make history on Douglas Creek Estates in Caledonia

Welcome to DCE 120218Professional photographer and graphic artist David Strutt drove from his home north of Toronto to be with members of the ‘Caledonia 8’ and our supporters on Feb 18/12 when we became the first non-natives since Feb 28/06 to walk onto the Douglas Creek Estates with United Nations and Canadian flags without asking permission from the native occupiers who terrorized Caledonia while the province’s police and Liberal government ran interference for them, and bought the site so they could remain after a judge ordered their eviction. 

Strutt is also the gifted cartoonist/artist who has created the editorial cartoons found recently here on VoiceofCanada, and was a Freedom Party candidate in the last provincial election.

Read an interpretation of Davids photos below…

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David captured the deflated faces of the occupiers, etched with the dawning realization that somehow, everything had changed for them in one day. ‘One day’ that took five years for a patient, determined McHale to bring about.

In a photo he entitled ‘Welcome to DCE’ David shows the pure hearts of our non-human friends with an image of a smiling Gary McHale being welcomed by a dog belonging to the occupiers while he and two of our non-native group try to make friends. For this one moment all the hostility evaporated.David saw that the dog didn’t understand hate; it didn’t judge us by the DNA running in our blood beneath our white skin. It just saw a friend. And David saw hope.

Finally, David’s camera reveals the sadness of the OPP officers who were ordered to arrest Gary McHale instead of the man who attacked Merlyn Kinrade. After making the very first arrest in Caledonia of a native protester in the act of committing a crime during their occupations, they appear dejected at having to watch their fellow officers follow even more illegal orders to arrest an innocent, peaceful Gary McHale instead of the thug who attacked a  brave, 77 year old Navy veteran who served on the famous ship HMCS Haida and in the first Canadian peacekeeping mission during the Suez Crisis in 1956. 

Ontario Partisan Police3  DAVID STRUTT 250pxThank you to David Strutt, photographer extraordinaire.

Thank you for investing so much time to understand Caledonia, and to record this important day.


 Mark Vandermaas
Editor, VoiceofCanada
Founder, Caledonia Victims Project (www.CaledoniaVictimsProject.ca)



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