NEWS RELEASE: Caledonia 8 invite PC leader Tim Hudak to march in Caledonia against racism



Feb. 22, 2012  [PDF]

Caledonia 8 invite PC leader Tim Hudak to march in Caledonia against racism

The Caledonia 8 – which includes members of CANACE, the Caledonia Victims Project and courageous residents of Haldimand County – call upon PC leader Tim Hudak to help them take a stand against institutionalized racism in Ontario and, in particular, against the McGuinty government’s racist policies that have victimized so many in Haldimand County. 

The Caledonia 8 are extending an official invitation to PC leader Tim Hudak to march side-by-side with them in Caledonia during the month of March on a date of his choosing. 

The principles of Rule of Law and equality under the law are fundamental principles of grassroots conservative people. As such the issues surrounding Caledonia must be key to the Conservative party’s efforts to rid Ontario of McGuinty’s racial policing policies. 

The Caledonia 8 are also extending an invitation to provide Mr. Hudak with an advance tour of Caledonia beforehand to help him understand exactly what has happened and where. In addition Mr. Hudak will be provided with information to show the terrible economic harm done to Haldimand County. 

In the spirit of moving towards a positive resolution that ensures there will be no more Caledonias in the future, the Caledonia 8 would also like to discuss how best to implement the ‘Caledonia Act’ recommendations which were released at our February 10th news conference at Queen’s Park. 

The Caledonia 8 look forward to Mr. Hudak informing us what day would be best near the end of March that would allow him to march side by side with average citizens in the hopes of restoring Law and Order and the Freedoms of every citizen. 

Gary McHale, Executive Director (Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality)     Tel: 289-286-0423 

Mark Vandermaas, Founder
Caledonia Victims Project    Tel: 519.457.0709
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3 responses to “NEWS RELEASE: Caledonia 8 invite PC leader Tim Hudak to march in Caledonia against racism

  1. Any thought of getting Toby to come too??

    VOC REPLY: Toby and other PC people are kept informed of what we do, but he has not chosen to participate since Gary’s Oct 15/06 March for Freedom where he was a speaker and I believe he marched with the crowd. He has, however, made the Queen’s Park Media Studio available to us on a number of occasions, including for our recent ‘Caledonia Act’ conference.

    Unfortunately, he has not yet chosen to appear with us at any of the news conferences although he did appear at one w/pre-mayor Ken Hewitt and a woman whose name I forget. You may safely assume that invitations to participate in our activities have been sent out to a wide variety of people, including him. Toby did, for the first time, recently make some positive comments about Gary McHale et al, so perhaps he and the party will one day decide it is time to stand with us.

    Hope that answers your question. Thks for writing. Mark

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  3. Forget the PCs. Maybe Randy Hillier may support you but the rest are too comfortable and only have their eye on their pension and perks. Hudak is another spineless PC leader who sacrifices conservative principle for political compromise.

    Why not ask Paul McKeever of the Ontario Freedom Party to join your next rally? McKeever has said it is government’s duty to uphold the rule of law in Caledonia since 2006 – why not put him to the test and see if he’s willing to put his support where his mouth is.